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  1. ★One on One RPs.★

    Okay, so, I suppose I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont know wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for captalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.
    Now, thank you for taking the time to read this boring little note. Now, to the fun part!

    My favorite genre is romance/dramatic romance.
    I play straight women or gay men the best, unless I am doubling up, but perfectly able to play straight men and gay women as well.
    I love playing multiple characters.
    No sex.
    * Indicate the characters I wish to be.

    Cross-Overs are welcome.
    Pairings are not limited to this, just talk to me about any ideas.

    Harry Potter:
    ♣OC x OC
    ♣George Weasley x Female OC*
    ♣[Young] Sirius Black* x [Young] Remus Lupin
    ♣[Young] Sirius/Remus x OC*
    ♣Teddy Lupin* x Victore Weasley
    ♣Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley*
    ♣Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
    ♣Draco Malfoy* x Harry Potter
    ♣James S. Potter x Male OC*

    DC Comics:
    ♣Raven* x Beast Boy
    ♣Raven* x Robin/Nightwing
    ♣Artemis x Kid Flash
    ♣Miss Martian* x Superboy
    ♣Superboy x Female OC*

    Marvel Comics:
    ♣Rouge* x Gambit
    ♣Rouge* x OC
    ♣Mutant OC x Mutant OC
    ♣Shadowcat x Ice Man
    ♣Spiderman x Mary Jane*
    ♣Spiderman x OC*
    ♣[Teenage]Ben Parker II x OC -For those who don't know... Spiderman had a daughter and son and his son is named after Ben and became Deaf.
    ♣Spidergirl* x Deadpool

    Disney/Dreamworks: [No Frozen...]
    ♣Disney High School
    ♣Honey Melon x Fred
    ♣GoGo* x Wasabi
    ♣GoGo* x Tadashi
    ♣Hiccup* x Jack
    ♣Merida* x Hiccup

    Once Upon A Time:
    ♣[Teenage]Henry x OC*
    ♣Emma x Neal
    ♣Emma x Hook
    ♣Felix x Peter Pan*
    ♣Felix x OC*
    ♣Peter Pan x OC*
    ♣Peter Pan x Wendy

    ♣OC x OC
    ♣Zuko x Katara*
    ♣Katara* x Aang
    ♣Zuko x Mai*

    ♣OC x OC

    Perks of Being a Wallflower:
    ♣Charlie x Sam
    ♣Charlie x Patrick

    The Maze Runner:
    ♣Newt x Male OC*

    [Teenage] Powerpuff Girls:
    ♣Butch x Buttercup*

    Cross-Over Ideas:
    ♣Disney x Harry Potter

    Ideas are never limited.
    ♣Peasant* x Royal
    ♣Slice Of Life
    ♣Ninja Princess* x Ninja
    ♣Steam Punk
    ♣Bad Kid x Good Kid
    ♣Single Parent* x Single Man/Female
    ♣Best Friends
    ♣Arranged Marriage
    ♣Band Mates
    ♣Street Kid Leader x Street Kid 2nd in charge
    ♣Popular x Nerd*
    ♣Popular x Skater Kid*
    ♣Skater Kids
    ♣Ninjas, Royal x Peasant
    ♣Ninjas, Arranged Marriage
    ♣Ninjas, Elementals
    ♣Elementals, Royal x Peasant
    ♣Street Kids, Elementals

    Plots: I have plots for most Fandoms. Just ask.
    ♣Puppet A (Me), a princess in a kingdom that just got taken over by an evil emperor was taken by Puppet B (You) to safety. The two pretended to be married for some time until they could come up with an idea to take the land over again.

    Please, please, brainstorm with me!
  2. Do you do canon/oc if your partner also plays a canon for you?
  3. I don't know what you mean.
  4. *Smiles and raises hand* Hello!! I don't mind doing a MxM with you, if you don't mind, and I like the "band mates" idea the best!
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  5. If I play a canon character for your oc, can you play one for my oc?
  6. Yes, to both questions. Just PM me.

    I can play canon and I would live to do the band mates in yaoi.
  7. I would be interested in doing either PeasantxRoyal or about samurai but I would generally prefer to stick to mxf. I am also up for seeing if something can be done with the ninja princess idea.
  8. Alright, PM me.
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