Mafia and Sherlock (MxM) (Possible FxF) [Emergency cravings]

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I've got two cravings so I'm going to make this short.
    I need a roleplay partner for chat based roleplay.
    I'm on a lot, and I'd like a partner that can be on a lot as well. It's the worst when you find a good partner and you start a roleplay and then they aren't on much.
    Please be friendly to me. I like being on friendly talking terms with my partners at the very least.
    I've got an odd sense of humor, just letting you know.
    So yeah. That's about it. Any questions, just ask
    "Real Life"

    -Sherlock (BBC)
    This would be Sherlock x Watson. I've never tried a Sherlock rp, and I definitely don't usually do 'real life' roleplays, mostly just anime roleplays. BUT, I'm willing to give it a try~. I would play Sherlock.
    I am willing to try this fandom genderbent!<3


    Mafia Tutor x Protege
    Something that would be sort of like Reborn x Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I'd play the tutor (and the role of seme), with a character suspiciously similar, and a twin in appearance, to the actual Reborn.
    I wouldn't mind if my partner did the same with a Tsuna like character. I say semi-original, because I haven't seen/read enough of the show to actually know personalities/characters/details well enough, but I love the pairing of TsunaxReborn.
    So yes. It'd be a mafia roleplay.
    Any questions, just ask.​
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