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  1. Tonight's the night.

    Kayne bit his bottom lip in concentration as he looked up at the large mansion. He was hiding in one of the bushes of the neighboring house, but his target mansion was big enough where he was sure anyone can see it from space. Talk about inconspicuous, these mafia folks was always so flashy.

    He looked down at his nifty watch. It wasn't just any old watch that told time (although he kept that function on there anyways, just because time is important!), instead, it included many more features. Usually, since the watch data space was limited, he can only program each watch for the particular mission. And in this case, his watch was tied with the security tapes from within the mansion.

    Kayne turned to look at some of the other hiding places he knew his teammates were. They were lock and loaded, ready for him to give the signal and begin their night's ordeal. He looked up at the night sky, on a normal night, he would enjoy such a nice weather. There were few clouds in the sky, but the stars were shining just light the lights in so many of his machinery. He smiled, he felt as though the world itself is just nature's tech toy, and for some reason the thought always made him feel giddy. His happiness soon fade though as he realized this was not the time to be admiring the view.

    He took a deep breath: this was his first mission. He can't fail this.

    As soon as his watch clicked midnight, Kayne scrambled to start off the first step of the plan. With a press of a button, he turned off all the camera's live feed to the control room, and instead looped the security tapes so it seemed like everything is normal on this abnormal night. He then kept the video feed for himself, so he and his teammates can see what's happening inside the mansion and around them.

    Step 1, complete. Now for step 2.

    He was about to stand up, to create some sort of divergence. He needed to distract the guards up front, so the others can infiltrate. (He couldn't actually enter the mansion himself after all, his teammates were trained for combat. Not him.) But then.. Something went wrong. Something went terribly wrong.

    "Hey!!! We got a stray one here!" One the guards yelled out. Kayne immediately ducked, did they already spot him? His eyes were wide, and he felt the sweat pour from his face. He knew he had to be caught like that, but he wasn't mentally prepared for it yet! "Over here!" He heard from the distance, and he blinked. What? Was he not actually seen yet? He decided to glance up.

    The guard was holding one of his friend's up by the hair. She was kicking, thrashing around. His eyes widens, both at the worry for his friend and at the dread he felt in the pits of his stomach. This was wrong. Everything is going wrong. And he knew: This was the beginning of chaos. "Get OFF of me!" As soon as she screamed out, almost as if everything was in slow motion, he saw his entire team rushed forward. Kayne felt helpless. He wanted to scream at them to stop, this was a futile and rather stupid plan, but he knew no one would hear him. Drowning out any sounds he made, fire shots rang throughout the formally peaceful night, and bodies on both side dropping to the ground. It was a merciless blood bath.

    Kayne is not a coward. But, he knew when a fight was futile. Some of his best mates were falling to the ground like flies, and he couldn't even hope to measure up to them. He had to do something else. Abandon mission? No, he would never, not when so many of his friends sacrificed themselves for this.

    He slipped into the shadow, eyeing to make sure no guard saw him, and he quietly snuck into their backyard.

    Their yard was huge. If Kayne hadn't studied some blueprints of the place beforehand, he would have certainly gotten lost in the maze of hedges, pools, statues, and other various garden decorations. As he made his way through the garden maze, he could still hear the cries of the battle going on in a distance. He closed his eyes tightly for a brief moment and he tried to block them out in his mind.

    He had to finish this mission, he had to get to the mafia boss. This was the chant he repeated in his head as he reopened his eyes and made his way to the mansion.

    Kayne examined the back door, but instantly spotted an alarm. After studying the alarm, he couldn't help but smile lightly. Oe opened the box and cut through some wires to turn it off. Child's play. He then opened the door, and to the best of his knowledge, he saw that all the guards had already rushed out to the front to join.

    He took in his surroundings, and if he wasn't in the middle of a dire mission, he would have been quite taken back by the luxurious life they lived. Their home was amazing - better than any sort of childlike dream he can think of. But, this isn't the time to just sit back and admire. He quickly made his way up the stairs, his heart pounding, his mental state wincing at every crack or small bumps he accidentally made. He felt as though he was going up the stairs like a child trying very hard not to wake up his parents.

    Then, someone spotted him.
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  2. On the second floor, Lily, wearing a black T-shirt and black leggings, was just about to head downstairs to go for a run, unaware of the bloodbath outside, when she saw someone: a boy with blond hair sneaking up the stairs. How had he made it in without the alarm going off? Was he coming to meet with her father? No. If he was, he would be escorted by guards and her father would've told her.

    Lily backed away from the staircase, her eyes widening slightly with fear, though she made no move to flee or to alarm the others in the house. Her father had always told her to stay away from strangers, but...

    "Wh-who are you?" Lily managed to stammer, as she reached towards her waist, where she always kept a loaded gun. Her gun wasn't there! Then, the girl remembered. She had placed it down on her bed when she had been changing into her running outfit. Fear instantly clouded her mind as Lily backed away. "What are you doing here? Y-you shouldn't be here."

    Lily knew she had a few options: run and alert her father, run and pretend she had never seen this boy, or stay and take her chances. Lily ran, her blond hair billowing behind her as she darted for the stairs to the third floor. She didn't care which option she was choosing, as long as it wasn't the third.
  3. Kayne looked up to see the girl. She seemed out of place in this mansion filled with killers and murderers, but there she was, standing at the top of the stairs. And the weird thing is, she was looking at him like HE was the criminal.

    Then she fled.

    Kayne wasn't exactly fast, but he hoped that being a male, and being taller, he might be able to catch up with her. He couldn't let her alarm the boss man, he needed that element of surprise if he wanted to defeated him.

    She was fast, like a little mouse. He had no hopes of catching up to her. So he took his chance, he threw his tazer at her, hoping she'll be stunned by it.
  4. As Lily ran, she only had one thought: to get as far away as quickly as she could and, most likely, get to her father so she could inform him of the intruder in the household. She heard the boy give chase behind her, but he was pretty far behind. Lily would be okay.

    Lily heard something whistle through the air behind her and she opened her mouth to scream... just as something hit her. The girl fell, her scream dying in her throat as the taser shocked her. Her head struck the wooden floor as she collapsed.

    The last thing that Lily could remember was the world disappearing into a sea of darkness.
  5. He couldn't believe he got her. He seriously thought he'll miss.

    Kayne had little time to celebrate his luck, though, as he saw two large men, and a smaller older man come out of the room. The older man seemed infuriated and confused, and he was rather taken back by the sight of the girl on the floor. "Lily?!" He exclaimed, "My daughter!!!" His eyes were wide and he immediately ordered his men to capture her.

    His daughter?! Kayne figured that the older man was the mafia boss, or at least someone very important in the mafia world, so he immediately picked up the girl. She was much lighter than he expected, and he carried her by hauling her across his shoulder. He then held out a gun and held it to the girl's back. "Back off!" Kayne's heart was thumping, and he felt hysterical. Now he seriously felt like the bad guy once again.

    And before Kayne can think of what to do next, he threw a bomb on the floor. Smoke exploded everywhere. (In the back of his mind, amusingly, he felt like a ninja. Though he quickly dismissed the thought, now is not the time to be thinking of such things!)

    He knew the trap door near the hallway, one that he was telling his team to take for a quick exit, so he immediately went there. He couldn't believe he was pulling this off. He couldn't believe he was actually succeeding in this.

    He couldn't believe he just became a kidnapper.

    Kayne had returned to the police station, handing the girl over to the authorities. They placed her in a holding cell, after making sure she was okay.

    The news was unbearable. Everyone had died. Everyone. He couldn't believe it. He was the lone survivor in his entire team. At least... He accomplish something, he suppose... For a while, he stood there stunned... And then finally, after a few hours have passed, he decided to go see the girl. He needed to finish this job. If only for the people he once knew cared for.

    And the girl had to be useful. ​
  6. Lily came to her senses again in a cell, her head ringing and dizzy. She dimly remembered seeing a boy, a boy with blond hair, in the mansion. He was an intruder, she thought to herself, He threw something at me... and then I... fell?

    Lily's eyes widened as she saw someone outside of her cell: the boy. Instinctively, she backed away, cowering in the back of the cell. "Wh-where am I? Where's my father? What are you going to do to me?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she stared at the boy, her fear evident in her eyes.

    No, you can't be scared of him. Come on, Lily. You're important! The girl struggled to her feet as she stared at the boy outside of her cell. "Tell me what you plan to do with me." she ordered, the timid little girl she had been moments ago completely gone.
  7. Kayne saw her wake up and his electric blue eyes watched her as she cowered in the corner. The girl was afraid of him... Talk about really feeling like a bad guy now.

    He raised his hands, in a sort of a surrender sign. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you." He couldn't help but be amused by her complete change in character, so he chuckled a bit. There's the toughness he thought a mafia girl would have.

    "Is your father the leader of the Shuzu Darkness Clan?" He asked, making sure he keeps his voice gentle as not to freak her out, or get her too angry.
  8. "That's none of your business." Lily replied, folding her arms neatly over her chest as she stared at the boy. "Now, if you could please tell me why I'm here, where I am, and what I need to do to leave, I'd like to be on my way."

    Lily knew she couldn't keep up her tough act for long. She just wanted to be back at the mansion or, if she couldn't do that, be as far away from this place as she could. Why had they even taken her anyways? It wasn't like she had ever murdered anyone! That had never been her job...

    "And who are you?"
  9. Kayne sighed a bit, although the fiesty girl was a little more entertaining, he sort of wish she went back to being meek. At least that way she would probably cooperate more.

    "I'm Kayne Ramsey, one of the agents." He said simply, sitting down one of the chairs available. He hasn't stepped inside the jail cell yet, he's not quite sure what other skills the girl has, so he didn't want to risk it. "If your father is the boss, then we sent a note out to him already. If he agrees to let go a recently kidnapped politician, we'll give you back to him." He told her truthfully. "Do you think he'll agree to the terms?"
  10. Lily leaned back against the wall of her cell, a somewhat bored expression on her face, though on the inside, Lily was anything but bored. "Well, if I were the mafia boss and my daughter had just been stolen to be held as ransom for a politician, I think it would depend on my reasons for kidnapping the politician and my relationship with my daughter, but honestly, I don't know." she replied, carefully avoiding the question of whether or not her father was the mafia boss.

    "Why do you want to know about my father anyways?" she asked, feeling suddenly suspicious, "Who do you work for?"
  11. "You wouldn't do anything to save your daughter?" Kayne raised an eyebrow, "Really?" He found it hard to believe that anybody would just abandon their daughter for the sake of politics. "Well, I suppose then, you're just stuck with us." He concluded. If the daughter had that kind of thinking, who knows what kind of thinking the father had. He motioned to the jail cell she was in: a small cramped space. "Guess you'll be here for a while, better get comfortable."

    He then scoffed lightly, still surprised that the girl was trying to play innocent right now. "You should know, your dad is a very wanted man."
  12. "It's not that I wouldn't do anything to save my daughter. I think I would try to find her and rescue her if I were the mafia boss, but I wouldn't resort to trading someone that was useful to me unless that was the last option... though I don't know how much use the mafia boss you spoke of has for the politician you spoke of." Lily murmured sadly. She shrugged, before sitting back down on the cold floor.

    "And how would you know who my father is, Mr. Ramsey?" she asked, her voice betraying her curiosity.
  13. Kayne was never very good at people. He never had as much skills as his fellow mates did when it came to reading and understanding folks, but... Well, it would have taken an idiot to not realize that the girl was almost... Disappointed by her words. "A girl's life, especially yours, is more valuable than that." He then said, a little awkwardly. How else would you comfort someone at a time like this?

    He cleared his throat, realizing that he wasn't conversing with just any girl - he was conversing with the enemy's girl. His voice then hardened, sounding as cold as ice. "Because your father is like an incarnate of the devil himself. He murdered a lot of people... He destroyed a lot of lives... a lot of families."
  14. "My father? Murdering people? Destroying lives and families?" Lily seemed to be quite taken aback, but then she sighed, deciding to drop the act. "Alright. My father is the mafia boss of the Shuzu Darkness clan, but you can't expect me to believe he would do anything like that." she replied sharply, the coldness of her voice matching that of Kayne's, "He is no incarnate of the devil. He is my father."

    With those words, Lily looked down at the ground. In truth, she knew nothing about her father's work in the area of his profession, but she was almost certain... no she was completely certain... that he would never kill anyone without a cause.
  15. She truly seemed surprised by the information Kayne was giving her. Did the girl really not know what was happening right underneath her nose?

    Kayne sighed and stood back up. Every child tried to believe in the best of their parents right? She was probably just the same. "I'm sorry..." He said quietly, knowing that these next few days... Was probably not going to be good for her mental health. Kayne noticed how she was sitting on the floor, and the bed nearby did not offer much protection against the cold air of the cells. He turned briefly and faced a police officer, "Go get a blanket for her, okay?" He demanded, though not with as much force behind it as he should.

    The police officer nodded and left.

    "What's your name, girlie?" Kayne finally asked, turning to look at her. He could easily go look into a file to find out, but he thought asking her directly might open her up to him a little more.
  16. When Kayne asked Lily for her name, she shrugged. "I'm Lily. I would say that I'm pleased to meet you, except under these circumstances, I don't think that would be true." she replied simply, smiling humorlessly at her own words. She didn't look up at Kayne at all; her eyes were fixed on the ground flatly, looking at something that wasn't there.

    "You know, Mr. Ramsey, if my father does not agree to the offer, what do you plan on doing with me? Do you plan to kill me? Or perhaps you'll torture me? Or maybe you'll start torturing me before my father comes to a decision?" Lily asked, finally looking up, her eyes meeting Kayne's blue ones.

    Though she would never admit it, something about the agent interested Lily. His eyes held a gentleness, a sincerity, that none of the guards had ever had. He kidnapped you and is holding you in a jail cell, Lily. This man is nothing but gentle and he's not to be trusted...
  17. When the police man came back, Kayne took the furry throw from him. He was hesitant, but he thought he should at least be somewhat of a gentleman to the poor girl. She was sitting down anyways, and there were several guards outside. He asked a police man to open the door, and Kayne slipped inside with Lily.

    "I, on the other hand," He wrapped the warm blanket around her body, and stood back to give her her personal bubble, "am a little glad to meet you." He was being honest. He didn't know why, she was the daughter of a murderer. But... Not all children are defined by the actions of their parents right?

    "Of course not." He immediately frowned. He might have been a hacker. Heck, he might have been one of FBI's wanted because of what he did. But he would not torture or kill another human being, and definitely not a young girl who had no say in the matter. His moral compass may be skewed, but not by THAT much.

    He ran his hands through his blonde hair, unsure how to answer her question. "I'm not quite sure. If you participated in the activities your father did... You'll probably stay here for a while." He ended quietly, hoping that was not the case.
  18. Lily was caught by surprise when Kayne gently wrapped the blanket around her and she felt herself almost smile, though she caught herself just in time. When he continued to speak, Lily felt a wave of anger rising in her chest. "Again, my father didn't do anything wrong, as far as I'm aware. So, in the chance that he did, I would have had nothing to do with it." she replied, sounding almost exasperated.

    Lily noted that Kayne was in the cell with her now and she could easily, if she wanted to, kick him in the stomach and make a run for it. There were clearly policemen guarding her cell, though, and she doubted she could escape or defeat all of them.

    For a moment, the girl wondered why Kayne was being so kind to her. They weren't friends; rather, they were enemies, in a way. He could've been doing it to get something from Lily, but what? What did Lily have that Kayne could possibly want? Information? She didn't have any information.

    "If I may ask, wh-why are you being so kind to me, Mr. Ramsey?" Lily asked, hating herself for the small stutter in her sentence.
  19. He sighed, knowing that he caused her to be angry. He didn't mean it, that's just the situation. "Sorry, Lily. But based on the information we have... I'm not accusing you of anything." He decided to stay quiet about her father.

    Kayne wasn't sure himself why he was being kind to her. He shook his head, confused. There was absolutely no reason why he should give her a blanket or even bother talking to her like this. It wasn't his job to get information out of her. At first, he thought he was able to do so, but now he realized that was a stupid idea. He was a hacker - a computer nerd! He didn't know the first thing when it came to humans.

    "Just... Get comfortable." He muttered awkwardly. Unable to answer her actual question, he left the jail cell. He was about to turn to leave... But he couldn't help it. Stupid human emotions.

    He turned to her yet again and reluctantly ask, "Do you need anything else, Lily?"
  20. The girl took note of the fact that Kayne was either unable or unwilling to answer her question, though she wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. She saw the boy turn to leave and she was slightly surprised when he turned back again and spoke.

    "I... no, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Well, unless you can get me out of here. That would be nice." Lily mumbled in response to Kayne's question. She dipped her head to the boy and turned away, wrapping the blanket more tightly around herself.

    And then, she couldn't stop herself. Everything just overwhelmed her. Lily found herself sobbing into her hands at everything that had happened in the last few hours. She had been captured by people who thought she was a criminal. She was completely at the mercy of Kayne and his friends. They were going to do something to her, probably hurt her. She was going to die.
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