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  1. ★One on One RPs★
    * Indicate the characters I wish to be.
    Bold indicate craving.

    Cross-Overs are welcome.
    Pairings are not limited to this, just talk to me about any ideas.

    Harry Potter:
    OC x OC: My OCs for Harry Potter.
    George Weasley x Female OC*: George Weasley let Sirius' daughter Lilac work with him while the Golden Trio went back to finish their Seventh Year. In the midst of the working together and learning to grieve together they fall in love.
    [Young] Sirius Black* x [Young] Remus Lupin
    [Young] Sirius/Remus x OC*
    Teddy Lupin* x Victore Weasley
    Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley*
    Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
    Draco Malfoy* x Harry Potter
    James S. Potter x Male OC*
    James S. Potter x Teddy Lupin*

    DC Comics:
    Raven* x Beast Boy
    Raven* x Robin/Nightwing
    Artemis x Kid Flash
    Miss Martian* x Superboy
    Superboy x Female OC*

    Marvel Comics:
    Rouge* x Gambit
    Rouge* x OC
    Mutant OC x Mutant OC
    Shadowcat x Ice Man
    Spiderman x Mary Jane*
    Spiderman x OC*
    [Teenage]Ben Parker II x OC
    -For those who don't know... Spiderman had a daughter and son and his son is named after Ben and became Deaf as a kid.
    Spidergirl* x Deadpool

    Disney/Dreamworks: [No Frozen...]
    Disney High School
    Honey Melon x Fred
    GoGo* x Wasabi
    GoGo* x Tadashi
    Hiccup* x Jack:
    Hiccup went back one winter to a village he saw a long time ago. He was told of Jack's death and he couldn't believe he was dead which is why he believed in him once he seen him back at Burke making winter.
    Merida* x Hiccup
    Hiro x OC*
    Hiccup x Heather
    Heather* x Astrid

    Once Upon A Time:
    [Teenage]Henry x OC*
    Emma x Neal
    Emma x Hook
    Felix x Peter Pan*
    Felix x OC*
    Peter Pan x OC*
    Peter Pan x Wendy
    Henry x Wendy*:
    Wendy and her brother's stayed in Storybrooke since that was the only place they felt safe at anymore. Wendy has to grow up but at least she won't be alone.
    Emma* x August

    OC x OC
    Zuko x Katara*
    Katara* x Aang
    Zuko x Mai*
    Zuko x Sokka*
    Zuko* x Aang
    Zuko x Jet

    Powerpuff Girls:
    [Teenage] Buttercup* x Butch
    [Teenage] Buttercup* x Brick
    [Teenage] Blossom* x Brick
    [Teenage] Blossom* x Butch
    [Teenage] Puff x Ruff
    -We talk about who plays who but I play BC.
    Ruffs are back, either its with JoJo, Him, or a new evil, they are back and going to start to stir some trouble. One issue, they didn't expect to fall for the trouble they wanted to stir. Will they change?

    Perks of Being a Wallflower:
    Charlie x Sam
    Charlie x Patrick:
    In the middle of fighting Patrick's heartache one of the kisses he uses on Charlie to feel better awakes Charlie's inner gay-self. Now having to hide what they feel from Sam they have a new can of drama they have to open. Like Charlie coming out.

    The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:
    Stefan x Caroline*
    Stefan x Bonnie*

    Damon x Bonnie*
    Jeremy x Anna*
    Jeremy x Bonnie*
    Klaus x Caroline*
    Klaus x OC*
    Elijah x Hayley
    Elijah x OC*
    Rebeckah* x Marcel
    Josh x Davena*

    Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy:
    [Older] Kevin x Edd*
    [Older] Eddy x Sarah*
    [Older] Edd x Marie*
    [Older] Kevin x Marie

    [Older] Eddy x Lee: Edd ended up going to rehab, after thinking of himself as a failure for graduating his Junior and Freshman year. Ed turned into a Steroid driven man. Everyone else seemed to have either moved away or have a too fucked up life to even notice Eddy alone.. That is until the Kanksters move back.

    Tim Burton Movies:
    Jack x Sally*
    Jack/Sally's daughter* x Boogie Man's son
    Emily* x Victor
    Jack x Emily*
    Emily x Sally*
    Victor's kid x Jack/Sally's kid*: He/She died but instead of going to where most dead people go, his/her dead protectors take her to Halloween Town where he/she meets a child of the famous Jack that even he heard stories about growing up.

    Carolyn Stoddard* x OC: New kid on the block hears of the curse this Collins family is placed with. He/She wants to know what the Dark Shadows' Werewolf is like.
    David Collins x OC*: Like above only curious of the family.

    Shall We Date: Its a phone app game. All have our own twists.
    Angel or Devil+: Your character is either a Devil, a Grim Reaper, or an Angel that seems to be a bit odd. My character died and had to pick out of you three which one to take her soul in three days. Your character uses those three days to get to know her and how her used soul is being used. [In the game the Angel asks who she chooses and the Grim and Devil kidnap her instead.]

    My Fairy Tale+: Your character is based off of one of the original Fairy Tales. He could be the son or whatever if you want. My character fell into a different world (forgot how so we'll make it like Alice of Wonderland). Your character attempts to help my character.
    Destiny Ninja+, Ninja Love+, Ninja Assassin+: First two its Ninjas helping a princess but the third one is an assassin kills my characters family so she goes to an assassin guild for help. Your character is appointed to help take care of and give her home while she learns to become an assassin herself.

    Others: Usually more Sim Dating games.
    Starstruck Love: Your character's father recently adopted my character, her parent's was his friend, there is you and three other brothers (we can play). You are all stars and my character will be the new act. One brother was her best friend when they where little (but no longer), one was sweet and flirty, one was a bit harsh, and I forgot the other so we can make up the personality.
    My Sweet Bodygaurd: My character wakes one day with new that the prime minister died and he was her father. The ones after her father knows she exists and plans to kill her. She is given a bodygaurd.
    Office Lover: Her boss (Y/C) is trying to get this shy assistant to be proud of herself. He flirts constantly with her and slowly it get hot and heavy. Is it still about getting the shy girl to be bright?
    My Forged Wedding: (M/C) needs money, her parents put her in dept, and (Y/C) is rich and needs a wife for a job or publicity. He proposes the idea to have her as his wife if he pays off the dept. They slowly fall in love.
    Our Two Bedroom Story: New job makes two opposites live together under the same roof. One of the rules, hiding it from other people. What will happen?
    Seven Husbands: (Y/C) and six others (we will play them) are all rich and a few of you are famous. One of them that is a lawyer/cop heard about (M/C) missing parents and dept. You all need a wife so you took 50 Million of my dept each. My rules are: Cannot refuse gifts or money, Must love equally (which will be broken), and must spend a night with one of them each night (does not mean sex). (M/C) will fall for yours.
    Dreamy Days: (M/C) moved for almost ten years then moved back. (Y/C) went from this childhood friend or friend and bully to this grown man. If played the 'best friend' they once had plans to marry (like six year olds say they do.

    Cross-Over Ideas:
    Disney x Harry Potter

    Greek Mythology:
    Hades x Persephone*: Hades did see the beautiful girl in the meadow much like the myth, only, its not how they think. A Centaur (they are known for rape) caught sight of the Goddess and Hades merely rescued her. For once he was being the hero. He brought her home in attempt to help her from what nasty injury she endured. He doesn't care people no longer believe him, he probably deserved it. He was a cold man and at times cold to his own wife but he did not take her like the others and she believes.
    Hades x Aphrodite*
    God x Nymph*
    Goddess x Human OC*
    Hades x Irene*
    (Goddess of Peace)
    Human OC x Nymph*

    Ideas are never limited.
    Peasant* x Royal
    Princess x Night:
    (M/C), a princess in a kingdom that just got taken over by an evil emperor was taken by (Y/C) to safety. The two pretended to be married for some time until they could come up with an idea to take the land over again.
    Slice Of Life
    Ninja Princess* x Ninja
    Steam Punk
    Bad Kid x Good Kid
    Single Parent* x Single Man/Female
    Best Friends: (M/C) and (Y/C) been friends sense the third grade but they are rivals in everything they do. Sports, Martial Arts , Grades, etc. They are now Juniors/Seniors in High School. The true feelings are finally surfacing despite the bickering and fighting the pair does constantly.

    Arranged Marriage: Look at My Forged Wedding and Seven Husbands.
    Band Mates
    Street Kid Leader x Street Kid 2nd in charge
    Popular x Nerd*
    Popular x Skater Kid*
    Skater Kids
    Hybrid* x Vampire/Werewolf: (M/C) was once an ordinary girl, until she was bitten by a werewolf. Her life seemed to get crazy until it just got worse. Before the werewolf-ness set she got bit by a vampire (ex-crush) because he couldn't tell she was a werewolf yet. Living between the pack and family got hard, being a hybrid she can't be sighted easily like the other creatures. She felt like she didn't belong. When she finally came out to the Vampire or Werewolf family with (Y/C) help she decided to combine the family. Your character can be whatever creature of those two you want and they can be for or against the families merging. We will play side characters too. ...This can also lead to different directions.

    Angel* x Demon

    Ninjas, Royal x Peasant
    Ninjas, Arranged Marriage
    Ninjas, Elementals
    Elementals, Royal x Peasant
    Street Kids, Elementals
    Bandmates, Popular x Nerd
    Bandmates, Best Friends
    Angel x Demon, Arranged Marriage
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  2. would you do a steven universe roleplay? Preferably non-canon and you playing as peridot or someone with her personality?
  3. I'm sorry, I don't like Steven Universe.
  4. Oh, Ok! ^V^ Thats fine! Im Only Really Interested In A Steven Universe Rp Right Now, Though.
  5. Okay, thanks for asking.
  6. Bad kid x good kid, popular x skater, and best friends all sound like fun.
  7. You had me at Raven x Robin. If you have a plot you'd like to discuss over, I would love to roleplay that pairing with you.
  8. Bandmates + Best Friends/Steam Punk/ Street Kids + Elementals seems like they could be fun.
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