Machina: Death of the Galaxy

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Original poster
Lance was still waiting for Tsukabasa and crew to evac. He looked down the corridor again, and this time he noticed who it was that Tsukabasa was talking to. It was Glukar Sue'vesa Glumont. What was he doing here? He'd have to have a word with Intel back at HQ later. But first, he had to get him out of here, more-so than the civvies. All Lance knew about the red...thing, was that it could absorbed just about anything it touched. And when it came to sentients, Lance had no idea whether it gained the memories of the creature, or added it to a collective. Regardless of what it did, Lance knew that if that thing got it's...tendrils on Glukar, it would be bad. Lance called down to Tsukabasa. "Hey, you down there, hurry it up and get that man out of here. BUT DO NOT LET HIM OUT OF YOUR SIGHTS! We cannot allow him to be taken by whatever it is that's attacking. Do you understand?"


Original poster
The massive creature took the bullets with the grace of a wall of meat, seemingly uncaring. It's single green visor peered deeply at Ansgar before tendrils burst out of it grabbing it's dead comrades before pulling them into it's own mass. It began to expand growing bulkier as another set of smaller limbs. A second green visor like eye appeared below the first as it began to glow also. Then a psychic scream heard by all close by stunned them before the being spoke.

I am perfection. I am the Reaper. You will all become more for us.

It turned its thoughts towards Hanako and entered her mind using Emi's voice, You want to join us. Can't you feel it inside you?

Tsukabasa knew at this point without some form of serious anti-machina weaponry they wouldn't even slow this thing down. He looked over to Lance and Garluk before back down the hallway past them to see Hanako, Ansgar and Raven.

"Einherjiar , Take daughters and flee to Valhalla." Tsukabasa yelled down the corridor, "Garluk and whatever your name is. We need to leave. FAST."

With that he bounded down the hall away from the newly formed S-3. If they were lucky that would be all they had to worry about.


Outside of the facility as the various forces gathered something from 30,000 was about to have it's way with Kentson Prime. A corvette class hybrid vessel, no larger than 125 meters in length soared down from orbit on a direct burn for the research base. It's hull was covered in a mix of metal and red flesh as it's guns had all been moved to it's ventral area. As it reached above the city it's guns began to work. Each one began spitting out not bullets but masses of red across the city.

As it reached the base all six of it's guns spewed countless S-0 masses across the forces before it finally depositted a group of S-2's via cannon. Anti-Air pinged off the vessels hull as missile impacts seemed to hardly dent it as it began moving back towards the city. A lucky strike hit an engine and the corvette went spiralling out of control as it impacted the residential area of Kenston Prime.


Original poster
"Ooohhhhh, SHIT! Ansgar! Ansgar, if ever there was a time to panic, this is it!

Ansgar's hindbrain agreed wholeheartedly with Rose. He stood rooted in shock, pistol still extended, until Tsukabasa's orders jolted him back to reality.

"Right y'are, Thor! See you at the feast hall!"

He did a rapid about-face, elbowing his slung K135 back into place as it tried to come around and give him a bloody nose, and took off running full tilt, pausing only long enough to grab the teenager by the waist and tuck her under his arm.

"Talk later!" he shouted at Raven as he passed, "Running now!"

And run he did, not stopping until he made it back to his jetbike, where he set Hanako astride it in front of him, kicking the starter until it caught as he yelled behind him, "Come on, Chickie, we gotta go!"


Original poster
Raven lifted her arm, ready to put Priss to good use until the red jello thing swallowed its dead friends and began to grow. Then she froze and put her arm down which was when Ansgar grabbed the teenager and began running.

"Talk later! Running now!"

"Shit." Raven turned and began running. She'd seen enough sci-fi/horror/hentai flicks to know that you died when you ran off on your own. Oh no, she had every intention on following the hot guy with the firepower. As she sprinted down the corridor, she was glad Priss required some serious physical training to wield. Speaking of which ... She lifted her arm again and spoke into the watch.

"Priss, emergency code 142. Base deemed unsafe. Teleport to home quarters. Stat."

The watch's screen turned dark blue and white letters typed across the screen. "PRISS TELEPORT MECHANISM ACTIVATED. TELEPORT TO HOME QUARTERS IN 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. TELEPORT TO HOME QUARTERS INITIATED."

"Come on, Chickie, we gotta go!"

Raven would admire the bike later. But for now, she slid to a stop and jumped up behind him, getting a secure hold around his waist. "Right behind you, handsome."

Neko Archy

Original poster
The monster spoke again. It grew in size, and now was shrugging off the bullets like they were BB guns..

The idea that Emi was still alive inside of it was...disturbing. She did want to see what joining with them was like, and Emi sounded fine...

But before she could reply to it, she was lifted up by the man in the suit and taken away from it. The man's talking brought her thoughts back to reality.
"Uh, right...There's a warehouse where we can hide, and if we have to use it, I have a standard-scale prototype mecha in there.."
The image of the other girls came to her, crying as they were enveloped by that..thing. Whatever it was, it wasn't friendly. I'm sorry...but I don't think I'll be joining you, much as I may want to.


Original poster
Glukar's hand hovered where his gun would have been as he watched the creature absorb its dead fellows. "My equipment." he said bolting after Tsukabasa. "They said they were taking it to the hanger."

He skidded around a corner and slid under a half open quarantine door that had become stuck. Dead end.

"Glumont Kre" he swore. He stared at the big hanger doors and moved over to the keypad. Tearing the cover off he examined the system. Under these situations he usually burned through, but lacking his team, and the equipment he began working on the lock.

Neko Archy

Original poster
Angsar drove like a maniac, blatantly disregarding the flow of traffic in both directions. Hanako clung on for dear life, too terrified to scream or try getting off of the stupidly fast bike. He found the storage place pretty easily with the directions Hanako had given him, and she opened the door to the hangar for them all.

Inside, there was a kneeling gold and blue mecha.
"Well, there it is...I'll get started booting it up." She grabbed the liftwire into the cockpit, and hopped right in. There was a slight tingling sensation as the power system synced up to her particular biorythm. "Operating system okay, all parts in order, dimensional jump circuits are working without error, got the Zyfeld vibroblade..." She sighed for a bit. Now, farther away, the thing wasn't nearly as loud in her mind, but she could still hear it, whispering in the back of her head...she wasn't sure she'd be able to kill it when the time came.