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  1. Women get pregnant and men make them pregnant. This is just how the world works and how it is done. But a question that must be asked is what if females were too totally vanish? What if every woman in the world died off and there were no longer able to make children for the human race? We would all be doomed one would say and in most cases that would be correct. But let's say evolution had new plans for the human race. Woman were slowly having more and more boy's while girls were becoming fewer by the year. After all the woman die off and it's only men, what happens then? Well here evolution had different plans for men. There was the regular male's that history has known for years upon years shooting sperm in whatever a penis could fit into. They are now known as the Alpha males, the common men relationship's still happen even with two alpha males. Though it can be hectic since both want to be in the same role and both want to top not be bottom. Quite simply two alphas were not meant to be together. Though that does leave a question of how men still are born when they only have their own gender's around. That answer is simple. Omega men.New to the world Omega males are men who, depending on there genetics can be super girly to the point where it can't be hidden to even the blind or they are just like an alpha and you would not be able to tell. Their bodies are weak compared to alphas not able to lift heavy things or take hits that well. Their very easy to injure and oftentimes if not treated with care they can get really sick. But the most important part about an omega is they can get pregnant and carry children. They only eat to feed their children when pregnant. Omegas are a very sought after creature as there is way more alpha's and omega's and they can ensure the future of the human race. If meet with certain requirements the omega is actually paid by the government to just be alive. Clearly being an omega is a great life right? Not so much. For one thing they live extremely short lives. Dying at the age of 30 and that is if they are lucky. The ones who can hide it for a variety of reasons. To top off the trio of bad variables there are very rare. There is one omega for every 100 alphas. So finding the creatures is hard though if found an alpha can tell you its worth the search.

    Looking to do this with as many people who are interested. Id be omega so im looking for alphas
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  2. I'd be happy to do this