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  1. I really want to try an M x M x M out, set in a universe where it wouldn't be defined as cheating or unfaithfulness.

    Plot : A vampire couple are bored, so go to the market and purchase a creature designed to be a pet (my character - maybe a cat boy or something of the sort). They take him home and they fall in love.

    I'd prefer for you to play the vampire couple.
  2. Sounds good. PM me if you'd like to Rp with me
  3. So Im here to just ask something. You said MxMxM so do you want an extra one ?
  4. Yes it's vampire couple (so 2 characters) x My character.
  5. Cool, well I would love to join
  6. Awesome

    Pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.