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  1. 1st off i wont waste peoples time I'm submissive so I,m looking for dominant male characters

    watches 90% of the people leave

    Ok I'm a pretty good roleplayer I've been doing it 10 years now. I love dominant and submissive story plots such as

    Master x Pet
    Brother x Brother
    Vampire/Demon x Slave
    Boss x Worker
    Alpha x Omega
    Officer x Prisoner

    and many more....

    I love drama and suspense in rps. I like incest, male preg, rough rps, mind play, being controlled, being a pet, age gap and stuff like that. Plus a lot more and I'm sure you have some ideas and I'm quiet happy to discuss. Maybe you have an idea I've not taught of that will mind fuck me in the best way so I'm extremely open minded as long as i stay as the submissive character.

    Plus I have plots and already made characters in my blog as well :)

    I look forward to hearing from you and having some Amazing smexy roleplay time together. Don't make me wait to long ;)
  2. I'm open for anything but bossXworker or officerXprisoner
  3. officer and prisoner is one i haven't done in a while message me if you'd like to do that
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.