Made to Marry someone you don't even love

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  1. Bethany walked through with a cigarette in her mouth and a drink in the other. She burped and shouted,"hey I'm home,"she walked through the living room to find her mother and father standing there with some random people. "Mam, pops who are these people?"

    Bethany had long black hair with bright pink streaks through it. She had blue eyes which you didn't see very often as they were plastered with mascara and her lips were covered in red lipstick and her pale white face made her look like a vampire. She wore a skimpy black top, long black chains and black and grey leggings, this is what she normally would wear. She wore big heavy boots that were black also.

    (could u play her parents and the guy also please)
  2. William and Vanessa were the parents of Bathany, they had once been proud of their daughter but it seemed since she turned 18 she decided to take the wrong path in life, everything was asarker about her now, she smoked, she drank, she wore rather trashy clothing, and nothing her parents said to her made her change. There was no way to count the ammount of times they had pleaded with her to act better, and eavh time there was no result, they felt awful, constantly wondering where they went wrong.
    But they had enough there daughter was going to change one way or the other, they tried to plead with her to change on her own but she wouldn't, so things would have to be done the hard way.

    Several weeks ago while Christmas shopping they had run into a couple of friends there names were Jack and Lisa, with them was their charming son Luke. They remembered well the crush their daughter had on the boy while they were in high school but nothing ever became of it, which was a shame. Luke was a handsome boy with light blond hair that fell in layers over his forehead, he had dark green eyes and was in ver good shape. Luke was currently attending the community college he was aiming for a degree in business... he also worked two jobs, one helping his father with landscaping, and the other as an auto repairman in town, but Luke did have a problem he was shy, so shy to the point he had never been on a date and could very easily get one if he asked. His parents wanted to see him married and have a family, they knew he would be a great father but he was just to nervous. So they considered the extreme arranged marriage.
    William and Vanessa discussed the very same thing with Jack and Lisa, and told them that Luke could possibly save there daughter... Luke was against this and wanted so badly to interupt the conversation, but to disrespect his parents would be an awful thing. But there was little he could do or say, both set of parents already made their decision.

    Several weeks later William and Vanessa invited Jack, Lisa, and Luke to their home, Bathany was not there at the moment but they knew she would show up eventually. For a long time they sat and talked in the living room, discussing Luke's future and all of his past achievements.
    The truth was Luke didn't like being the goody that he was, he craved to do something rebelious but he did not want to disappoint his parents.

    After a long while the backdoor opened and then Bethany appeared, as Luke was taught he stood when she entered the room, it was taught to him from a young age to stand when a female enters the room. He could see now why William and Vanessa wanted a good influence on their daughter. A cigarette hung from her mouth and in one hand appeared to be some kind of drink, it could easily be judged as alcohol, in fact you could smell it.

    "Bethany, sweetie, you remember Jack and Lisa and thier son Luke?" Vanessa said softly motioning towards them. Luke nodded and gave a shy smile, "Hello Bethany." Jack and Lisa said in a friendly tone. "Come sit down dear we'd like to talk to you about something." William said to his daughter, he didn't ask her to sit, it was more of an order. Luke sat down as well but kept his eyes adverted from Bethany.
  3. "Who are they?, I don't remember these guys and why what have i one now?"she couldn't believe her parents had to talk to her again for the second times this week, first it was apparently drugs, but that's way too bad. Now it was probably getting drunk in a freeway.

    She walked in and set the bottle on the table and used the ash tray to take out her fag. She sat down on the opposite side of Luke, for some reason he look oddly familiar but couldn't quite remember, oh it come to her.

    "so what this meeting about?"she said practically shouting at her parents, she smudged her lipstick off with her sleeve and gave Luke a deadly look, hoping to scare him off. That's what she normally does when people are here scare them off so mom and dad don't have any friend but her tons of mates who except her for the way she is and nothing, I repeat nothing could change that.

    She began to pick at her mascara to wait for any answer before putting In a piece of extra chewing gum and she offered Luke a piece,"you want some?"