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  1. We all know that the movie industry doesn't have many new ideas. They borrow from movies, comic books, and other movies. Such is the way of things. We also know that they almost inevitably mess something up in doing so. Still, people hope and beg for their favorite shows/books/comics to be made into movies.

    So. What if your favorite RP was made into a movie? Who'd play your characters? Would they have to change the plot? What would the movie's rating be? Who'd write the screenplay and who would direct? Who'd compose the soundtrack? Most importantly, would it be great, a blockbuster, a B movie, a flop, or a cult classic?
  2. I'm fairly new to here, and haven't really read too many, but I'm willing to offer an opinion on your questions.

    The characters would be played by people that look nothing like how they are described, and would likely be portrayed differently than they were written.

    The plot would certainly be changed, in order to either make it fit a certain length, or to snag a PG-13 rating so they could make more money off the 16-18 market.

    The writer of the screenplay would have read most of the RP, but changed a few things, and the director would have skimmed the first half of the screenplay before going forward with production. He or she would have never even looked at the original.

    The soundtrack would be composed by the screenplay writer's cousin for $1000 and an ounce, and the whole movie would be a scandal because the director was sleeping with all the female cast members.

    It would make a few million dollars its opening weekend, but the bootleg of the film would hit the internet the same night as opening day, but despite all the bad publicity and nerd rage, it would make money for 2 more weekends before being replaced by some remake of some movie based on a book that was based on a true story starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, because he seems like he's big in Hollywood nowadays.
  3. Working Title: Heaven's Nova
    Final Title: Paragon's Prophet

    Who would play the characters?
    RDJ as Tra'eve Deleshanda (He's a bit old for the part, but no one else has the right facial structure)
    Michelle Trachtenberg as Almeria
    Gary Oldman as Namir
    Nathan Fillion as Captain Ryan (with some nice scar makeup)
    Betty White as Captain O'Malley
    Mark Hamill as Captain Martins

    Movie rated: R for excessive violence and scenes of death and nature documentaries

    Screenplay by: Joss Whedon, cause honestly, who better?

    Soundtrack by: Claudio Sanchez

    Status: Cult Classic. Maybe not the best cast, but actors people love and a fun, fast paced movie that doesn't quite earn back it's over the top budget.

  4. Movie: Simply never simple

    Main characters would be played by:
    Alice Kingsley - Dakota Fanning
    Lucas - Daniel Radcliffe
    Alecander - Tom Felton (With a white wig he would become perfect x3)
    Akhila - Willa Holland

    Secondary characters and villains would be played by:
    Jillian - Jessica Lowndes
    Daniel - Penn Badgley
    Sarah Kingsley - Linda Hamilton
    Ronald Kingsley - John Turturro

    Rating: I guess it would get PG13 in American standards.

    Screenplay by: hmm... No idea xD I don't know of any x3

    Soundtrack by: Howard Shore

    The movie would be great, people would talk about it for a long time. x3 I just know it!