Madness Approaches

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  1. -slowly fades in-

    Well now.... It's nice to see an RP forum well and active, or so it appears. Certainly a fair better sight than the last two I was on. So then, I suppose I must dispense with the introductory rigmarole. My name is Alex the cheshire catboy and I'm totally, unequivocally, irrevocably gay. That means no hope for the women whatsoever. Currently I'm attending a local college for my undergraduate classes before I transfer to a university to complete my degree. Despite my program of choice being Pharmacy, I much prefer writing though that is such a... precarious profession to have these days. Right now, I'm in a relationship with my beautiful boyfriend Vitor, though I wish we didn't have to hide it from his parents and my father. He's 23 and I'm 21, soon to be 22 at the time of this post. I have my own quirks and flaws, though Vitor denies it, and you will soon come to discover them and may find them endearing.

    I'm addicted to reading (not that bad of an addiction) and anime (maybe a bad one...) and I have a large collection of shoes, mostly assorted Converses (well I AM gay)[and I do in fact wear them]. My gay power is in fashion. I despise Fifty Shades of Grey and the blindly loyal fans even more so; I openly call it Fifty Shades of Shit: From Baby Puke Green to Something's Wrong Red. I am rather vocal when it comes to good literature so unless you want a debate/flamewar (it has happened)... I also have a rather defined taste in music and I abhor pop music, especially anything current. I believe that there are individuals this world can do without. I also believe that God has absolutely no problem with homosexuals and if you don't like it, well, you're already on your way to hell more than likely - enjoy your seat upgrade.

    I'm always looking for something new to read because it have rather discerning tastes. Currently I'm in the middle of the Vampire Hunter D series as well as the 39 Clues series. I run a D&D group for a few of my friends because apparently, none of them have the talent to write (one does but hes too lazy). It consists of a greedy fighter, a horny bard that screws everything that moves and isn't trying to kill him, an overly pious cleric, and a paladin with a keg on his bag who chose between a vow of abstinence or chastity (what do you think he chose?). I'm an avid gamer though I admit that I don't have current generation systems (ask if you want). I'm not ashamed to admit that I've fantasized about sleeping with a number of game characters (mmm...FFVIII Squall), though I'll explain that as I prefer the aesthetics of japanese manga to real life.

    And right song is BOTDF's Sexting. Love me or hate me, bet you wanna fuck me.

    -fades out leaving behind a grin that vanishes a few seconds after the rest of him-
  2. Heyyy new one. I know I have greeted you via a visitor message, but why not again :D
    And really dont worry that you are gay. Im gay too, and peoples here are very nice. The community is great and you will have no problems at all :)