MacGyvering, Do It Yourself, and Other Practical Skills

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  1. As I get older and want to continue to be a frugal adult (read skinflint), I find myself wanting to learn more about practical skills, survival techniques, DIY projects, and other practicum.

    Below are some of my favorite Youtube channels, online reference materials, or interesting buys/finds for the man or woman wanting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Feel free to add your own!

    The King of Random
    -Covers a lot of "life hacks," survival tricks, and other MacGyvering. Very practical application of chemistry, electrics, and physics using materials found in the trash, in the field, or at Home Depot.

    VISM Vest
    -Not mil spec, but also not bad for the price. Uses the MOLLE system, so MOLLE-compatible pouches hook right onto it without a problem. Pretty useful for things like hiking, backpacking, and cosplaying, with the added benefit of being able to attach pouches, harnesses, and other gear onto multiple points, obviating the need for a backpack sometimes. Even has room for a CamelBak bladder.

    Knots You Need to Know
    -Its knot-tying. Of course its useful.
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    I don't actively pursue this kind of knowledge but it gets filed away in my brain meats for potential emergencies later. O____O

  3. 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises
    -Fuck gyms and weights. Do it old school. A lot of the workouts requiring rings or bars can be done either on the ground (in lieu of rings) or using tree branches (in lieu of a bar). Be creative, 99% of the time I never needed gym equipment to do any of these. Careful, though, you need to PROGRESS into doing some of these. You don't just jump into them.
  4. Should we be posting life hack stuff? Cause I have plenty of those.
  5. Weights is exellent. Mix those with bodyweight exersises!

  6. ahhhh, but what if you get stranded in the woods or become a martial arts hermit? now that vid allows you still pack on pounds without weights!

    practical skills and macgyvering!
  7. Rocks man. Rocks and sticks :D McGuyver a private gym for yourself.
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    Condor Golok Machete
    -Decent price, excellent metal (1075!), good length at 14" for bushwhacking and treework or gardening. Not a fan of epoxy on working blades, but whatever.

    KA-BAR Fighting Knife
    -Its KA-BAR. They make the standard, classic knife. Like its ancestor, the KA-BAR USMC, its a jack of all trades with a decent length, good blade width to withstand batoning, full-tang, 1095 metal, ergonomically-comfortable hilt, big round pommel for makeshift hammering, and is epoxy-black for lower profile since its a combat knife.
    -I prefer my knives straight bladed (no serration), full tang, either 1095 steel or 440 steel, broad-width blade (for batoning), broad pommel for hammering, pointed tip (rather than angle-tipped), and with a hilt with screwed-in scales rather than the stacking they do in KA-BARs (if you pack an allen wrench in your sheath, you can undo the screws, remove the hilt, and lash the tang onto a stick to make a decent spear). The KA-BAR meets most of these requirements, except its serrated, angle-tipped, and doesn't have screwed-in scales. For all my preferences, the KA-BAR is still a solid, quality knife that everyone who does any survival training, knife-work, or wilderness hobbies should have.
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