Mage Clans -- [Forgotten Eight.]

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    Mages of lore and tales, of power, of energies, of magic.

    Reminders (open)

    • This thread is for the purpose of posting signups and related information concerning the Mage Race.
    • The characters posted in here must only be pure mages or a demon-mage hybrid.
    • Please do keep in mind the clan that you are choosing and the balance of ratios in all other clans. One clan may already have two characters as candidates, so please do consider joining another clan.
    • You may create a maximum of two mage characters, they must be from different clans in order to give other people a chance to join.
    • The first few characters must be Arch Mages of each clan.
    • The maximum number of Arch Mages in one clan is two.
    • Once each clan has at least one Arch Mage, anyone may join the clans and create another mage character that is not an Arch Mage.
    • Arch Mages may recruit other players into their clan, however, please notify me through PM.
    • If there's enough interest, I might form a group and provide sub rps for Mage Races.

    Basic Rules (open)

    Basic Rules from the Original Signups:
    • No godmodding.
    • Please add a restriction to your character's power, such as a weakness.
    • A character can die, as long as it's a fair kill.

    The Clans

    Available slots: 1/2
    Tyarlae Clan (open)

    Tyarlae Clan

    The Tyarlans believe themselves to be the true origin of the mage tribe. Their link to soil, nature and their history, spanning eons of existence and interaction with the other tribes, have led most of the leaders of the Tyarlae Clan to take up an ambassadorial rule with the other tribes. Their powers consist of nature magic, from treant summoning to poison shards extracted from the surrounding foliage of their home. Tyarlans are described as being charismatic, silver-tongued and influential individuals. The Tyarlae Clan, fuelled by their enmity with the Silaes’ra Clan, rallied the clans into civil war.

    Available slots: 2/2 [CLOSED]
    Eimhear Clan (open)

    Éimhear Clan

    An Éimhear has a natural talent for dark magic. Their magical abilities range from harmless mischief magic, deceit and illusion trickery to deadly curses. The Éimhear are sometimes feared and despised for their infamous roles in the past war, they were never afraid to steep their hands in blood. Even as years passed, ill rumours are still present. Hidden intentions, betrayals and shady affairs, Éimhears shroud themselves in secrecy. Other clans are unsure of the real face and nature of Éimhear descendants.

    Available slots: 2/2 [CLOSED]
    Ilonrian Clan (open)

    Ilonrian Clan

    Ilonrians pride themselves in the manipulation of all things fluid. Their main affinity is the element of water, an important life source. Any fluid substance, especially water based, can be utilized by an Ilonrian. The Ilonrians are generally described as lively, energetic and graceful. All such attributes were derived from their patron element of water, which signified adaptability, sustenance and cleansing. It’s no wonder why this clan has been noted for their prodigious healing techniques. However, Ilonrians are just as combative as the other clans. An Ilonrian should not be dealt lightly with.

    Available slots: 2/2 [CLOSED]
    Phiali Clan (open)

    Phiali Clan

    Impulse, movement and heat sparks the life of a Phialic mage. A Phialic is active, born to be as fierce as the element of Fire. A Phialic mage is capable of sending short outbursts of flame, or even saving their energies for one damaging blaze of fire and ash. The Phiali are graced with an enduring stamina and a penchant for melee weaponry. Oftentimes they are labelled to be the battle-mage clan, and they really do live up to their name. A Phialic mage could prove to be a lethal opponent, an opponent capable of wielding both magic and a weapon in hand.

    Available slots: 1/2
    Airith Clan (open)

    Airith Clan

    Airithians are the intermediaries between the physical world and the nether plane, where spirits of all temperaments dwell, be it of a violent or peaceful nature. This mysterious clan guard their secrets of spirit summoning with utmost care. Other clans feel unease when dealing with the spirit clan. The members of this clan, when caught in a sour mood, are said to have sent malevolent spirits after their enemies. The Airith Clan are able to hold, control and manipulate the will of a spirit. Nevertheless, once a spirit has been set free or unbound from the control of an Airithian, there is no telling what further damage it will cause in the physical realm.

    Available slots: 1/2
    Silaes'ra Clan (open)

    Silaes’ra Clan

    The pariahs of the Mage Tribe and an infant clan among the other clans, the Silaes’ra Clan comprise of demonic mage hybrids. A few years before the War of the Mages, reports of clandestine affairs between mages and demons resulted in the creation of hybrid offspring. These children possessed demonic qualities combined with the innate aptitude for magic. With this peculiar mix, Silaes’raans were likely to produce unstable and destructive magic. Their magic required the sacrifice of blood and flesh, pain and suffering. The Tyarlans, upon witnessing this destructive force, saw an enemy and a threat to their seat of power.

    The War of the Mages


    History (open)

    Before the War

    Before the War of the Mages, there had been a time known as the Azeljan Era. The Azeljan Era succeeded the Isha da’lire Era, an era characterized for the hostility and isolation of the mages from the other tribes of Evee. However, curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge gnawed at the minds of every mage. Towards the end of the Isha da’lire Era, the Head mage of each clan had already presented a unanimous vote of exploration. Thus began the Azeljan Era. Voyages entailed sending mages to trade and conduct business with the other tribes, learning pertinent information and forming alliances outside the Mage Tribe. With the Tyarlan Clan hailed as the leader of the other clans, the Tyarlans spearheaded most of the activities in and out of the Tribe. The first few years were prosperous; however, prosperity never lasted for too long. The Tyarlans soon noticed a strange swell in the number of mages returning back to their homeland. These mages were young hybrids and displayed odd, detrimental energies within them. They fashioned themselves to be called “Silaes’raans”. The Tyarlans grew cautious of these new arrivals yet they had reluctantly accepted the newcomers into their society. But the tension was ever present in their midst.

    That was until the incident happened.

    A mage by the name of Zaneira, born of demon and mage heritage, had caused the deaths of a handful of Tyarlan mages. This group of Tyarlans cornered Zaneira, ridiculing and mocking him for his “unclean” parentage. Zaneira retaliated, in a way that he himself could not fully grasp the control of his own powers. He had meant to cause minor blisters to appear on his enemies, what resulted was something much more horrendous. Corrosive acids burnt the flesh away from their victims, the Tyarlans’ screams of agony and the acrid stench of burning flesh drew in a horrified crowd of witnesses. Zaneira could do nothing but flee the scene in fear. Fear turned into hatred, the Tyarlans had driven away Silaes’raans from their land. Silaes’raans blamed the Tyarlans for their discrimination and cruelty, the Tyarlans accused the Silaes’raans of their dangerous nature.

    Enmity grew, and the Tyarlans decided to rally the other clans into war. The goal was the sole elimination of the Silaes’ra Clan.

    During the War

    The golden days of Azelja were gone now. Word spread of the incident, the Tyarlans convinced the other clans to join their cause. Silaes’raans sought out the help of their demonic kin, clinging onto the survival of their clan. Bloodshed and the battle cries of war filled the outskirts of the clan citadels. Endless skirmishes and violence continued on and on, four years had gone by in the blink of time. The Phialics, Airithians and Ilonrians held steadfast to the cause.

    The Éimhears thought differently.

    The Éimhear Clan had grown weary of war. They had also grown sick of special privileges and rule that the Tyarlans held sway over the other clans. They began to plot and deviate. The Éimhears contacted Silaes’raans in secret, telling them of plans and strategies. The other clans were surprised at the sudden turn of the tide, the Silaes’raans were slowly gaining the upper hand. In a few months, Silaes’raans and their allied forces had nearly subdued their enemies. The Éimhear Clan held back their own forces, persuading the other clans to do the same in order push back the Silaes’raans with a heavy resurgence of their forces. As planned, the other clans complied and laid in wait. Now, the Éimhear Clan took their next move towards the Airith Clan. One of the Éimhear mages had managed to uncover vital information about the Airith Clan’s secret methods through an act of reconnaissance. Promising a definite end to the war, a new seat of power within the Mage Tribe and threatening to reveal their secrets, the Éimhear Clan coaxed the Airith Clan into their plot. The Silaes’ra Clan eventually advanced their offensive attack to the front, the forces held back by their opponents were then released into the battlefield. It was an intimidating sight, the Silaes’raans seemed to be completely outnumbered. Chaos erupted when the plan, the betrayal, went into motion. The Tyarlans and their allies were caught off guard as Éimhears and Airithians attacked from behind.

    The Tyarlan, Ilonrian and Phialic forces were crushed, the war was over.

    After the War

    For centuries, the Tyarlan Clan acted as the ruling clan. But after the war, things had changed. Each clan was represented by their Arch Mage, a person well noted for their skill in the art of magic they had specialized in. For the whole Mage Tribe, one there would be one Head Mage to rule over all. This Head Mage was monarch, diplomat and representative of the Tribe. Before the war, a Tyarlan would always be the Head Mage. The Tyarlae Clan had established a dynasty. But now, after their defeat, all clans are open to the possibility of holding power. The candidates for Head Mage would be tested by the elder mages, the trials of which are yet to be known. A time for restoration and healing lasted for more than a decade. That was the price of war.

    Magic is always linked with power, and power with sacrifice, greed and bloodshed. With the revival of the Mage Tribe and the generations born after the war, who will be the Head Mage of the new Era?

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  2. My Character Sheet (May be used as reference for Character Sheets in this signup.) :

    Character Sheet

    Name: Euphemia Asellana Éimhear
    Nickname: Sel
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Race: Mage


    Euphemia traces her origins to the notorious Éimhear clan, a clan known for their bloodthirsty and vicious attacks in the War of the Mages. Assasination, betrayals and exploitation, that was what their family was recognized for. They were recognized for their dark magic. Euphemia was still a child, a mere infant when the war began and barely five years old when it ended with the victory of her clan and their allies. Now, fifteen years later, she stands as one of the heirs from the Éimhear Clan vying for the position of Head Mage.

    Appearance (open)

  3. cool~ save me one spot for silaes'ra clan. i'm making my character sheet later, i'm feeling sleepy now xD
  4. (( It was so hard to choose between an Airith and a Tyarlae! ))

    Name: Haimi (hah-ee-mee) Nahimana Airith
    Race: Mage
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Keep markings except change color to orange, lose hair accessory and necklace.


    Background: Haimi was born into the Airith mage clan, immediately forming a strong gnostic sense to the spirits and their world. She hardly speaks a word and has a rather stoney expression. She is strong, animal-like, and chooses her true friends wisely. She believes respect is earned, but never tries to start something without a reason. She wholly respects the spirits and shushes anybody who disrespects them within her hearing rang. She also respects mother nature and its whole, never wounding anything without reason. To put it simply, she almost never does anything without a reason. She is considered to be the next Arch Mage of the Airith clan due to her undeniable loyalty to those she considers her true friends, her family, and her clan. She has a certain air about her, one that tells people not to mess with her. But she truly is a genuine, nice person, and cares for those who are significant enough to her.
  5. Okay, I'm definitely interested. I think I'd like to play a Phiali mage. Before I get ahead of myself though, is this completely original or based on some series? I'd hate to play a character completely inaccurately.
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  6. I think this is mostly original. I would leave it up to Aurelia to answer, but unfortunately she has left Iwaku for the time being. The mages are a part of this RP:
    And the creator of the RP is Rainbowwave, so maybe you could ask him?

    Aurelia was just nice and enthusiastic enough to ask to take over the Mages and create in-depth detail for them, hence the different clans and war and whatnot.
  7. Oh! I completely missed that somehow.. That brings up a new question though. Is this just a more in depth sign up for mages, or a roleplay all it's own?
  8. It's just a more in-depth sign up for mages.
  9. Ah, gotcha. Hm.. I'll have to look into this more, I suppose. I already wrote a character up, but I may end up scrapping it.
  10. Yeah, I understand. You could maybe ask Rainbowwave if we could create sub RPs for just the Mage Clans since that what Aurelia was going to do if there was enough interested. I don't think he'd have a problem with it; I think the only concern would be who controls the RP.
  11. Yeeeaaaah, I wouldn't do it. I'm already panicking a little with my roleplay that I haven't even started yet xD.. I have zero confidence in my DMing ability.
  12. Yeah haha, I get you. I would, but I'm not confident enough 'cause I'm pretty sure I'd suck at it, so... :P
  13. Someone should totally do it though. Maybe. I'mma get a shower, then post my character here and there probably.
  14. Alrighty!
  15. Name: Seburo Ysra Phiali

    Age: 24

    Sex: Male

    Race: Mage

    Backstory: When the War of the Mages broke out, Seburo was just a small child, unable to truly grasp what was going on. Before it ended though, he'd aged and come to understand the situation. Maybe not quite the reason, however. He could only read into the war as a test of power, one which his clan and their allies had failed. From there forward he'd focus on little more than bettering his own skills, constantly challenging warriors within his clan and beyond when the opportunity arose. In this day, Seburo has been put forward to represent his clan, his people viewing him as one of the most powerful and skilled warriors of his generation. Something he'd never repeat, always one to show his strength rather than boast it.

    He bears no grudge or ill temperament against those who defeated his clan in the previous war despite his family's attempts to provoke those hateful feelings toward their enemies throughout his upbringing, instead judging people by strength and will. Seburo immediately respects and often becomes fond of those who prove their strength, be it by overcoming opponents in battle or difficult trials in every day life. He is often quiet and tends to rarely speak unless issuing a challenge or being spoken to directly, only really engaging someone personally when he feels close or drawn toward that person.

    Appearance: Seburo is tall and muscular, though not necessarily a bulging beast of a man. His long black hair is most often kept in a thick braid that reaches his lower back, and his eyes are a color similar to amber. He usually dons no more than a pair of fairly loose-fitting brown breeches, a dark red sash, and steel cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He equipped with a pair of curved blades about the length of his forearm that hang sheathed at either of his hips, pommels topped with fiery orange gems.
  16. omg i totally forgot to check here, sooooorry @.@ didn't watch the thread. i could contact aurelia for you guys, we attend the same school and club but she's my senior by a year, so she's more busy than i am. i think there's a chance she could return on christmas break. She asked me to try(even tho' i might suck at it too lololol)to stand in for her in the meantime.
    sooooo moving on, cs time.

    Character Sheet

    • Name: Lark Zephiro Silaes'ra
    • Age: 26
    • Nickname: Zeph
    • Backstory: Zeph lived part of his childhood during the war. He was born with a demon for a father and an Ilonrian mage for a mother. The war was a difficult time for him. His clan was almost always moving from one place to another, always armed, for fear that the other clans might ambush on them. He experienced a harsh life because sometimes his clan would be left with scarce resources during the war. That changed Zeph and made him face it. A ten year old Zeph scavenged and searched for food, water, anything he could find in the surrounding area. He wanted to help in any way he could and he could not bear seeing his friends, like Zaneira, go out into battle for several days only to come back near to fainting, injured and starved. But after the war, Zeph was relieved. There was still the hate but atleast the violence was gone. Zeph grew up wanting peace like how his ambition to be Head Mage grew too.

    Appearance (open)

  17. also wondering if the orig rp is dead.....? last reply was on wednesday?
    i mean the ic thread
    and i'm thinking that maybe if the orig is dead maybe this rp should probably be separate, i think it could stand on its own. we just need more people tho'.
  18. I'm not sure. Rainbowwave said that the IC thread would start up yesterday, but it never did. I'll bug him though. If it dies, I think it'd be cool to have this as a separate RP. [:
  19. sure sure, i'll bug aurelia whenever i can too xD