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  1. Let's play a rousing game of Mad Gab!

    The game where each player posts a sentence to create a wacky story! (written in 3rd person narrative, to make at least a little sense :P )

    The game is very simple, but let's please remember to keep it Pg-13!

    I'll start us off:

    Once apon a time, there was an eccentric bowling-ball juggler named Thomas.
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  2. Thomas has been in a coma for fourteen years, having dropped one of his bowling balls on his head during one of his performances.
  3. That bowling ball had been his favorite, named after his long lost, but fondly remembered grandad, Charles.
  4. Charles was quite a grandad, what with his global treks and amazing stories etch into Thomas' mind.
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  5. Charles once sat with four year old Thomas on his knees and said "I remember when I summited Everest Alone at your age!"
  6. And then laughed so hard his plastic set of teeth flew out of his mouth and hit the carpet.
  7. Thomas had to retrieve those teeth and clean them on his shirt before Grandpa put them back in his mouth.
  8. To which Grampa mumered a hard to hear "Thank you" before a tank crashed into their home.
  9. The tank was being operated by Thomas' uncle Gerald, known for his big enterences
  10. Gerald climbed out of the tank and placed a treasure map on the table, securing it with a dagger.
  11. Gerald then said "Hey Tommy!", and gifted to him the world's most expensive lollipop.
  12. To which tommy accidently dropped, and saw it break and scatter everywhere.
  13. To which his uncle replied, "That cost me three years of service in the military!"
  14. And then his grandfather proceeded to play the smallest violin in the world.
  15. The smallest violin was from the backstreets of Brooklyn, and had a story to tell.
  16. But since it was a violin, it couldn't speak.
  17. But yet, it somehow had a contract with an ancient lich, who came up from hell and willed it into existence.
  18. It was altogether terrifying, yet majestic.
  19. His grandfather was shocked, and bowed down to the lich, exclaiming "MY LORD! YOU HAVE NOT FORSAKEN MY OBEDIENCE!"
  20. It's still not as good as the Devil's fiddle, which Thomas practices on daily after winning it fair and square
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