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  1. The Murder Games
    You've been invited to play the murder games, and some of you accepted, some of you didn't. There is an enemy among [BCOLOR=#000000]you.[/BCOLOR] Find them, before they find YOU.
    You are the murderer. You have to convert as much humans as you can into what are called mutants. You win the games when all the living population are mutants.
    You are now on the murderers side. Your goal is to try and cover the murderer's footsteps and help them win. However, you can NOT convert humans into mutants. Your memory of a human is also ERASED, although you know the basics of life, you no longer need to pee, poop, sleep etc.
    You have not yet been turned into a mutant. Your goal is to find and DESTROY the murderer, which then results in mutants turning back to humans. You can have relationships, although if your partner turns to a mutant, the relationship remains although the mutants do NOT remember, you may remember. This may be a hint to the humans who is a mutant -smirk-.
    You have been transported onto an island in the middle of the ocean. However, you do not know where it is, as when you were on the boat, you somehow slept the whole way ((wonder how that happened wink wink realising you drank hot chocolate before you left and it tasted funny)). The island is pretty untouched by wildlife, although coyotes do lurk; they get very aggressive and are territorial ((ambush attacks maybe?)).
    Name: (anime or normal, not fussy)
    Age: (in the teens or an adult, again not fussy, althought please LESS than thirty)
    Appearance: (preferably a picture, although if you couldn't find one, a desc is fine. Also I don't mind if it is anime or real, although I myself prefer anime)
    Skills: (remember, this is a game of mafia, choose wisely and DON'T overpower yourself, be sensible, realistic)
    Items: (three and three ONLY, don't list stuff like a coat, wallet etc.)
    Interests: (a paragraph at least please)
    Sexual interest: (I forgot the word to call it I mean like are they straight, bisexual, gay etc.)
    Reason: (why did they agree to do the games? Or did they accept?)
    Theme song: (optional, the song that represents them the most or a song that they like)

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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  2. cool can i join?
  3. Sure, I'm glad to get interest already, I haven't even posted my CS yet! xD
  4. lol okay should i wait for yours first?
  5. I guess Aaron's found a new home here since the other one seems dead.
  6. Name: Aaron Davidson

    Age: 26


    Skills: Has taken several self-defense and survival courses, giving him the ability to disarm and disable an opponent easily along with a great deal of knowledge in building shelters and collecting food to survive.

    Items: A small machete. His service revolver that he keeps on him at all times. A pocket-watch given to him by his sister so he could always keep track of time.

    Interests: Aaron loves to read mystery novels. Throughout his career as an officer and detective, he's slowly begun to write a novel of his own. He keeps track of everything involving a crime scene, not wanting to miss a single detail. This has lead Aaron to become very methodical in everyday life as well.

    Sexuality: Hetero
    Reason: Aaron never agreed to the games themselves. What he had agreed to was a island adventure cruise so he could get away from the police department's inner politics and backroom deals/plea bargains. Now the detective is left wondering who had planned this for both him and his comrades.
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  7. Also, I'd like to have 10 people before we start, and I will pm who I think should be the murderer.
  8. Name: Alec James
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Skills: Good with a knife, and good with long combat, close combat is his weakness. He is also extremely good at archery.
    Items: A machete, a bow and a sheaf of arrows, and a locket he always keeps around his neck.
    Interests: Alec loves archery. He also likes sports, especially football.
    Sexual interest: Gay (no-one knows this they think he is straight)
    Reason: Alec did actually accept the invite to the games, because, to be honest, he was getting a bit bored back at home, and plus he could kill someone if he was really angry.
    Theme song:
  9. [​IMG]
    xxxxxxxxxxx Iris Mell Edo






    She is a very calm collected girl.(will be revised in future)

    Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Ammo

    •First Aid
    •Movement Speed


    She loves guns. A big fan of classical music and vampire novels.

    Iris doesn't know why she is here. She just woke up here, though she is perfectly capable of handling her self.​

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  10. I should really figure out a good theme song for Aaron, Seeker of Truth doesn't really cut it for what this RP is going to be.
  11. @La Blue Love Accepted! Apart from the image isn't working, I take it you'll fix it?

    @Conrad Norwood The one in your signature is fine, if you're lazy like me xD
  12. Better?
  13. okkay.:magician:
  14. Name: Astrid Faust
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Skills: She's a good fighter, and pretty though. She's extremely intelligent, and is also a good shooter. She took self defense classes, and from reading books, she knows a little about surviving. She has very good hearing.
    Items: A gun, a small dagger hidden in her boot, and her gold necklace medallion given to her by her great-grandmother.
    Interests: Despite her menacing appearance, she loves a good book and some hot chocolate in peace. The case of the Black Dahlia has always intrigued and horrified her, (please don't look it up if you don't have a strong stomach and if you hate gore). The Black Death has also always sparked her curiosity. She is cold and untrustworthy towards others she doesn't know.
    Sexual Interest: Straight
    Reason: Astrid never accepted any invitations. All she remembers is that she was at Barnes and Nobles, reading a book, and drinking some of that hot chocolate. And then, nothing.

    I don't know how to put up a video ;_;
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  15. Ooooh, this sounds interesting. I'll join soon :)
  16. Name: Akio
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Dark amber eyes, black hair that sometimes fall into them. Tends to wear grey clothing.
    Skills: Insanely good with a katana
    Items: his own katana, which was specially made for him, along with a lighter.
    Interests: Reading. He loves reading. He also loves his sword. But that's about it.
    Sexual interest: Gay
    Reason: Didn't accept.

    On a side note, Akio has a personality disorder. Sometimes he snaps and becomes a completely different person.

    Man I am tired. Ill add some more stuff on tomorrow... Sorry
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  17. Name: Ysol Azure
    Age: 16
    Skills: He is good with fire and ften sets things on flame for the fun of it calling them his "sick fires". He is also good at bare handed close combat having been taught martial arts by his grandfather. Weakness is fighting with a weapon or long ranged fighting.

    Items: Lighter, His meds, A hunting knife he got from his grandfather

    Interests: Fire, Music, also likes to practice his martial arts competing in tournaments often.

    Sexual interest: Bisexual (But leans more toward men)

    Reason: Ysol accepted the invitation for two reasons, one he was bored and hadn't made any sick fires recently, and two because Alec came and he stalks him wherever he goes.

    Theme song:
  18. ((I’m interested in this! I hope it is still open!))

    Name: Seraphine Elizabeth Cassiopeia

    Age: Eighteen

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: If this was a television show, Seraphine would most definitely be the one who would be in the red uniform. Her skill set is not very useful in a situation like this. She is good at things that rich people are good at; because that is the sort of setting she was raised in. She is very polite, is good at talking to people, is a fantastic actress, and is very poise. She is skilled in horseback riding and archery, but has never done either of those things competitively. She has done a bit of fencing, but she has never thought of using those skills for killing.

    Items: In her possession she always keeps some pepper spray, a taser, and her makeup kit where she keeps the other two items inside of along with the makeup items.

    Interests: Seraphine grew up in a wealthy atmosphere where she was absolutely spoiled with activities and such. So, she has a wide array of interest. She has a love for astronomy and astrology. She can easily name all constellations visible in the sky as she is used to studying them. She also enjoys fine sports, which suits her more competitive nature. Another interest of hers is in makeup designs. She is fond of transforming faces and considers herself an artist because of how good she is.

    Sexual interest: She is confident in her heterosexuality. It’s not like she would have a choice according to her family, so she is glad that she is.

    Reason: Seraphine accepted, but not exactly. When she was proposed the idea, she thought it was some sort of fun game. She was bored at the time and figured that the rest of her friends would be invited as well. However, that is not the case. Once she figures out that it is not a game, she will try and convince herself someone will come for her, but that probably won’t happen.

    Theme song: