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  1. It was another sunny day in the beautiful Rover City. Sunny enough for a trip to the beach, where guys in swim trunks, and god help us all, some of them in speedos. But, for every guy that shouldn't have been wearing a speedo, There were 13 hot women in swimsuits of all sorts...




    Among the beachgoers was a fellow in a white t-shirt with the combo input and image of the hadouken from street fighter on the front, also wearing black 3-4 inch sweatbands, and black track pants. He had a dark blue sling backpack with him carrying most of his things, including his black shoes with red trims.

    This fellow's name is Jack. Jack McCoy. Aged 15 years old, standing at about 5,10 with an athletic build that held some muscle to it.


  2. Logan swam out on his surf-board, noticing a huge wave that was coming up. He turned around, and as the wave formed he stood up. He was a celebrity, a famous teen singer, much farther than the ranks of "Justin Bieber". Normally, girls swarmed him, and he enjoyed that. He enjoyed surfing more though, and the swarms of girls couldn't be right for him.

  3. Jack noticed that celebrity singer, Logan. Despite not really having anything against him, he still kind of didn't like the guy for some reason, and decided to charge his ass. Yes, you heard me, he LITERALLY was going to charge in, and attack this guy. Although this would make no sense, he had to admit, it was going to feel pretty cool.


    Jack wasn't muscular, he'd usually been considered athletic, but only a bit muscular. What little muscle he had just somehow tore his shirt off as he raised a fist up, and started running into the water, ready to kick Logan's ass for no particular reason, as a giant wave came in, and 'consumed' him. He came back on shore, coughing, as he climbed back up, and tried several more times. Among those times, he managed to punch out a fat guy sitting in the water, as well as a Mermaid.

    Eventually though, a wave as big as a house came in, and consumed him like the last one did, spitting him into the sand, this time, the young man unconscious...
  4. Faye walked along the beach, wearing her normal clothes. She couldn't swim, but she was searching for a friend of hers. A group of little kids swarmed around her, commenting about her eyes. She merely smiled and nodded at them sweetly. If she could, she would talk to them, but Faye was a mute.

    Once the kids left she continued to walk around the beach, just looking for her friend that said to meet her here. She sighed silently to herself when she saw no sign of her good friend. That was when she spotted a young unconscious man washed up on the beach. She walked over to him and squatted down next to him. Faye tilted her head to the side slightly, looking at him. She reached out one hand and poked his head gently.

    Faye.jpg What.jpg
  5. Jack turned his head, and coughed up the water, a hand shooting up, and the finger landing on his palm, as he sat up, and ran out to the water again, trying to attack Logan once more, and failing horribly, the waves once more spitting him back into the sand. When he got to his feet, he held the T-shirt he originally tore off, but it was as good as new, as if he could just regenerate T-shirts. Now, he put said shirt back on, and groaned in horrible defeat.

    He turned over, and noticed the girl who tried to poke him, and blinked. Then, he glared.

    "Hey! Why were you poking me?" Asked Jack, walking over. "Were you trying to use some secret pressure point to make my head explode or something?"
  6. Faye looked surprise that the guy suddenly got up, then charged another one that was in the water. She was about to get up and leave when he came back again, washed up by a wave. Faye simply watched the guy put on his T-shirt that just came out of no where. His glare was unsettling and she nearly fell backwards.

    When he asked his questions, she stood up and merely shook her head.
  7. Jack blinked, and scratched his head. Then it hit him like a wave forcing back an idiot: This girl was probably mute, or more likely, she probably didn't want to talk to him.

    "Uh…My bad. D:" went Jack "I think I should be going though. I'm sure a girl like you has better things to do, than be with a loser like me….I mean, If I offered to buy you pizza, you'd probably slap me, right? :D eh, heh heh…"

    Jack felt like a complete idiot now, and walked off, muttering something along the lines of "Goodbye forever"
  8. Faye watched him, finding him to be a little odd, yet funny. He didn't give her a chance to respond since he just walked away. Taking a quick look around the area, Faye didn't see her friend. There was nothing to do here really. The guy seemed a little interesting to her as well. She hadn't met someone like him before. So she followed him, catching up to the guy by jogging a little, and slowing to a walk right next to him.

    She looked up at the guy as they walked. He was taller than her by about five inches. Faye doubted that he knew sign language, so the only other way of communicating would be writing. She didn't have anything to wright with...but there was always the sand.
  9. Jack turned to face Faye, confused, even making a little sound, that went something like 'Ora?" As he turned, confused as to why the girl was following him. Was she trying to play some kind of joke on him, and was thinking about what he should do next, pondering off into space a moment.


    At that same moment, a muscular, larger guy with a pink mohawk, and giant arms walked over with a smirk, laughing evily to himself as he snatched Faye into one arm, and looking her over.

    "Ho Ho Ho!" He chuckled. "What's a pretty girl like you doing with a faggot like him?" He asked. "Why don't you come with me, and I'll show you a real good time!?"
  10. Faye watched Jack think, and didn't notice the larger man until he grabbed her. She couldn't scream for help, so all she did was try her best to push the guy away. Faye even hit him a few times, shaking her head at his questions.
  11. "Hey! no touching the bod like that!" barked the guy, pulling an arm back, and preparing to slap her in the face.


    His arm came down full force just as a foot connected with his face, the slap hitting the leg of the attacker and taking the force of the attack, complete with a high pitched Bruce Lee shout. And it turned out to be none other than Jack, performing a superkick, and sending the guy backwards in one shot, and catching Faye, setting her down, and making sure the other dude was done. (the kick)

    "You think one measly kick is gonna beat me?!" Barked the guy. "That bitch is MINE!"

    Jack cracked his knuckles, and gestured for him to go ahead. Beach bullies were a real problem. So he figured he'd be doing a favor, as the two dashed at eachother, the other guy throwing all kinds of boxing punches in deadly combos. But Jack was snaking his way through, until he got close enough, and started unleashing a barrage of punches onto the chest and face.




    Kyuusoken (Rush Fist)


    And he rained down a final blow, sending the guy flying, and watching him crash into a giant sandcastle, as some little kids started to bury him, Jack turning to check Faye for any injuries.
    "Are you Okay?"
  12. Faye closed her eyes when she saw the guy raise his hand to slap her. When she felt that his hand didn't connect with her face, she opened her eyes to see Jack's leg there, blocking the slap.

    She watched in awe as Jack fought off the other man, finding it amazing that he could do something like that. It took a moment for her to realize he was asking if she was okay, and nodded.
  13. "Okay. Well…Gotta go! :D I'm sure you think I'm just a violent meathead now. I sort of am, I practice martial arts with a passion. :P you'd be surprised what you can do if you just train hard."

    And Jack started to walk away again, still thinking the girl probably didn't like him, nor his strength...
  14. Faye quickly cleared an area of sand and wrote "Thank you" in the cleared area. She got up, being careful not to mess up her message, and went over to Jack, grabbing his arm and tugging it a little, trying to get him to look. Faye was pointing to her note, glancing between him and the "Thank you" in the sand.
  15. Jack blinked, reading the words, and realizing the girl was deaf this entire time. he scratched his head, blushing slightly at the fact he made that mistake, as he tried to find the words he wanted to say.

    "Didn't I say I would have loved to buy you pizza? :D" He asked. "Uh…you want some? Or, maybe I could help you out with your 'problem' there."

    He noticed when she was pulling him, he slipped his hand down to hers, and forgot to let go, getting nervous, and letting go before he started getting 'leaky faucets' for hands.
  16. Help her with her 'problem?' Was he talking about her being mute? Faye nodded at his offer to buy her pizza. She looked around the area again, still not seeing her friend around. Faye thought it would be alright to go with Jack. He didn't seem dangerous to her anyway. Plus, her friend wouldn't get too mad that they couldn't find each other.

    She blushed a little and looked away shyly when she realized they were holding hands for a few seconds.
  17. Jack started leading Faye over to a local place, having Faye point out which ingredients she wanted from the menu, and he ordered it for her, although keeping the pizza pretty small. As they began eating, Jack was putting on a dark green sleeveless jacket, and his shoes, digging into his pizza first, and just before he finished, cleaned off his hands, and pulled some paper out, and a pen.

    "I might be able to help you with your muteness, that is if you'll let me, but I need to know how you became mute. Is it a result of shock? maybe you saw something traumatic before, or is it some kind of genetic issue?"

    And just as he pulled the paper out, one of them had a funny drawing on it, of a strange cartoon character, likely drawn by Jack himself.

    "Oh Crap!"
  18. Faye giggled a little at the strange cartoon character. She took one of the papers from him, and the pen, and wrote "I was born this way." at the top of the paper.
  19. Jack took in the info a moment, and thought it over, pulling a chart from his bag for a moment. He looked it over, and one could see from the back of the paper, two bodies, and dozens of special areas pointed out, like pressure points, before Jack felt he found the proper points, and putting his things away.

    "Okay. If you don't mind, could we go somewhere private? I promise not to hurt you or anything, but I don't think a person will see us on the street and think I'm just giving you a hug or something…"
  20. Faye thought about it for a few seconds before nodding to him. If Jack could somehow give her her voice, then she'd be willing to let him push a few of her pressure points. She waited for him to stand up first before she did herself.