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  1. Looking for some male x male rps. I prefer playing submissive characters so I'm looking for dominant a please. No one liners.

    Plot mixes:
    • Werewolf/werewolf
    • Werewolf/vampire
    • Demon/demon slayer
    • Uncle/nephew
    • Prisoner/prison guard
    • Prisoner/prisoner
    • Prisoner/warden
    • Best friend/best friend
    • Single father/babysitter
    • Single father/ boss
    • Single father/escaped inmate
    • Neko/human
    • Neko/werewolf
    • Neko/vampire
    • Scientist/neko
    • Demon/angel
    • Satan/angel
    • Police officer/suspected murderer
    • Boss/worker
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  2. Hm... Got any plot in mind for the neko/human or neko/vampire?

    Do you have any limits bdsm wise?
  3. Well I do for the neko /vampire. A neko is sold to a vampire as a slave, blood slave sex slave I do t care which, but the neko isn't very obedient. Very disobedient and strong willed but has a softer more sensitive side to. Or something like that
  4. Oh and to answer your second question not that I know of since I'm new to the whole bdsm thing but I'll let you know if somethingn bothers me. Just no tentacles. I find tentacles in rps weird and gross.
  5. Hm... Well I only do consensual plots. I like extreme bdsm but not like, straight up abuse that could lead to permanent damage.

    Hm... What if the neko has willingly agreed to be a slave/pet to the vampire because they secretly have a fetish for that kind of thing? What if they like, met online on a dating site and the neko agreed to be their sub? And in exchange the vampire gives them a place to stay and feeds them and like takes care of them sorta.
    like I'm trying to work it to be more consensual?
  6. That works to. Honestly I'm quite flexible with ideas. Sometimes I don't have a particular idea but I know what pairings I want to do. Lol I love nekos. And yeah that's a good idea lets do that one if you want to that is! :)
  7. Ok! Now there is only one thing I ask- if I ask you to stop using a word or something that I find offensive, please just stop using it while rping with me. I've had too many people go "oh you're too sensitive" or "I can't be bothered to do that" but it's not as hard as it sounds. It's not like I'm asking for the world, I'm just asking to have an rp environment I feel safe in, you know? i just want you be considerate of my and others' feelings. That's all I ask
  8. Of course. There may be times like way later on I forget occasionally but I will be considerate. It's the last thing I want is for anyone to feel uncomfortable rping with me. If I do slip just let me know and I'll apologize and stop again. I just have memory slips occasionally. But usually I can remember
  9. Oh god thank you I've had so many people give me shit for asking for them not to be assholes like damn
    You can make the thread and start. I guess the best way to start would be to have your neko arrive at mine's house and knock on the door and stuff?
  10. Sure. I'll have it up in a moment
  11. im diggin the demon angel thing
  12. Awesome! Pm me and we can work out a plot
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