Madoka Magica based small group rp?

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  1. Would anyone be interested in such a concept? With our own characters, of course, and whether we follow the plotline of the show at all is debatable, as it the plot of this itself.

    Cast list:

    Reenie Hawthorne and Rachel Collins--Row
    Adora and Draoxa Salvatrice-Noctis

    Hattie Brooks--Momozono
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  2. I'd definitely be interested in an idea like that! It seems like there'd be a lot of ways to go with the concept.
  3. I know, right? I'm currently watching one of the movies, Rebellion. It's funny, I didn't think I liked this series the first time I watched it, but now it's grown on me.

    Now, would you want to have this take place in an alternate universe, where the show never existed, or? I personally think that would be best, but I'm really up for anything. ^.^' It's my first night at college, and my dorm is lonely, so really, I'm just happy someone replied to this!

    As for setting: I'm good with anywhere but Japan. After all, the magical girl concept is so broad, they so exist anywhere, so it seems like it'd be a shame to limit it to Japan just because that's where all the canon magical girls exist, you know?
  4. I haven't watched the movies for the most part, that's on my list to watch, but the show was amazing. I watched it a while ago, but I re-watch it all the time.

    I think it'd be a good idea to have it take place in an alternate universe, to keep the concept fresh. I figured the setting being in America would be overplayed, and I thought, what about England or Canada? Those are countries I don't see used quite as often.
  5. How about England, then? I'm more familiar with it than Canada. Even though, this is off topic, but did you hear about those people who floated into Canada? They were like tubing down some river near the border and the wind pushed them into Canada. I found it hilarious. As stereotypical and cliche as the city is, maybe London? I know it's over done, but it's so historical, and I think it could make a nice setting?

    Also, what ages? I'm thinking around high school-collegeish? One thing I always wondered about the tv show was how these middle school girls seemed to always be sneaking off to go and fight. Like, did Madonna's parents not make sure she was ever in her room?
  6. I hadn't heard about the canada thing, I bet that'd be a confusing ride though.

    London sounds nice, plus cute accents which is basically the best thing.

    The thought never occurred about them sneaking off, but middle school rules are pretty strict huh? It would be pretty hard. Somewhere between high school and college would be ideal, considering they'd be just around the age when sneaking off might be considerably less suspicious. They'd probably be much more adept at fighting too.
  7. The cute accents are always a plus.

    Like, my parents were never the most strict but if I was like in sixth grade and tried to go outside at night, I would have had some explaining to do! So, okay, yay for knowing vaguely what ages.

    Now, we just need a basic plot. Hm. Should we start out with our characters already as magical girls? Or go the whole stereotypical "talking cat appears and offers them the contract" route? Because both have potential. After all, just because something is a stereotype doesn't make it bad. It just means it works! Also, I have a small idea that deviates from the canon laws of how the contract works, but I think it could be interesting. Are you familiar with the Faust story at all? About the guy that makes a deal with a demon for like, 24 years worth of magic, and then he dies?

    What if each magical girl has a "grace" period so to speak-sort of a time where their Soul Gems don't cloud up and become corrupted? Maybe a year or so? Almost an initiation period, they learn to use their magic, but the downside is, they don't learn how to, you know, try not and turn into a witch? And once the grace period is up, it starts to act like in the show. They have to find grief seeds and all.

    If you like this idea, I think it might be interesting to start just as our characters' grace periods are ending and they have to come to terms with the reality of what it really means to be a magical girl?
  8. I was always a little good kid, so I never got the experience of getting caught sneaking out or breaking rules in those years, but I understood that they were stricter than what came later.

    I think, since this was supposed to be a small group rp, the plot could mix? Some could be new additions, and some could be at the end of the grace period.

    As for the faust story, a friend of mine had a character based of the story or something along those lines, but it doesn't really resemble the example you gave, so I can't really say I know the story.
  9. The Faust story is good. I highly recommend it.

    And as for the plot, sounds like a plan for me. And mhm, you're right. It was supposed to be a small group rp-3-4 people at most. Any larger and I end up confusing myself, haha. Hopefully other people do get interested, though.
  10. Yeah, same. Large groups are much too fast for me, and I feel like it's a race to get your thoughts in before they become irrelevant. 3-4 seems like a perfect amount.

    I might read the story some other time, when I have an opportunity.

    I have another question. In any of the movies, is the appearance of kyubey's general species ever brought up? What I mean is, do they all look the same, or do some things vary?
  11. They never really mention, no, but I could have sworn in the manga, the Incubators all looked similar, but not exact clones? In the movie, they show a bunch of Kyubey's all at once but I couldn't tell if they meant that as the whole race or if they were just trying to make it seem unsettling. Either way, it sure worked.
  12. Well, maybe if this is in a separate dimension from the canon series, a few minor tweaks could be added to different incubators? Maybe there could even be more than one, and subtle differences between them could be used to tell them apart? I'm sure there's some way that little detail could advance the plot in some way, though, I'm not exactly sure how right now.
  13. Oh, I'm sure there could be, but sadly I'm drawing a blank as well. Personally, I like to think of the Incubators as cats, almost: the same species, but each one unique in their own way.

    Oh, but I did have an idea. What if there were different ranks of Incubators, so to speak? And the more powerful the magical girl, the higher rank the Incubator, so what if the Incubators 'trained' the girls they recruited so to speak, so that when the girls died or became witches, they were the strongest possible, and the Incubators would get rewards of some kind, rewards that would most likely help them recruit more girls.
  14. That seems like a pretty sound idea, I agree. Maybe certain incubators have different territories, and the higher ranked ones get more populated areas? I think it would make sense for more effect incubators to manage cities and neighborhoods with more people and potential.
  15. Sounds like a plan to me! I feel like Incubators can get put on "probation" so to speak and get sent to either rural areas, or extra difficult areas, if they're being punished. Now what causes this probation, I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe not filling a certain quota of magical girl contacts made within a year or something?
  16. That, and maybe sympathising with humans? Kyubey mentioned emotions are treated like mental illness. Letting it control their work would most likely be worth a punishment.
  17. Hey there, I'm interested! Even more interested due to the fact that it's a small group, cause I am so slow I get left behind all the time. It's sort of late at night for me right now, so I might not be too talkative at the moment. Hope you don't mind.
  18. True! Because chances are, there has been at least one or two Incubators throughout history that have sympathized with humans, and I feel like things didn't end well for them, or for their magical girls.

    And hi there, Vesper! Welcome! And I don't mind at all.

    I think three is a perfect number: what do y'all think?
  19. Three is fine with me. Four seems like it would be better balanced though, like if we needed the girls to split up into two groups for whatever reason.
  20. True, true! Four works then!
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