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Hello! I'm Mads and I'm looking for some mature partners to get a RP started with! I've got my ideas, pairings, and requirements listed below. If interested post here or shoot me a PM. Thank you very much! :-)

| Rules & Requirements |

Post length. I consider myself high casual to low advance. I give what I'm given, but usually I can post around 3-5 paragraphs.
Communication. I can not stress this enough- if you're going to be gone for several days let me know, I'm patient, I can wait, but if you disappear without warning, than that'll piss me off.
Be descriptive. I get getting a block now and then, but if it becomes a frequent thing I'll address you about it. After the third time, I'll have to drop the RP. Descriptions keep a RP going so it won't fail.
Gender preference. I can do male or female, but I'm better at female. I can do, both though, to the best of my ability.
Sexuality. I'm fine doing MxF or FxF, but I absolutely will not to MxM. I'm just not that good at it.
Have fun! We don't have to be serious all the time! We're here to write and have a good time, so let's do just that!

| Original Ideas |


"She is there; I can see her sitting on the bench as she does daily. She has no idea that I am her admire, no idea that I want her so fiercely that it burns too deep within my soul. I send her all that she desires and she had returned it all. Does she not want me to love her? I need to have her, keep her safe within my own home. I am rich enough that I can have her there well taken care of. She would want for nothing anymore.

I see her in my dreams, both waking and at night. I need her to know how much she means to me. I need to show her that I am her man. My rules will be strict, but she will know it is for her own good. Tonight is the night that she will come to me."

This story is about one man's obsession and the girl who gets placed into his care. He manipulates her father to send to his building as his personal assistant, maneuvers her into his home, and slowly begins to seduce her. He is the young entrepreneur of a multimillion company but has issues with women.

She is young, fresh out of college student who needs to start her life within the real world. I would like for this to be a dark romance with obsession. Drugging her into staying the night or cause her apartment to be condemned or burned down making her go to his place. She will eventually have to come to crave her independence from him, making him go mad over it.

I would like a Dominant Male who is comfortable playing a young, jealous, controlling and rich business man who is obsessed with a woman he saw from afar. He would be around 28 and she is to be about 23.

An Arranged Affair

A child of common birth and raised away from the demanding courts, a little girl grew to know nothing of the cruelness of court nor what would be asked of her once aged. She was a lovely child with a traumatic past and aged into a quiet woman. But one thing she did not wish to happen to her, marriage. She feared the mere concept of it. She finally came of age and was sent to court. And into the lion's den.

A man who came to see if there was a woman worth his grain came to court. He wanted a woman who would calm his rage and nuture his people but he seemed to find only the same women that were offered everywhere else, desperate and heavily decorated. He one day found the silent little woman and thought about her as a maid or a servant. She was not overly painted or dressed to ornately, creating an air of calm and serenity about her. He had to know more.

This would be a marriage of reluctance on her part and dark on his side. He has to find this silent creature and claim her as his. This man can be human or otherworldly creature. Please feel free to add other ideas in the mix, I would love to hear them.

Undercover Princess

A king had ruled other his lands for a few years, always waiting, always watching for the right woman to make his queen. Sadly the only woman who would be perfect for him was his sweet young maid. She had earned her place in the household at a tender age of 8 and worked for ten years. She bloomed into a woman. He treated him like a man and not a king.

Little did he know the secrets that she had. His maid was a princess in disguise, hiding from a war torn country and a stepmother only wanting to gain political power with her title, the maid stayed silent and eager to help the household. However when her father comes to collect his daughter and return her to her rightful place, the truth comes out.

The King however cannot and will not let her go. What lengths will he go to keep and claim her as his bride?


Cursed by a hateful and rejected witch, the jilted woman cast a powerful spell upon the vampire to only be awakened by his true love. He fought to free himself from the wicked enchantment but failed, succumbing to the deep slumber for centuries. His minions, his followers, and his kingdom still follow every whim he would desire were he conscious to instruct it. He was a harsh cruel man with little known feelings humans had.

Until she awoke him...

Being dragged from her home in the light of moon, the girl was offered to the still decayed corpse. Her wrist being cut and blood flowing freely over the lips of the unknown being The creature shifted and moves to latch onto her neck feeding greedily. When the haze clears from his vision and the king realizes what he had did and who had awakened him, he flies in a vicious rage.

The spell echoed in his mind as his scattered thoughts began to become whole once more. He had three full moons to make her love or else he would perish from the beloved kingdom he ruled over. How does he convince a human of all beings to love him. She was beneath him and yet he could not deny the pull of this woman.

What will he do if another dares to get in his way?


Darkness swept the land as the Vampire prince looked from his balcony window. His beloved wife had passed leaving a hole of heartbreak in his life. His wife of fifty years had been killed and his mind was clouded by it. Until he met her. A woman of common blood and yet he could not grieve his wife when this vibrant, sweet woman had mended his broken heart. She soon was married to him and produced a child of his own. His life was nearly perfect. His kingdom prospered and he had a wonderful daughter as an heir. On the eve of his second wife's turning, his first wife returns. She had been reborned as he was and she was vengeful. He murdered his wife and daughter leaving the prince in shambles. His world shattered within moments.

Years passed, and although he is no longer called Prince, his followers think he is. He is wealthy and powerful until this woman he hires as a consultant to his business. She looked like his murdered wife and his heart began to pound erratically. He was looking at her and could not touch her.

Maggie had been having dreams of this man for years, since the day she turned eighteen. She was now twenty-one and could not believe she was living in his home and working for him. Will his passion overcome him or will he wait to see if she would come around.

The wait was unbearable and he decided to act. No man was to touch her and he persued her.

[I would like for this to begin in the middle, when she works for him. I love angst and romance in my vampires as well as a bit of a love triangle thrown in there.]

An Unwanted Life

A dark knight with a mysterious past and his band of warriors come through town. One thing on his mind, a bride and wife to soften his image of being the dark night. He heard of a village with several selections and families willing to put their houses at the disposal of the man. His mind wandered while the women were paraded in front of him. None of them struck his fancy until he reached the last house. A merchant and his only daughter lived in the little cottage.

He met her and thought that she would do and within moments she was reluctantly was mounted on a horse and forced to ride with the man

The Phantom of the Opera - "Christine's Daughter"

Twenty years have passed since the infamous chandelier crashed, ruining the infamous Parsian Opera House. Christine Daae had long since married her beloved Raoul and had a child, a daughter. However, unbeknownst to Raoul, she still wrote to her Angel. He had meant so much to her as a child and even now as an adult. Many letters and sketching had been written back and forth through the years but the Phantom noticed something odd over the past year of correspondence.

There was fear in Christine's words.

Her daughter, Marguerite, had been suited by a man named Andrew. Her was the Duke of Devonshire and he was not used to hearing 'No,' as an answer. Marguerite had grown into a much desire woman and had many men courting her for her affections but she never had once terrify her. Marguerite did not like his constant affections and one night, he nearly forced himself upon her. He wished to impregnate her and guarantee her compliance. Luckily Raoul had went in search of the two and forbade the boy to return. Then the threats began to come.

Eric, the Phantom, had agreed to let the young woman come to his estate so he may protect her as a favor to Christine. But he did not imagine was her beauty or her witty nature. Her voice was beyond anything Christine could even fathom. He had to protect her from both himself and the boy who led her to his arms. What happens when she falls for the man her mother had always spoke of.

[I wish for him to be not an old fart. Like he made a deal with the devil to stay at a certain age but his face was forever cursed]

|Pairings I'd Like To Try |

Any Supernatural x Human/Hunter
Detective x Material Witness/Suspect/Detective
Professor x Student
Teacher x Student
Boss x Employee
Enemy x Enemy
Doctor x Patient
Boy Next Door x Cougar
Band Member x Band Member
Best Friend x Best friend
Father x Son/Daughter's Tutor
Stepfather x Stepdaughter
Father x Daughter
Stepbrother x Stepsister
Stepsister x Stepsister

That's all I've got at the moment, but I'm open to ideas of any kind. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to get something start with y'all soon!

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Hi there!
Though I don't exactly have too much interest in the plots you've posted (not to say they're bad or anything, of course!) I would like to RP with you!
I'm sure it'll be easy enough to make a plot that would suit the both of us~


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Hahaha that's alright! I'd love to work something out! Just send me a PM!

Oh, and a friendly bump.

Alice White

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I think playing the male in obsession would be interesting.

Or the female role in stepbrother x stepsister...

Or either role in best friend x best friend


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Hello, I'm interested in these two. Both in FxF.

Any Supernatural x Human/Hunter (I'm thinking about a succubus/human or a demon/hunter)

Teacher x Student


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Please PM me if you're interested, I overlook messages here a lot if I'm not paying attention.


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I think playing the male in obsession would be interesting.

Or the female role in stepbrother x stepsister...

Or either role in best friend x best friend

I just noticed this. I'd like to try Obsession. If you're still up to it. :-)