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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Thomas and I look forward to becoming a part of this fantastic community!

    I have plenty of experience roleplaying, just not on the internet. So a lot is new to me. I am used to being both game master and player, many varying characters, character depth, death of characters *best part of loving an art is killing it* and all the other whosawhatsits you get from in person roleplaying.

    I look forward to any and all roleplays I may join.

    I like writing poems, the color red, playing piano and violin, creating characters, audio production, writing theme music for my characters, generally good banter and macadamia nuts.

    I look forward to exploring your characters and having you lovely people explore mine.

  2. Hello Thomas!

    Roleplaying on the internet is very different than roleplaying in other forms, but having any sort of writing experience is definitely helpful! There are some rules/expectations that can be unexpected, so feel free to poke around and read a few current roleplays if you'd like examples! We also have workshops and challenges that can help you polish up your skills and even advance them :D

    Also, white chip macademia nut cookies are my favorite.

    Enjoy! Feel free to ask anybody any questions that you might have!

  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Alfiero! There's lots of roleplays you can get stuck into, all with varying rules on character death, but I'm sure you'll find something you're interested in whether it be in the form of a private one x one roleplay, or a group roleplay of any genre with many other people! I myself would love to be able to write theme music for my characters, and I hope you have a great time on Iwaku!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.