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♦ Mad's Partner Search Thread ♦​

As tempting as it is, please refrain yourself from posting on this thread. PM me, instead.

Please check any posts below this for updates and little notes.
Important notes are coloured green.


♛ Introduction ♛

Hello. There's not much to say about myself. I'm called 'Mad' on this site. I.. like yaoi. Even those shameless porn RPs. And, I'm always trying to get better at writing. Yeah. That's all I can think of to say about myself at the moment. A few things about myself:

  • I am an advanced writer. As in, I prefer longer posts (4+ paragraphs). But on occasions when it's a scene involving direct interaction between two characters and when I have little to respond to, I'll reduce to 2~3 paragraphs. I don't do one paragraphs. That's just. Ew. No.
  • I'll tell you straight up that I can be bitchy. I'm frank about my thoughts and I tell you if I have a problem with your posts. Please be bitchy with me too. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I may have a sadistic streak, but I have a masochistic streak, too. ...<3
  • I do like all that hot sex and stuff in RPs; however, I would love to have a story as well. A good plot.
  • This has come up a few times but at the moment, I am exclusively MxM RP's c: Man and Man in bed butt naked.. mm mm. Cookies for you all.
  • Time is a constraint for me. I do my best to post everyday. Sometimes, every other day. And when I'm very busy, once a week. However, any longer than a week, I'll do my best to inform you ahead of time.
  • If you see no response from me for more than a week, poke me. Spam me. Whatever it takes.
  • I'm not the type of person to randomly disappear if I don't like something in a plot. I will tell you if I lose interest and I will tell you if I spot something I don't like, and I will definitely tell you about any problems.
  • I expect my partner to do the same as stated above.

♛ Expectations ♛
  • Be willing to deal with my unexpected disappearances (it happens).
  • Have a kink for being dominated or to dominate <3 (roughly)
  • Have decent grammar/spelling and be able to write about 3+.
  • I really do like grammar and spelling because it's easy on the eyes.
  • Dedication that you'll stick with me. Please. I will give u a cookie.

♛ No. ♛
  • Water stuff
  • Scat
  • Extreme gore
  • If you've read this and the above, write 'fuck me' in the subject line of your pm. kthx. otherwise u will be ignored. you were warned.
  • M-preg
  • Mutilation
  • Slice-of-life
  • Too much fluff.

♛ Yes. Please. ♛
  • Rough sex
  • BDSM
  • Toys
  • Dirty Talking
  • Degradation
  • Spanking
  • Obsession
  • Jealousy
  • Dark themes
  • A little bit of Stockholm Syndrome
  • Fantasy-ish.
  • Possessiveness
  • Control
  • And other stuff. Ask me.

♛ Craving ♛

  • Playing a wimpy bottom, just because. I haven't played one of those in a long time.
  • Something about deranged obsession over another.
  • Yeah, something dark and twisted. I mean there's probably gonna be romance in there somewhere but something dark and twisted will definitely make me go squee.
  • Unhealthy relationships? Lmao, I don't even know what it means but it sounds cool.
  • I really want something dark.

♛ Position ♛

I am a versatile player. I have experience playing both tops and bottoms. I would love to have a partner who is comfortable with both positions. If you are the sort of person exclusive to one position, top or bottom, we are certainly not compatible. I might give you some consideration but really, I would love someone who is versatile.

♛ Pairings ♛

*** = Craving
** = It's alright. Might need some convincing.
* = Doubtful. The plot must be pretty damn good for me to agree with this.
Underlined = Character I'd like to play.


Princess and the Frog**
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs***
Sleeping Beauty**
Peter Pan**
Alice in Wonderland***


Small top x Larger bottom**
Role Reversal**
Broken boy x Bad boy**
Nerd x Jock** (Reverse roles?)

***The pairings above are not up for discussion because I am not interested and/or I've already RP'ed them.

♛ Plots ♛

Loose plot ideas.

These plot ideas are very flexible and vaguely thought out. The point is, I want to expand and flesh out the plot with my partner.

BDSM relationship.
And I mean the one with a contract and safewords. Not the kind where there's a 'slave' and the said slave has no say whatsoever.

Hell gets a new toy.

CA is CB's prisoner. CB treats CA like an animal, leading him around on a collar and leash, and humiliating as much as possible.
Relationship between CA and CB will be discussed in PM
CA is necessarily the sub and CB the dom. This will be discussed.
Humiliation (extreme), bondage, toys, pet play, etc.
Overall, this plot needs fleshing out.

boyfriendA x boyfriendB
BA is in love with BB but BB only keeps him around to exploit his body and money. BA's friends know of this as BB never tries to hide it, and tries to convince BA that BB is no good for him. But BA is too taken by BB and "loves" him too much to leave him. BB knows that BA will never leave him and uses him as he sees fit, abusing him and often being unfaithful. Sometimes, BB even brings home other woman or men to sleep with back home and BA can do nothing but keep his mouth shut. After all, he loves
consensual, humiliation, bondage, toys, etc.
will probably be switches.

♛ Note ♛

I prefer doing RP's in PM's. If you prefer threads, I'm afraid I'm not the partner for you.

PM me. c:

In your PM, please include plot ideas/pairings. [/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr][/hr]
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Up and searching.

Bit busy these days, too. Don't be disappointed if I suddenly turn you away ;_;. Life happens.

Added in new plot.

Side note:

Regarding the new Peter Pan plot, I will only be accepting one partner for it. Because of that, I've decided to be especially picky about who I want to roleplay this plot with because it's something I'd really like to do and I'd really like to enjoy roleplaying it rather than stressing over my partner's incompatibility.
So yes, I will definitely be checking up on your past posts.

**If you prefer me not checking up on your past posts, feel free to send me a little snippet of writing you feel best exemplifies your writing style/skill.
Still searching *A*
Still open
Someone rp with Mad, she won't bite!! ♡
I really don't bite unless you ask me to.
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Open for one more.

New plot added : Twins.

I would also really like to play this. Somebody PM me, now, pls.
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Twins plot taken.

You missed your chance. Shoulda' PM'ed me. Butthead.

It's okay, I forgive you. You can still PM me.

My PM box is lonely and waitin' for you. Please.

New plots

my pm box is lonely. fill it up with deranged love. pls.

Still searching c:

Plot: Hell gets a new toy.

Ask me about it. I have a vague plot in mind.
Open once more.
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