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Discussion in 'BORED GAMES' started by Daz, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. That X visited Y player, not the person's faction- so X could be any visiting role. If we introduced a lookout, it might also be useful to add a non-killing mafia role, so if you see X visit Y and Y doesn't die, then you don't know whether X is town or mafia. Maybe we could add the escort again, but this time as a mafia affiliated role?
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  2. Those are called Consorts, ( In TOS at least) That would work well... actually, it would be interesting to work escorts and consorts with the lookout, makes it even more confusing for our look-out. :/
  3. I dunno, I've had enough confusion this match to last me a lifetime XD we'll see how I feel after this is over, though.
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  4. I've been trying to think of another role which would be useful for discovering mafia, so you guys have more leads next game. So my intention was to have less confusion... But this is mafia. Confusion is a given.
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  5. Why not amp up the confusion? >:3

    Switches two people. So if I was transporter, Joan was town, and Daz was mafia.... If Daz targeted Joan for the kill, and I targeted both Daz and Joan, Daz would die instead of Joan. Of course... If a vigilantes targeted Daz, then Joan would die from the vigi.

    In short.
    If A and B are transported with each other, the effects meant for A go to B, and B's go to A
  6. ...

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  7. I don't think that'd be very popular, although I'm happy to add it if my prediction is wrong and everyone loves it. Like I said, I'm trying to balance things out so they're slightly less chaotic, not amp the chaos up. XD
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  8. Eh, I really don't know. The new role I still want to see the most is the medium, tbh. As for these other suggestions, I'll have to see how I feel at the end of this game XD The lookout might be pretty cool though.
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  9. Anyone else interested in medium? It could work as another solution to reducing confusion.
  10. I'm all for it. It'll also allow dead folks to participate, which for me has always been one of Mafia's weak points.
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  11. Good point. I know @IntrusivePenDesperateSword has been disappointed they can't do much in mafia until the next round now they're dead. The fact that dead people will still be actively involved is making be swing towards including the role next game....
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  12. That's exactly why I want it so bad XD I really dislike the fact that once people are dead they can't participate anymore, and I feel like it would be really interesting to see what kinds of things they might have to say.
    I concur. Playing it IRL I've not found that to be as much of an issue. The dead people always had fun in their own little group or getting to watch the game progress, but forum mafia doesn't really allow for that.
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  13. I just happened to stumble across the Mafia 2 thread and give it a read, because... y'know. Boredom.

    Once I got through a couple pages, it clicked that I've played this before. Was a lot of fun, up until I got iced. But that's life I guess... What I'm trying to say is I would love to be involved in a Mafia game 3 if/when it happens, but until then know that I'm rooting for the townies from the sidelines!! Really rooting for the Jester, but I probably shouldn't say that (^ω~)
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  14. Glad to hear you're interested! I'll make sure to tag you when the next game begins.
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  15. So I just wanted to let everyone know that there's some life stuff going on right now that is kind of.... not really the most wonderful, and I think I'm going to need to take some time to sort it out and process things. I'm planning to leave for about a week and then come back to business as usual, but I just thought I should let everybody know, since activity is such an important part of the game.
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  16. @Starlighter I hope you'll be okay and manage to sort everything out. Take as long as you need, real life comes first. :)
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  17. Seems really tense right now. But personally, I got a for sure deduction of who isn't a shining paradigm of friendly citizenship. But its probably against the rules to say anything, so... Still rooting for everyone! Sort of~ (really want the vote to finish to see if I'm really up to snuff with this game. At least in terms of deductive prowess.)

    To be honest, I'm just really impressed with the players here. Don't suppose I have any comparison proper, but still...!
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  18. Blast. Now I'm curious what y'all are thinking. XD
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  19. @Daz I just remembered a weird and interesting mafia role that would be fun to throw in. The Retributionist. The Retributionist is a town support that can bring back a town member back into the game. Even if they are killed, their revival goes through if they did it the same night. Similiarly, the ret could also help the town.
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  20. They would be a good one to test out, but next time I'm probably going to replace the mayor with the medium so dead players can still have a something to do. If there are enough players then we could have a fourth town role that could be a retributionist, but if not then it'll have to wait until the game after. Theoretically doctor or detective could be replaced with retributionist, but I'm not sure many people would want that?