Machina: Death of the Galaxy

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  1. I enjoyed that thoroughly.
  2. Thanks for both the clarification and enjoying my experimental formatting!
  3. Just an update on my activity stuff...

    I won't be able to post for this RP until Monday at latest. ^^'
  4. Psychedelic Art is interesting. I've made an Alice in Wonderland themed art with the colorful style. It's funny that I follow most psychedelic news threads on Facebook, which makes my professor question me a lot. Lmao!
  5. "And need to keep ahead of them. Especially Lyra, I'm not so worried about Lucy and Mel-Mel yet."
  6. I will post after dinner.
  7. "The future is uncertain."
  8. "No, just tell me what you have to say."
  9. You can also join if you're a District Attorney.
  10. "You yell loudly."
  11. He smiled innocently.
  12. Anya nods as she continue to sip his blood.
  13. "Where ever they are, his runes are suppressing their presence."
  14. "Oh, you changed her agenda."
  15. You mean like MGI and III? TBH, Aki seemed to not like doing kidnapping plots and largely had his characters arrive in the game of their own free will in some way. I wouldn't consider anything after III "Aki-Era."

    My suggestion would just to make it your own thing.
  16. "And a very capable one."
  17. And they were running and running and--where was she going again? Oh right, out!

    Raven skidded to a stop at the sound of something coming up ahead. She hadn't noticed the schoolgirl witnessing her friends dying and she wasn't stupid enough to look behind her. Isn't that the reason you died in those sci-fi horror flicks? A half-grin crossed her face. Sci-fi horror flick meets old school hentai.

    Raven blinked at the sight of Ansgar, fully armed and definitely not wearing a military uniform. She looked him up and down. "Hm, hello, handsome. Did you come for the fireworks, too?"
  18. Ansgar swapped a new magazine into the K135 before whipping around a corner. After all, more bullets is always good and a half empty mag is Bad Juju. He was confronted by the sight of a smokin' scientist of the female persuasion and a distraught high school girl. The sight actually managed to jar him enough to break his concentration.

    Then she opened her mouth and it was aaaaalll better.

    "Hm, hello, handsome. Did you come for the fireworks, too?"

    He chuckled. "Chickie," he responded, "I AM the fireworks."

    He fired a fifteen-round burst at the first red monstrosity to enter his crosshairs, dropping it like a mangled marrionette, then advanced past the two females and dropped another before the bolt locked back. Rather than swap magazines, he simply drew his pistol. Each half-inch-and-change diameter bullet blew away basketball-sized chunks of flesh, ignoring the things' makeshift armor as though it wasn't there, and he didn't need to bother with a second shot. In short order all but one of the monstrosities were dead. The remaining...thing, unfortunately, seemed more resilient than its brethren; four slugs went through the thing but it just filled in the hole each time.

    "I don't think that's going to work, Ansgar."