M Y I W A K U S O N G ! ! ! !

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  1. I apologise if I missed you out, post below with something about yourself in hopefully a rhyme to help me out. I'll try and write another one maybe sometime in the future! :D!

    Iwaku, Iwaku, come and roleplay.
    Iwaku, Iwaku, come and play today.

    We got some of the most coolest people around,
    Such a Myrnydon who gets the girls in the crowd.
    Then there's Asmodeus who's mentally challenged,
    But Diana comes in and brings the balance.
    We got Jinx who likes to shout nonsense.
    Then there's Celestials who sends me in a trance.
    Rorian who keeps to himself,
    except at night when he becomes a pants elf.
    XC known as Panda or Lance, who I wouldn't
    say no to if he offered me to dance.
    Then there's Dawn standing with her awsome talent,
    writing stories as they come out like the gallon.
    Chaos who's smart and intelligence galor,
    but confuses me till I'm out of the door.
    Lady Harpy, how can I forget
    I look up to her like the teacher's pet.
    Mitten sits with her ball of yarn,
    Whilst tribs hangs out with his tools in the barn.
    Then we got Vay sitting on his perch,
    Like the crow who's just tryna sell his merch.
    Kitti who chills with a glass in her hand,
    Whilst Revision is hanging out with the band,
    Then there's Lupine who controles the skies
    bringing clouds over those who tell lies.
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    -make a vote that Charlie is the Iwaku Official Singer!-
  3. Haha! I must write more songs! *thinking cap*!
  4. awesomely done even with the random bit about me ^^
  5. Bahahahah XD I want in on the next one!
  6. Do not fret! You will be in the next one, along with everybody else who has every right to be mad at me for forgetting them in this one D:! x
  7. gewd show.
    This actually was REALLY freakin' awesome. :3 I feel a Octo/Charlie collaboration is a MUST. - ^- !
  8. This was really cute! XD
  9. Hehe thanks guys :) (again) x
  10. Awesome! Well sung!
  11. that was awesome charlie! :D
  12. Awesomeness!

    You've got mad voice skills!
  13. As far as I hear, so do you?
  14. lol, I doctor mine up with effects...You've got real talent.
  15. It'd be interesting to see somebody edit one of my songs haha. Do you have the software and things to take stuff from youtube and edit it with effects and stuff?
  16. Not to take it from youtube, I'd need audio files. And by files I mean separate guitar and voice tracks...I could edit&effect the track as a whole, but it might not turn out so great.
  17. D'awwwwwwwwwwww I loved it!
    *Hopes to be in the next one!*
    Not getting mad cus you're awesome!
    -splashes glitter at everyone- WEEEEEE
  18. Your voice is very soothing. I was very annoyed just moments ago and your song calmed me down. That is a rare happening because the only ways I cope with anger are through violence. v__v;

    Anyway, good work! You're quite talented, missy.