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  1. Well no, but I should be able to get support and recover. I did it before, I can do it again. It might be a long time though, which is a shame 'cause I'll miss you guys. :/

    Sure, if you guys want to organise that. I can send whoever wants to be the GM the role list, and they can message all the players asking what they did on night 1 and sort it out however,
  2. I'll miss ya bro. I really hope you can recover and know that I'm rooting for ya
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  3. Oh no D: Take care of yourself, dude!
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  4. Oh my goodness, @Daz. Take care. Thank you for all of the fun!
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  5. @Daz University is rough, so is just living. So don't be sorry about having to cancel this. We completely understand and, more than that, want you to be okay. Whatever you need to feel better, lessen the load, that's what's important.

    I hope and want things to get better for you, Daz. I'm sorry that you're stuck in such a situation. Don't feel under pressure to take any action on our account, though. I love your Mafia, but I'd hate it if you got any anxiety over it. Take care of you, Daz. That's what's important.
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  6. Thank you so much guys. I wish I had more to say, but... yeah, I'm not really doing great at words right now, aha. So just thanks for being understanding and lovely.
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  7. @Daz Awwww, I'm sorry to see you go :( I really hope that things work out and you're able to return sometime, but know that we're rooting for you in the meantime.

    I would be more than happy to take over as GM while you are gone, but I know I don't have your touch, so I'm only throwing my hat in the ring if the rest of the players are a-okay with it. We would also have to restart the round, which is something else I'd want to make sure everyone is okay with...
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  8. I'm sorry to have to go :(. I'm sure I'll be back eventually though: I've dealt with this before and managed to overcome it, and I like you guys too much to go forever.

    If you guys want to restart with Star (or someone else) as GM, then you can feel free to just adjust the role list to the new number of players and generate the roles again.
  9. I just now saw this! I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time, @Daz

    Like everyone has been saying, don’t be sorry for having to cancel. Your health is far more important than any online game, whether you’re in charge of it or not. I sincerely hope (and pray) that you’ll have a speedy mental recovery!
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  10. @Daz

    So sorry to see you go, but you as a person come first. We believe in you!! Thanks for the fun so far~ <3 <3
  11. If we do continue and reroll roles, I would like to state, for the record, that I was the reaper.

    @An Otaku what even were you?
  12. -pokes head in- I was the ghost :P
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  13. I was the werewolf! :D
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  14. I was just a lil' Angel :D
  15. Alrighty guys, so. I personally would love to keep this going until Daz returns, and if that means Imma do the GM thing, so be it. I've not seen anyone express interest in taking on that role, but if someone else would rather do it I'm more than happy to let them. :D

    So without further adieu, who's up for re-distributing roles and starting over? If you're in, give this post a cookie. ~~Because I like cookies~~

    @An Otaku
    @Canadian Cat
  16. who was your protectee?

    as for me....

    cat. I was the kitty cat.
    I danced danced danced and I danced danced danced.

    very fitting for my profile pic lol

    yaaaay time to pick it up again.
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  17. Lost was my protectee. Tbh I couldn't have been luckier; since everybody knows Lost is quiet, very small chance of getting targeted.
  18. I was the reaper. And I was actually going to jail @Kiilgore that first night. Who was your partner?
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  19. Protecting me and a few others would've been difficult.
  20. Dunno how relevant it is anymore, but I blocked Dipper N1 for absolutely no reason. :P
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