Mad Circus anyone?

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  1. I didn't see this anywhere and oh BOOOOYY have I wanted to find a place to have the freedom to do it.
    This is the place.
    I mean, I don't have much of a plot to go on since I haven't thought of one yet.
    Or a name.

    ANYWAY the basic idea i was going for is some sort of demon/supernatural circus.
    Sure there's preformers, but there's slaves in there too eue
    I mean, like some of the preformers sometimes are there against their own will purely because of being INNTERRRESTINNNGGG HUEHUE.
    So uh, if this gets enough attention maybe i'll make an rp out of it ;u;
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  2. I like this idea and would love to create a character for it if you made an RP out of it. :) I'm terrible at names too but maybe having someone to pinball ideas off might help with the missing plot. So, volunteering for brainstorming too I guess.
  3. Ohhh yes , yes , yes! I'm in :D
  4. Yesss
    we shall do some plot spitballing unless I can actually be smart for a moment and think of something genius lol
  5. If we get enough people, about... Eh, 10 is fine. I can make a character signup
    I'll put the (temporary) cap of members on it too~
    I had also thought of a plot. MY BRAIN DECIDED TO BE SMART.
  6. My inbox was full sorry! If you can PM me again that would be great since I've cleared up some space! :)
  7. Oh, I actually was getting soon to creating the character introduction/plot/OOC thread, that's why I was pming~
    No worries it'll be up pretty soon.
  8. I do have a question though. What type of characters could we have? Like, humans with powers? (What powers?) Different races?
  9. Anything, really.
    Anything except for a demon-related one, or a god mode one. I don't care :P.
  10. Sounds great!
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Not open for further replies.