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  1. Really wanting to add, 2 or 3 Rps to my roleplay list.
    I am looking for Dom, but I wouldn't mind doubling so that we can both have a dom and a sub. Or we can simply play switch characters.

    I am open to all ideas and limits are next to none. (except for scat, etc)
    I am pretty active, or as active as I can be. If I suddenly disappear I promise to let you know what happened.
    I will also tell you if I lose interest and would appreciate if you do the same.
    I tend to write at least two paragraphs and as much as five to six.
    If we do Fandoms I do prefer OCxOC, or if we do OCxCanon I highly suggest we double.
    I don't mind if my partner prefers to play furries or what not either.


    Attack on Titan
    Final fantasy 7
    FF 8
    FF 10
    FF 12
    FF 13
    Tales of Symphonia
    Tales of the Abyss
    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
    Legend of Dragoon
    Resident Evil
    Devil May Cry
    Metal Gear Solid
    Kingdom Hearts
    Kuroko no Basket

    Pairing ideas

    Prince/ess x Knight
    Prince/ess x Assassin
    Prince/ess x Thief
    Kidnapped x Kidnapper
    Neko x human
    Demon x human
    Demon x angel
    Demon x exorcist
    Demon x summoner
    Master x Slave
    Inu x human
    Gifted x Human
    Gifted x Gifted
    Ex-military x lover
    Ex-military x civilian
    Scientist x Experiment
    Famous Artist x normal person
    Model x Normal person

    I am up for combining any of these ideas and hearing your ideas!
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  2. Ex-military x lover?
  3. would love to. :)
    PM me.
  4. I'm sorry, i'll do it later on today.

    I'm way to tired X_X You can do it if you'd like, just so I won't forget or anything
  5. Up for interest.
  6. I have some ideas floating around in my head.
  7. I have no problem doubling, if you want to play dom and sub.
  8. Totally up for anything right now, just throw your ideas at me.
  9. Would you be up for a Movie Star/Bodyguard MxM that isn't anime?
  10. I was wondering if you'd like to do Scientist and Experiment?
  11. yes please!
  12. Well, Totally wanting to share in some roleplays right now.
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