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  1. "Are you ready?!" Virginia's mother yelled from the bottom step. "Hurry up, Mythical University isn't going to wait forever!"

    "Mom you sound more excited than I am." Ginny said looking herself in the mirror one last time before heading downstairs. "Do you have to drop me off?" she said glaring at her too excited parents.

    "Heck yes young lady, we are not missing your first day at Uni for nothing!" her father said waving a M.U pennant in her face.

    "Let's go." Virginia nearly growled. "Don't make me make you guys."

    Her parents laughed. Their only daughter had inherited the same powers they had. A family with the power of telekinesis. The ride to the university was a long and drawn out with her mother detailing all the fun memories she and her father had at M.U.

    "Ginny, I hope you have a fantastic first semester. Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving." her father squeezed her tight as she pulled her duffel from the trunk.

    "Not soon enough!" her mother sniffled hugging her tight. "You two are pitiful. Come on, you know you've been wanting some space." Virginia joked.

    "Oh of course! My new office!" Her mother joked about turning her room into an office. "Go get 'em Gin."

    She watched as her parents drove away before sighing heavily. Her hair was cut short, the back shaved. It was a blonde so bright it bordered white. Her eyes were a frosted blue that resembled a frozen river. High school had been difficult. Going to a school that was full of non gifted humans had proven difficult. She had always been the loner but trying not to use her powers kept her isolated even more. Her parents had pretty much shoved her towards M.U. the only place she could use her powers freely and still go to college like a regular college student. The thought was exciting, new and anxiety inducing.

    She wrote her name down on the sign in sheet and waited to be called. "Virginia Dunn, freshman."

    Ginny stood up and walked towards the desk. As she stepped between two people talking in the packed room she tripped over the guy's shoe lace and began the slow track towards the ground.
  2. Daniel grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder. "Thanks for the ride dad." He leaned forward, giving his dad a hug. "I know mom's terribly busy with...ya know, the family business. But still, give her a hug and kiss from me." His dad nodded mutely, moving to get into the car and he sighed.

    "Great. Just what I wanted." He glanced over at the large building, smiling widely. A place where he could be normal again. He moved towards the registration desk. "Daniel Adams." He took his packet of student information from her and stepped back. Another man stepped up where he was and chatted with the registrant. Something tugged on his shoe and he looked down in time to see a young lady falling. He reached down and grabbed her a splitsecond before she hit the ground. "Woah there, take it easy. Classes will be there all semester." He teased, setting her upright. His green eyes gazed at her and he grinned.

    "You alright?" He shoved his papers into his bag and shoved his room key into his pocket.
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  3. Strong hands grabbed hold of Virginia just as her face nearly met the ground. She blinked her eyes and stared back at the kind stranger, her eyes narrowing at his teasing. "Yeah... I'm fine thank you. Thanks for not letting me face plant." she said stepping back out of his grasp. She anxiously ran her hand along her jean jacket clad arm.

    "Virginia Dunn." she was called again by the registrar. Ginny looked back at the stranger and then turned to grab her packet and room key. She mentally slapped herself for causing a scene five minutes into her college life.
  4. Daniel chuckled, watching her with interest. She was an odd one. He ran a hand through his jet black hair and shrugged. It seemed she was either nervous or not interested. Something that was not a surprise for him at all. Most were put off by his demeanor. He bent down, tying his shoelaces with a small frown of disappointment. "Well so much for making friends." He fussed, standing to attention and feeling someone hitting his back. Was it terribly obvious?
  5. Ginny turned around and smiled softly at the stranger. She focused on her memory and back tracked through it until she heard his name, Daniel. As she walked past him towards the door she smiled, turning towards him.

    "Thanks again Daniel." she said leaving the building. She walked the short distance to her dorm building and made her way up the stairs to her pre furnished room. Her room mate hadn't arrived yet which was good. She unpacked her duffel bag and set up her computer on her desk loading one of her music mix cd's and jamming out. She was in the middle of singing along to a bullet proof remix when the door opened.

    "Well at least my room mate isn't a lame." the redhead smiled placing her bags on the extra bed. Ginny turned her music down and smiled. "Hi I'm Virginia Dunn." "Lacey McGuire. But my biggest question is what can you do?" she asked shaking Ginny's hand. She stepped back and morphed into an owl that flew around the room and then morphed back into the tall redhead.

    Virginia blinked her eyes and smiled. She focused on three books from her book shelf. They floated gracefully around the room, around Lacey and back to their place on the shelf.

    "A telekinetic, all right!" Lacey smiled.
  6. Daniel shook his head, moving towards his dorm room. He entered, finding the room littered with books. "Uh, knock knock?" He set down his bag, glad he only had two or three boxes that had been ported to his room by the staff Telekinetic.

    "Yo, what's up?" A large bulky black man appeared from under a blanket on a bed and Daniel jumped. "Hey, I'm Shawn. Who and what are you?"

    Daniel let loose a smile, setting at ease and moving forward. "I'm Daniel." He snapped his fingers, flames sprouting between his fingers. "I think you can guess."

    "Ah, a pyro. I haven't seen a lot of those in awhile." Shawn grunted. "I'm a water bender. So, uh....this could prove interesting."
  7. Lacey and Ginny spent the early evening unpacking and getting to know each other. There was so much they had in common. It made Ginny look forward to her freshman year all the more.

    "Get dressed in something hot, we're going to the mixer." Lacey called from the kitchenette. Virginia looked through her closet and glowered. "I'm not a hot kind of dresser. Jeans and a crop top work?"

    "Whatever makes you look good, the guys are gonna be all over you anyway, you got that pixie look to you." Lacey said.

    Virginia looked at her from behind her dresser as she pulled on a pair of ripped jeans. "Pixie look?"

    "Oh yeah these guys are all over the pixies."

    "You're telling me I look like one of them sparkly things?" Ginny said stepping out in her new outfit.

    "Not like that you don't. you look bad ass. Love the buckle boots. Let's go!" Lacey said tying her halter shirt on her neck and head out the door, arm slung through Virginia's.
  8. Shawn and Daniel spent most of the time laughing and getting to know one another. Once they seemed settled in, they relaxed on the couch. "Hey, did you hear about a mixer?" Daniel asked, looking over at Shawn.

    "A mixer? Oh yeah yeah...they have it every year. Kind of a way to mingle people together. I hear there's also a contest for powers." Shawn replied, standing and flexing his hulking frame. "Shall we go beat them all?"

    "I'll go, but I'm not participating in any contest. I already have a hard enough time getting along with other elements." Daniel stood, stretching and moving to change into jeans and a black hoodie. "I think they smell the singe on me wherever I go." He growled, spying Shawn in a blue button up shirt.

    "You are a pyro. Very cool, but to most others we see you as dangerous. Way too bad-ass..." He motioned towards the door and both of them exited towards the mixer.
  9. The girls arrived at the mixer just shy of 10:00pm. The music was thumping and the central part of the building had been cleared into an arena like area where a contest was going on.

    "It's the powers challenge. All sorts of gifted work at it, winner gets props I guess." Lacey told Ginny over the music.

    "I'm gonna get something to drink, you want anything?" Virginia asked but Lacey had already set her sights on a man who was smooth talking her as his hands slid around her hips and they began swaying to the thump.

    Virginia moved through the crowd to grab herself a solo cup of punch.
  10. "I'm the total opposite of a bad-ass. In fact, I was the one bullied until my powers kicked in." Daniel said as they walked towards the mixer. They entered just shy of ten o' clock and the first thing noticeable was the sign-up list for the contest.

    "Dude, I'm going to go find a chick and try to win a contest. You have fun!" Shawn shouted over the music as he made his way out of the entrance.

    Daniel's stomach growled and he regretted not having any dinner as he made his way towards the kitchen. He was careful to make sure the cup he grabbed was non-alcoholic, fearing that his pyro powers could get out of control otherwise. He and alcohol had never mixed well. He shoved a hand in his hoodie, not bothering to be social with everyone. In fact, most of them had already given him a wide berth. All those except the powers that usually melded well with fire. The air girls were whispering, shooting him glances and approaching him closer than any of the other elements. The only ones that seemed to not be bothered by him were air or mental powered students. They all seemed perfectly normal around him and he was silently glad of it.
  11. Virginia slowly sipped the non alcoholic punch. The music was enticing, she even found herself wanting to dance.

    "Let me guess, faerie?" a deep voice rumbled by her ear. Ginny looked up at a dark skinned man with exceptionally dark eyes. "Shapeshifter." he answered his eyes glowing gold and then back to their natural color.

    "No." Ginny said stepping to the left away from him.

    "Well come on, let's dance and I'll coax what you are out of you. Or maybe something in you." he said in obvious sexual context. Virginia nearly spit her mouthful of juice out onto him.

    "Um thanks but no thanks, I'm not interested." she said honestly.

    "Come on babe, this is what mixers are for." he said grabbing her wrist and pulling her to him.

    Virginia's eyes focused on him. The bowl of punch lifted swiftly off the table and hovered above the stranger's head. "Let go of me." she warned.

    "Or what?" his hand tightened.

    "See you later." she said letting the punch drench him and the bowl falling atop his head. He began to yell and Virginia slipped her hand away from him and backed away.
  12. A commotion by the punch bowl brought his head up. Daniel saw he girl from earlier that day being obviously harassed by a male. He moved to approach, sighing at his need to bail her out once again when the sight of a floating punch bowl caught his attention. So, she was a telekinetic? Maybe that's why she had seemed so annoyed by him. He moved to stand behind her, a wide circle formed by his mere presence amongst the others of the group.

    Fae folk began chattering, the air users started whispering, and the earth types moved away from him until the ring was large enough so that he could move about easily. He stood there silently, his green eyes piercing as he fought back laughter. The sight of the larger male drenched in punch was enough to paint his face with a smile.
  13. Virginia kept backing up until her back was flush against someone. She looked up over her shoulder to see Daniel. She blinked her eyes and blushed slightly. "Um what are you doing?" she asked looking and noticing that a circle had cleared around all of them.

    The man flung the glass bowl off his head and shapeshifted into a wolf, snarling. Ginny eyed him and held her hands up not wanting for anything to escalate any further.

    "It was a joke dude, stop." she said not wanting her first day as a freshman to go down hill. The wolf snapped its jaws. Lacey stood in the circle of faces and looked in, her eyes catching Virginia's.

    "Ginny... come on let's just get out of here." She heard her friend say. Virginia sighed, they had just gotten here and she was having fun. No reason they couldn't just keep on with a good night.

    "Nah, puppy's gotta chill down." she said smirking at the shapeshifted male who snarled at her comment. She focused on the scraps of clothing that now lay beside the wolf. She moved the fabric with her mind around his front paws. The fabric interwove and when it finally pulled the wolf was forced down into a laying position. She walked over to where the man struggled to shape shift back into his human form.

    "I don't want any trouble, I just want a fun night and I don't want you trying to get even. Just let this go."

    "Fine!" the man howled. Virginia let the fabric loosen on the wolf's paw. The man carried his clothes away into the bathroom to where she thought he'd get dressed again. The group of people disbanded and she faced Daniel.

    "And you were doing what exactly?" she asked cocking her head to the side.
  14. The moment the other male had shapesshifted, Daniel was on guard. His hand flicked, a small ball of flame settling between his fingers and waiting. It seemed his flames were not needed. Instead, the young lady used her own powers to effortlessly diffuse the situation.

    He blinked when she turned to face him, a small grin appearing on his face. He closed his fist, snuffing out the fire with little effort. "Me? I was watching...what better way to start off the new year than with a rumble." The thought of a fight actually made him nauseas but so did the thought of a guy forcing himself on a girl.

    He looked away from her, noticing that most of the party had continued. There was still a small circle around him and he sighed, loneliness creeping up on him. "Well looks like I won't get my rumble. I'm outta here." He shrugged, heading out the door.
  15. Virginia frowned as he left the party. No one deserved to be alone, she knew that more than anyone after years of social isolation. Lacey watched her friend and followed her gaze after the young man.

    "Why don't you just follow him? Go give him a talk. Night's still young."

    "Because that is exactly what a girl like me doesn't do. I kinda just stick to myself."

    "Aye but this is college, and a mixer no less. Time to break free of high school molds and blossom." Lacey squealed as the man she was dancing with before came up behind her and ground into her to the beat of the song. Virginia snapped her mouth into a thin line at the site and shook her head. She moved through the crowd outside. Only person she had any interest in talking to, maybe even getting a dance in with had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Maybe it was just her. People had always said her demeanor shut people out and away, intimidating they had called her. Maybe this guy just saw what everyone else was.

    She frowned at the thought... she was so much more than just a lonely telekenetic.

    She found herself walking out in the late summer breeze of nightfall. Her hands dug into her jean jacket and instead of heading towards the dorm room she figured she'd see the campus. It was too nice to be cooped up inside.
  16. Daniel had wandered away frim the party. It had been too much for him. After having to hide who he was a majority of his high school life, he had suddenly found people blantantly throwing around their powers.

    He sat on the sidewalk on the campus, a drink in hand. The girl had thrown out the non alcoholic punch so he was left with a beer. He glanced at it before taking a drink. It burned on the way down, a reminder he had never really been a drinker. But tonight felt different. Tonight was lonely and sad. The opposite of what college should be.

    He snapped his fingers, calling to life a spark of flame that danced in his hand. In the dark, it seemed almost magical and he chuckled as it raced along his skin. He called it to grow and soon the spark was a ball of flame he juggled between his hands. "See? Fire can be cool. Fire can be fun!" He shouted, the beer sparkling his flames and temper as he shouted gaily.
  17. Virginia was walking around when she heard a shout. She moved towards the sound rounding a building and finding Daniel sitting on the curb, beer in hand and a flame dancing about his hand. She stood straight as she walked towards him, her hands still in her pockets.

    "Everything all right?" She asked when she was close enough for him to hear her but not to startle him. Her mind was on edge not sure if he was too inebriated or wanting a rumble as he had said before. She didn't want to fight him at all.
  18. Daniel closed his fist on his flames and looked up, eyes dancing. "Well hello there stranger. Everything is perfectly all right." He rolled until his back was in the grass and he stared up at the sky.

    "Have you ever felt free from expectations?" He mused, holding his fingers up and watching the tiny spark of flame dance between them as if to their own tune. "Just carry on your way...I didn't mean to startle anyone. I figured I was the only one out here."
  19. "You didn't startle me... just wondering why you ran away?" Ginny said not moving from her spot. She watched the flame dance again and focused on his fingers. With her telekenesis she could have him manipulate his flame more or shut it all out. She locked onto his fingers and made him turn the flame higher before extinguishing it.

    "I mean if you want me to go... I will. I don't wanna trample your lonely parade." she said turning slightly in her spot ready to go.
  20. Daniel flinched as his flames grew and then extinguished. His eyes flicked up to her and he grinned. "So...you can stand to be around me?" He stood, moving to stand in front of her. "Most people can't."

    He opened his mouth then shut it quickly as he looked at her. "I didn't...well okay I ran out of the party. Alcohol and I don't mix well and someone dumped the non alcoholic drink on a shapeshifter." He grinned, returning to his easy teasing nature.
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