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  1. Looking for mxm rps. I prefer being the uke so dominant characters needed. I have plots in mind but open to others. I'm on quite frequently so I post often as I can. Absolutely no one liners and atleast one paragraph if not more. Don't mind smut but there will be some kind of plot

    Here are some rps I'd be interested in doing:
    Master x slave
    Teacher x student
    Vampire x human
    Vampire x demon
    Vampire x vampire hunter
    Demon x demon hunter
    Brother x brother
    Brother x best friend.
    Bartender x customer
    Prostitute x cop
    Prostitute x

    And so on. Any other suggestions I'm open to as well. Let me know. :)
  2. im up for any of the first six :)
  3. Hmmm....how bout the demon x demon hunter? And which would you prefer to be? I have a bare plot for that one though. Just a little bit of one. Do you have any ideas you want to do for it? :)
  4. sure thats fine :) id like to be the demon if thats ok. and i dont have any ideas at the moment but i assume the demon is to be humanoid?
  5. He doesn't have to be. He can be anything. But atleast somewhat humanoid. Lol. Want to just tump right in or would you rather make a plot first? I find it funner if the plot just takes form on its own.
  6. thats fine but if we dont have a set plot im just gonna end up making shit up when ever an oppertunity arises. just so you know lol
  7. Lol hey...the unexpected shit is the funniest. I do that all the time even with a plot. I have a hard time sticking to plots. Lol. You wanna make it or me?
  8. you can :) please. im still looking for a demon to use
  9. i cant chose... i wanna do like a demon prince type of character but i have three guys in mind and cant pick

    the first picture is demon form and then the one after it is that demon's human form the last doesnt have more than one form its just him

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  10. I like the last one. I've used that one before
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.