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    The Ministry of Observation of Magical Occupations

    In the year 2015, the growing threat of government lawsuits based on failure to protect the populace from injury and property damage caused by the growing “magical girl” population spike caused several of the world’s governments to assess the situation. After careful consideration, it was decided that these dangerous vigilantes needed to be sought out and either brought under government employment and control or, if they refused, be apprehended and imprisoned for their acts of public endangerment.

    Thus, the Ministry of Observation of Magical Occupations was created. Under its international umbrella jurisdiction, it would recruit or imprison magical girls, boys, and sidekicks. Along with magical recruits, so called Mundanes were trained and armed specifically to deal with those reluctant to join the fold, along with those enemies that provided a need for magical humans in the first place. In addition, a formalized statement of Rules of Engagement for magical beings was ratified by the UN and areas set aside in most countries specifically for prolonged battles.

    Of course, no plan is perfect, and magical girls are unpredictable, as are villains of any sort.

    You are a newly trained M.O.M.O operative. You may be a nonmagical special operative or a magical girl or boy who has been brought into the service of the agency. You are expected to abide by the ministry’s training and rules as closely as feasible in all conflict and encounter scenarios and always obey your squad leader.

    Fun Facts:

    The M.O.M.O. Ops generally refer to the whole operation as Peach Ops.

    Enemies and detractors generally refer to the whole operation as “fruit salad squads.”

    Political oponents to the Ministry argue that it is just an attempt to enforce control and restriction on those actually keeping the world safe, while conspiracy theorists have a complex theory about the magical girl death squads being organized to enforce a new world order.

    **Players for this game are reminded that this is to be a fun, lighter hearted game that may range from comedic to serious. Players are encouraged to suggest and provide ways to make the world seem deeper and more fleshed out, whether it be by suggesting scenery and meeting places or helping with personal villain design. Take note. This game is going to be highly player driven and the combat (which there should be a decent amount of) should serve to drive deep, detailed relationships between team members. If you cannot interact well and get to know the other PCs, this probably isn’t the game for you. Even snarky characters should strive to interact and corner moping will not be tolerated without a very good in game plot related reason (like a team member you loved dying in the scene before). Further, be advised that this game may take a serious turn now and then and there may be severe character injuries and possible temporary deaths.

    The game will run in episodes. The game will be roughly twenty six episodes long, then there will be a break before the next season/game. During that time, you may switch to a different character, or we may, if everyone wants to, completely switch out who we are playing in the world, which will be well fleshed by then.

    The slight parody and punny feel is intentional and encouraged. Feel free to reference pop culture or even make some up. (Just let me know which you are doing in the OOC thread so I can look it up.) Characters can range from silly to serious, within reason, but should all be able to fit into a paradigm that ranges from completely silly magical girl tropes to serious military. **

    Each player will be expected to provide, in addition to their own character sheet:

    -A minor villain related to their past. This villain must be alive, even if presumed dead. The GM will control the villains, but you will be helping with them, providing input to how they act, their plans, etc. in episodes featuring your villain.

    -One bit of scenery, such as a restaurant, park, etc. that the PCs can frequent.

    -An in depth backstory.

    -Any ideas for personal sidestories, episodes that focus on that character, and, later, any co-op plots that players come up with.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Since this is a light game, the towns we will encounter will likely not have anything to do with real towns. You aren’t expected to be an expert on other countries, and this is meant to be fun.

    Anime to watch:
    If you want to get an idea for magical girls, there are numerous series you can check out. Sailor Moon is exceptionally fun and one of the classics. If, however, you want a feel for a government organization game involving magic, check out Blue Seed. Or find your own inspiration, be it anime or non.

    Magical girls and soldiers band together in a new organization that will not only combat villainry in the name of world governmental powers but will also attempt to stop the threat that vigilante magical girls and boys cause the world over. Fast paced, character intensive, ranging from comedy to tragedy with a light-hearted overall feel. This game requires devoted players who are willing to help build the setting they play in.

    Cast List:
    Himeko Stasheff -- Revision
    Akimoto Hinata-- Tribs
    Saul Mendel-- Ozzie
    Min-- Vay
    Aishia-- Zen
    Maria Atsona-- TK
    .................-- Elyd
    .................-- Rory
    .................-- possible open spot

    IC is up here!
  2. Rules:

    Basically, the rules are this.

    -Make a character who will fit and work in a team.
    -Be ready to get in depth with the world.
    -Don’t make a super overpowered outshining everyone character.
    -Don’t be a jerk.
    -Try to keep to the tone and expectations of the game.
    -If you want to plot, use the OOC thread.
    -If you need to step out for a while, let me know. Otherwise, I might be forced to commandeer your character.

  3. Character Sheet

    Alter Ego Name or Code Name:
    Blood type:
    Description: (can be written or PB)
    Alter Ego Description (if different): (Can be written or PB)
    Magical theme: (music, the moon, holy powers)
    Transformation and talisman:
    Sidekick animal or plush (if any):
    Special nonmagical skills:
    Major possessions:
    Theme song:
    Favorite color:
    Favorite food/drink:
    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies:
    Scene sample: (give me a scene involving your character, so I get an idea of your style. It is important that you write as you would in game.)

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Any alternate descriptions:
    Power theme:
    Why are they a villain?: (the villainous motivation)
    Relationship with your character: (Why do they combat one another?)
    Status: (Free, imprisoned, alive, presumed dead, etc.)

    Extra Stuff:

    Please describe, in detail, a location that you wish to include in the game. This can be a park, shop, school, villain hide out, house, etc. If you wish to describe a room in the Ministry’s headquarters, you may do this as a secondary bit of scenery. All scenery is subject to GM approval.

    Plot ideas:
    Ideas for episodes focused on your character or for any other plot elements you wish included.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign:
    Anything else that doesn’t fit elsewhere on the sheet can go here.

    That’s it for the character sheet. It’s a long one, so thanks for sticking with it.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Major (Company Commander) Himeko Stasheff
    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: Formerly Idol Starshine, currently Commander Brightstar
    Age: 24
    Birthplace: Virginia Beach, VA
    Blood type: O
    Description: Himeko stands at five foot two with pale olive skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is blueblack and cut short to frame her face while being easy to hold out of the way with a simple headband while she is working. She is slender with a slight bit of curve to her hips. Himeko has a light dusting of freckles, but they are barely noticeable unless she sunburns. Her hands and facial features are generally considered “delicate”, but her body is well muscled, if slender. Himeko has a few scars on her arms from cat scratches. She generally wears casual clothes, stylish and yet not over the top. When at work, she dresses in a simple uniform that consists of a button down shirt, slacks, boots, and a jacket. More formal events, of course, require more formal outfits. Her field outfit consists of a utility jacket, trousers, boots, and a tight cotton pull on shirt, along with her gear.
    Alter Ego Description (if different):
    Starshine: The idol singer known only as Starshine has long blue hair, subtle curves on a slender frame, and deep purple eyes. Her outfits are varied, though generally gold, blue, and orange in color. She always wears a sun shaped locket with a lightning bolt on it and lightning bolt earrings.
    Commander Brightstar: Commander Brightstar wears a uniform that hugs her body and flares out in a skirt. Black with gold and orange trim, gold laces up one front side, and gold shoulder adornments, it is a play on a military dress uniform, magical girl style. Her boots are knee high military style boots, black with gold laces. She wears simple white gloves. Her throat is adorned by a choker from which a gold sun medallion with a lightning strike hangs. Brightstar’s black hair is long, falling to her knees, but somehow seems to almost never be in her way. It is worn mostly loose, but for a few locks that are pulled back. Her eyes are deep purple.
    Personality: Commander Stasheff is serious but sweet, a caring leader who believes those under her command should still retain their personalities, but not express them so much that they cause trouble for the team. Her serious nature may lead others to believe she is either standoffish or simply dedicated to her job. In reality, she greatly wishes she could get closer to others, but often finds herself feeling awkward when attempting to do so. She does hold passionate views about her job, her music, and her squad, and would protect the latter no matter the charges leveled against them from a misunderstanding public.
    History: Himeko was born to an American army father and Japanese nurse mother on June 9th, 1990 in Virginia Beach, Virginia in an army hospital. Birth complications lead to her being put on a respirator for two months and she grew up with asthma that hampered her lifelong dream of becoming an idol singer. Her parents divorced when she was five, and from then on, she lived in Japan in various towns with her mother, attending private schools and only visiting her father on school breaks. Seeing the Japanese idol singers and hearing stories of the superheroes that protected Tokyo and other cities only made her more depressed. She felt that she would never be able to sing properly. In an attempt to still be noticed musically, she took up classical harp, but it was not at all what she really wanted.

    At age 11, Himeko was walking home from school and happened to see a new music store that was having a grand opening. Surprisingly, few people were attending, but Himeko did not care, hurrying inside to look at the music books and instruments. The store was small, cluttered, but nice, and she’d just decided to spend her allowance on a new book of Folklore Music for Harp when something behind the book caught her eye. It was a small necklace in the shape of a set of a stylized sun with a lightning bolt engraving. She asked the lady at the cash register how much the pretty gold necklace cost and was told that someone must have lost it there. She was told to hang onto it and the shop would put up a notice about it being lost. Happy to keep the pretty necklace, even if only temporarily, Himeko purchased her book and finished her walk home.

    That night, after practice, she remembered the necklace in her messenger bag and took it out to look at before putting it somewhere secure. As she was looking in the mirror and holding it up, pretending to wear it, she caught motion out of the corner of her eye. A siamese kitten was sitting in the corner of her window.

    “Well, put it on! See what happens!” the kitten said. It took about an hour of coaxing and the kitten promising she was actually talking and not just a dream to get Himeko to put the necklace on. It felt right, like it belonged, and with it soothing her, Himeko was much more open to the suggestion of speaking a few silly little words. Finding herself changing, transforming, Himeko panicked. However, when she discovered she could breathe easier, could sing beautifully, and appeared at least three years older than she had, she was ecstatic!

    Overnight, a new sensation hit the world. An idol singer by the name of Starshine had taken the musical scene by storm and was unstoppable. It soon became apparent that Starshine, Himeko’s alter ego, was more than just an amazing singer. She could fight, too. As Starshine, Himeko was a hero, and as she aged, the alter ego’s age adjusted to first be closer to her own and then grow with her, gaining new powers as she went. Her abilities seemed to be based on light, energy bolts, and the sky. The capacity for singing was just an added bonus based on having healed lungs as Starshine. She had many adventures in this guise, some of which lead to enemies such as Queen Morgana or to unrequited love. Throughout it all, the cat, whose name was Spark, stayed with her, guiding her.

    However, once she was in of university age, she was tracked down by the military. Faced with the possibility of a lifetime of imprisonment, she eagerly accepted working for them as a soldier. Amazingly, she found herself agreeing with their cause, loving the work, and her powers seemed suited to it well enough. Himeko, not wanting to sully her new identity, took the alter ego name of Brightstar. Now a commander, she has been working for M.O.M.O. most of her adult life, trying to prove that it works and is of benefit. She has a small team, currently, and is expected to get more troops very soon.
    Magical theme: Sun/Lightning
    Transformation and talisman: Her talisman is a pendant (turning into a locket for Starshine and a medal for Brightstar) in the shape of a stylized sun or star with a lightning bolt down the center.

    For Idol Starshine, her activation phrase is “Glow, Stars! And Free the Light!”. The background is that of a setting sun’s colors across the sky, stylized stars adoring it. Beams of light transport her clothing from her, leaving her clad in a warm glow. This slowly shines brighter around the areas to be clad in whichever of several forms she has in mind, shimmering slightly then bursting forth in sunbeams. Her hair then grows, changing color with beams of light tracing over it. Eyes blink three times, shifting from brown to dark violet. A simple golden orb forms out of twisting beams of light and lands in her hand. Then the scene changes to be a dark sky with star and lightning bolts, illuminated by the orb in her hand.

    For Commander Brightstar, her activation phrase is “Stars, Blossom! Bring Forth the Light! Save Day from Night!”. The background is that of brilliant gold and orange, shot through by blue lightning. As the lightning flashes and fades, Himeko is revealed, wrapped in shimmering black, star dusted silk. She spins, the silk unfurling to reveal her main dress base. More silk twists away from her feet, revealing boots, and the final bit from her hands reveals white gloves. Light shimmering across her adds the gold and orange accents to the black dress. Sunbursts from behind her form the “epaulettes” and choker, where the medal sits. Her hair grows to knee length and changes from black to blue, her eyes open to be revealed as violet. Lipstick forms on her lips and she poses in a saucy military salute, one hand on her hip. A stylized sun decorates the backdrop. As she lowers her hand from the salute, a sword forms, gold hilt and silver blade decorated by celestial etchings.“Blazing against the backdrop of night, I am Brightstar!”

    Star Blaze!: A blast of energy shoots from her sword or orb, twisting slightly before striking the target, weakening them greatly.
    Lightning Burst!: A cascade of lightning shoots from sword or orb, flashing forward to incapacitate multiple enemies with electric shocks.
    Star Burst!: Several spears of energy shoot forth from her hand, destroying a weakened enemy and releasing their soul.
    Stellar Vitality!: Shining light heals and lends energy to those allied with her, so that they may fight with greater prowess and up the strength of their magically powered attacks. This also helps redeem those who have been brainwashed.

    Sidekick animal or plush (if any): Spark, a female siamese cat. A flame point, Spark has a white blaze on her chest in the shape of a lightning bolt.
    Special nonmagical skills: Officer training, weapons training (ranged), grappling, moderate computer skills, classical harp, tactics and group combat, nonlethal takedown, crowd control.
    Weakness: Aside from her asthma in her mortal form, Himeko cares deeply for the wellbeing of others and will thus attempt nonlethal captures and put herself in harms way to protect innocent bystanders.
    Motivation: On the surface, she just appears to want to serve the Peach Ops and perform her music. However, Himeko also has dreams of falling in love with the perfect man and love will occasionally lead her to whimsy.
    Major possessions: Her talisman, apartment, stage costumes, a large beach house, a Lotus Elise, various government issued weapons that vary depending on mission, semi automatic pistol, smart phone, satellite laptop, passcard, uniforms, boots, medicines for her illness.
    Quirks: She tends to pinch the bridge of her nose when irritated. She also cannot stand her socks to slide down inside of her boots and wears sock garters to hold them up.
    Theme song: Brighter Than the Sun
    Favorite color: Lavender
    Favorite food/drink: Boba tea and peppermints
    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: Keys, a smartphone, gum, mints, a paperclip or two, a small day planner, and her inhaler.
    Scene sample:

    The day was long over and the sun had set hours earlier by the time she finished her paperwork. That had to be the part of the job she hated the most: finalizing and signing all the blasted paperwork. She finally set down her pen, standing and pulling her jacket on. She locked her office, tucking her keys away before making her way down the hall. A few personnel still walked the hall. Waving to those that she recognized, she swiped her keycard to leave and stepped out into the night air.

    Spark was waiting, sitting atop Himeko’s car when she arrived. The siamese stretched, bells on her collar making a cheerful noise at odds with the solid seriousness of the razor wire topped walls surrounding the compound. The cat licked her paw twice as Himeko unlocked and opened the car door, the cat then hopping inside before Himeko was halfway in. It was only then that the tiny feline spoke.

    “Remember how fun it was when you didn’t have to fill out debriefing forms on everything you banished or killed? Remember when we had fun with this job and I actually got to help?”

    “You mean I should remember when you were the one giving me orders, instead of the military officers,” Himeko retorted, laughing tiredly as she shifted the car into gear and pulled out of her parking spot.

    “You! No! That’s not what I mean at all and you know it!” By now, they were passing through the exit checkpoint, the siamese cat’s tail fluffed in agitation and her voice a growl as Himeko laughed at her.

    “You really need to learn to take a joke if you want to have more fun in life,” Himeko chided.

    “You try sitting outside in the sun all day and having to hide from military doctors while your best friend is out having all the fun and then made to go do paperwork! My tummy gets all grimey crawling under this car!”

    Himeko pulled onto the highway from the access road, “hrm”ing in thought at the cat’s words. It was true. It had been far too long since the two had fought side by side. But Himeko’s team was the flagship team of Peach Ops, and everything they did was closely observed. The medical crew already wanted to get their hands on Spark because the cat could talk and seemingly hadn’t aged in years. It had taken Himeko nearly resigning her commission to get them to back down on that front. Even so, she’d been loath to bring the cat on missions, knowing if she got hurt it would be an excuse for the doctors to poke and prod the poor feline. But now, she had a doctor of her own on the team. Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t want to vivisect her poor kitty.

    “I’ll think about letting you back on the team. You’d probably have to go through training, you know. Though I don’t have any idea how they’d make a cat do push-ups.” As Himeko pondered, she suddenly found her lap full of purring, happy cat.

    “You do love me, Himeko! Wonderful! Draw up the paperwork tomorrow. That is what you’re good at, isn’t it?” Himeko sighed. It seemed tomorrow was shaping up to be another long day.

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Name: Death Spiral
    Alias: Maeda Aki
    Description: Tall and willowy with anklelength violet hair, Spiral has pale skin and black eyes. Her features are angular and she has long, wicked looking nails. Her outfit resembles that of a figure skater, tight rhinestone studded white bodice flowing into a kneelength skirt. Ankle length high heels complete the ensemble. Her bracelets are gold studded with diamonds, her choker very similar. Swirling tattooes spiral down her long, bare arms.
    Any alternate descriptions: As one of Himeko’s closest friends, Aki stands at 5’10” with long, braided black hair and thick glasses. She dresses in clothes that are always a season out of fashion, though Himeko occasionally buys her up to date clothing. Her skin is pale, unusually so, and her eyes are such a dark brown they are almost black. Her nails are always perfectly manicured in seasonal or fashionable colors.
    Personality: Vengeful, Death Spiral is a cunning adversary with dreams of defeating her foes. She can be cruel, but does not let the need to inflict torture overcome her need to defeat all magical girls everywhere. Lately, her focus has turned to M.O.M.O. and she strives to make the organization bow down before her with minions she has handpicked. She is well hidden, though, too smart to reveal herself at this early juncture. She doesn’t know that Himeko is her old nemesis, only that she is in the military.
    Power theme: Blades
    Talons: Long nails double as strong, razor-sharp knives that can cut through even composite metals and steel.
    Pinning Blades: Blades shoot out from her hands, pinning the clothing or skin of a victim to a nearby surface to keep them from fighting back. They have the added advantage of making it so any gesture activated powers cannot be used.
    Blade Blast: Thousands of tiny razor blades fly from her hands, bursting forth in a cloud that is, at best, incapacitating, at worst deadly or blinding.
    Spiral Sword: This long, black and white sword looks like a paperthin drawing, but make no mistake, it is deadly, sucking the life from anyone it touches. It can be destroyed, which will stop the life draining, but will ultimately reform for a new attack.
    Age: 35
    Why are they a villain?: Her ultimate goal is to defeat Starshine (Brightstar), but taking down every magical girl in the way is an added bonus.
    Relationship with your character: Once, Death Spiral was a low level minion, sent by Queen Morgana to defeat Idol Starshine. In fact, she was the very first minion sent on a routine mission that was spoiled by a young Starshine who was not fully in control of her powers and didn’t know to check the wreckage for barely alive toasted minion bits. Death Spiral lost her memory and was taken to a local hospital, only to recover years later, long after the defeat of Queen Morgana at her enemy’s hand. Furious, Death Spiral set about building an empire of her own. Her goal: The defeat of Idol Starshine! The only problem is, she can’t seem to find the girl she once fought...
    Status: Presumed Dead
    Extra: Villain Theme song:


    Extra Stuff:

    Sunshine Ice Cream Parlor: The cute little corner shop has a bright pink and yellow awning with a happy smiling ice cream sundae surrounded on either side by various cones and candies. The storefront windows are painted with more enticing goodies, anthropomorphized and smiling cheerily. Inside, pink booths with yellow and white checked tile tables sit around the wall while pink stools surround a counter near the back wall and also sit three to a tall table around the middle of the room. Happy j-pop drifts through the air and the counter is set up so that those at the ice cream bar can watch as the chefs make sundaes and cones and splits and shakes for the customers. The walls are covered in bright drawings done by children of local schools, all with themes of sun, ice cream, and rainbows turning into sprinkles. The place is known for the Sunshine Sundae, two scoops of banana ice cream surrounded by lemon drops and topped with honey and real flakes of gold leaf. It is Himeko’s favorite place to stop for a snack.

    Himeko’s Office: Himeko Stasheff’s office is simple and small. Her desk and a well cared for office chair sit across from three other, simpler chairs. All the chairs are done in black leather and some hardwood that has been painted to look like some other hardwood of a darker, redder tone. A computer sits on the right side of her desk (if you are facing the back wall ), a blotter with a calendar sits in the middle, and a few pictures of family decorate areas not taken up by other things such as in and out boxes. File cabinets sit in the back corners and a large map of the world spans the back wall. The walls are metal but covered in that same wood in panels. It might be cherry masquerading as cherry, but then again, it may not be. The floor is a greygreen tile with flecks of dark green and ochre. There is a small table in the corner to the left as you walk in the door. It, too, is of that ubiquitous wood.

    The Briefing Room: The briefing room has a table of the same wood, only this time several pop-up computer stations are outfitted in it, each housing a keypad and mini screen. These computers do not connect to the outside world and are used purely for mission briefs and debriefings. A large wall is covered in pull down maps, along with a white screen for overhead projections. This has mostly been phased out, and the back wall has a large flatscreen that delivers the same sorts of information in a much more pleasing manner. The table is an oval, and aside from it and the black leather chairs surrounding it, the only other bit of furniture in the room is a water cooler and a small table to the right of the door coming in. The table has a coffee maker, a tea kettle, and several types of tea in bags.

    Plot ideas:
    I’d very much like a bit of romance for this character. It doesn’t have to dominate, but would be fun. In addition, I want to see Death Spiral make an appearance but only after throwing a few minions of her own at M.O.M.O. I wish to start the game with Himeko not having ever transformed into Brightstar in front of her team. This will come in for her first personal episode. I would potentially like to discover a few more powers for her in the course of gameplay.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign:
    Though Spark is an adult cat now, she seems to only be a few years old, despite being over thirteen. It is unknown if she will continue to age in relation to Himeko or is immortal, and the up and ups are very curious about this. Himeko is fiercely protective of the little cat.

  5. Reserving a character spot! :D I'm playing a Tuxedo Mask knock-off who didn't get the girl! Character sheet will go here!

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Akimoto, Hinata
    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: The Maelstrom Knight
    Age: 21
    Birthplace: Japan
    Blood type: AB

    Description: Hinata is of average height for a Japanese man and is rather slender as befits his modeling job and active nature. His current hair color is green and the cut is shoulder length and he's got a mild wave in it at the moment. The hair changes with whatever job he's working at the moment. He's fond of colored contacts but doesn't need prescriptive ones. His natural eye color is brown.

    Alter Ego Description: Maelstrom dresses in a sharp military inspired outfit in shades of gray, blue, and black. The jacket is asymmetrical and black with blue piping and gray accents. The pants appear to be plain dress slacks in black, his shirt is charcoal gray. He wears ankle boots in vivid blue leather and his mask appears to be made of the same leather. Maelstrom's hair is the same cut and length as Hinata's but instead is blue and typically worn in a ponytail. Maelstrom has a shiny black collapsible staff.

    Personality: Hinata seems a little cool and aloof but he's built that shell around him, really he's a little nervous but not shy. Hinata stands up for what he believes in but if he's proven wrong he will back down but won't make any promises about changing his mind. He's determined to live how he wants to and has decided that his destiny can just go take a hike. This forced 'shell' and his aggression towards his destiny makes him seem grouchy. Hinata is a very lazy person and he loves nothing more than sleeping. Dreams are easier to deal with than reality for him. He tries to not let his laziness affect The Maelstrom Knight's work though.

    History: Born and Raised in Tokyo, Japan. Hinata lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his teenage brother, Matsu. The brothers struggled with monetary problems for years, Matsu wanting to give Hinata a better life than him(Matsu is Yakuza), insisted that Hinata go to High School. Hinata attended a 'public' school and always had good grades. It was during this time that he began having dreams and flashbacks to another time. He'd wake up in the morning with only dim recollections of the night before and looking like he got into a fight. Hinata spent less than a week in this strange between state before everything hit him at once, being a reincarnated Prince of the Winter Lands and being destined to find his Priestess, fight evil and fall in love. Nothing ever goes as planned though. After a few years as 'Winter Knight' and then 'Winter Prince' Hinata was 'stolen' by the enemy and ensorcelled to be evil. During this time he was 'Lord Brimstone'. He spent nearly two years as his villainous alter ego before he was accidentally saved when the Priestesses took down the main villain. Instead of being happy, the Priestess wasn't and while Hinata tried to get himself back together it didn't work and he soon found himself left for another man. Hinata has spent the last two years being jealous of another man, angry at himself, angry at the enemy, and angry at his Priestess. During this time, he's come up with a new identity and a new life and new companions and joined M.O.M.O.

    Magical theme: Currently Water.

    Transformation and talisman: Hinata's Talisman is a pocket watch, it looks like it's made of silver and is heavily tarnished. The cover of the watch is a snowflake and it flips up to reveal the face, silvery white with black numbers, the hands of the watch are delicate and black. The back of the watch is engraved with images of spring. Hinata's transformation isn't as flashy as some, he tosses his watch into the air and it springs open. There's a bright flash of white and Hinata takes about three steps, his outfit changing into his uniform starting with his shoes and flowing up over his body like water, changing him. It ends with his hair turning blue and binding itself in a tight ponytail with a silver clasp. His black staff appears after he's transformed, falling out of his pocket watch that was still suspended above him. He catches it with a flourish and the watch vanishes and returns to his pocket inside his jacket.

    Hinata's powers revolve around water, it's an elemental type of power and he can control the water from any nearby source. He's able to form it into projectiles and barriers and fuse it with the magic that leads his reincarnated soul to his destiny.

    Shimmering Jets! - A water based attack that fires small blasts of semi-solid water, like water ballons, they are holy water and do the most damage against evil enemies. Good for confusion and distraction.

    Tidal Pains! - A large crashing wave comes from out of 'nowhere' crushing the enemies, the water is likely pulled from the very air itself and any nearby water sources.

    Shielding Pool! - A mostly magical water shield. It is usually a wall but sometimes can form a bubble over Hinata and a few of his teammates. The bottom of the shield is frozen solid and the rest is liquid water held in a semi solid form by Hinata's magic. This shield is reminiscent of a similar one by the Winter Prince.

    Maelstrom Storm! - This attack is his final attack, the water literally does come from nowhere. It's black and the most vibrant blue and is pure magical energy. It sucks down an enemy, purifying them (if possible) or pulling them apart depending on Hinata's intent. While powerful, this attack has a long 'sequence' with complex movements with his staff.

    Sidekick animal or plush: Woof, a very large transparent or invisible to everyone but Hinata, spirit wolf. Woof; when visible reaches chest height on Hinata and stretches nearly nine feet long from nose to tail tip. Woof appeared when Hinata was given back to himself by the power of his Priestess and regained his Winter Prince title. Woof has been Hinata's constant companion and teacher ever since then. Woof feels if he had gotten to Hinata sooner that Hinata wouldn't have been taken by the enemy.

    Special nonmagical skills: Tai Chi and Athletics and Taking Directions while Modeling. He can do some rather amateur sleuthing but isn't the best.

    Weakness: Not very trusting of Females. Failure in Love and Romantic situations. He's very sensitive to Fire and Electricity. Heat leaves him feeling weak and dizzy now, he never had this problem before.

    Motivation: Living life how he wants to. Making his former love jealous also plays into it of course. Hinata wants to fufill his part of the his destiny and protect the innocent. Hinata wants a purpose in his life, he won't say that out loud but it's true. Since his destiny was subverted he feels like he's adrift with no real reason to go on. He's trying to find himself (lazily) and figure out what he should be doing(so long as it's not too hard).

    Major possessions: A fourth floor apartment in Tokyo. He considers his bed as a major possession as it's his favorite.

    Quirks: Hinata doesn't like hot foods and won't eat them unless they are room temperature. He forgets he lives alone and will scale up to his room to keep from waking his brother who doesn't live there. He also has a small habit of talking to himself. Which is probably caused by the amount of caffeine he subsists on.

    Theme song: "Shake it Out" Florence + The Machine. "Soldier" Ingrid Michaelson
    Hinata Playlists (open)

    Hinata Playlists (open)
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PL6A852A20DBF8A5D1&amp;hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Favorite color: Lavender

    Favorite food/drink: "Coffee counts as a food, right?" Besides chilled coffee, his favorite foods are chocolate drinks and cookies.

    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: iPhone. Apartment Keys. Pack of gum. Change for the coffee machine. Wallet. An ink pen that writes in 'lavender black' ink.

    Scene sample:
    Hinata hit the floor with a groan, a large wet nose being the current reason for the pain shooting through his body. He ran a hand through his tousled green hair. "nnngh." He balled up, blindly reaching for a stray bed cover. The sound of knocking, angry knocking echoed through the spacious apartment. "Hinata. Your Agent has been knocking for the past ten minutes. He's about to go and get the Super to make sure you aren't dead." The gravely voice muttered from the bed, worming its way into Hinata's ears.

    With a deft grab, Hinata grabbed a sheet and jerked it off the bed, wrapping it around himself as he stumbled to his feet. How many martini's had he had last night? He couldn't remember but knew it was more four and less than fourteen. He hoped anyway. He managed to get to the door, unlocking it with a grunt before walking away again.

    "Akimoto-san! Where have you been? You're an hour late! An hour! And!" The Agent followed the sheet covered model to the kitchen as he harped on him. Hinata dug through the fridge, pulling out a can of chilled coffee and downing it before retrieving another one and a pack of opened cookies. "And your poor diet! Your health is so bad, Akimoto-san! You really should see a doctor! Oh and stop drinking those coffees!"

    "What are we doing today?" Hinata finally saw fit to speak as he rubbed his hand across his face, smearing mascara and eye shadow.

    "Today, my darling darling Winter Prince. My Lord Brimstone... Today you'll either be mine or you'll die!" Corvidae shouted, ripping apart the appearance of Hinata's Agent and revealing himself, all clad in black and his face covered by his crow mask.

    "Do I need to ask where my Agent is, you birdbrained asshole?"
    "Oh the usual, tied up in his car. Heh. You look terrible."
    "Turn me upside down! Let me walk on the stars! I am! The Maelstrom Knight!"

    With that, like so many times before the fight began.

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Name: Ichigawa, Souta

    Alias: Corvidae/Wings/"Birdbrained Asshole"

    Description: Souta is a tall man, somewhere in his mid twenties. There's a certain sharpness around his eyes and his mouth is frequently turned down in a frown though sometimes he gives a cold smile. Black hair and dark eyes make him a quintessential 'tall, dark, and handsome' man.

    Any alternate descriptions: In his villainous persona, Souta wears a plague Doctor crow mask and his hair becomes greasy and thick, appearing as feathers. He wears a priest-like frock coat that is split in the front and the back, with dull gray buttons down the front. His pants are black and are tucked into knee high boots.

    Personality: Even though Souta is a little deranged that doesn't stop him from having a sort of dark charisma. He's sarcastic and hurtful in and out of his villainous persona. He belives the world is a bad place and full of bad people that should all be stopped. His warped mind no longer understands love or affection.

    Power theme: Crows, Dark Magic, Flight, and Wings.

    Powers: Flight, wing powered. He controls a small murder of crows with his dark magic, the magic also lets him do a variety of 'magical' things. He can throw incredibly sharp 'feathers' like knives.

    Age: 24

    Why are they a villain?: "I'll punish this cruel world" After being tainted by an evil talisman, Souta just lost it. Right before that he'd lost his family, his home, and had been kicked out of school for behavior problems. The talisman enabled him to 'forget' his kinder emotions, focusing only on the blackness in his heart.

    Relationship with your character: Souta has figured out that The Maelstrom Knight is the same as the Winter Prince and thus the same as Lord Brimstone. He wants Hinata to be evil again, destroy the world with him and burn all the impure souls. Souta doesn't want this to get out though, because he doesn't want anyone to kill Hinata except him...Assuming Hinata doesn't join him.

    Status: Free and Alive, much to Hinata's dismay. Though Hinata and the others think that Corvidae is injured more badly than he actually was in the last battle.

    Extra Stuff:

    Hinata's Apartment

    Hinata lives in a high rise building in Tokyo but his apartment is only on the fourth floor. The entry way is traditional, a place to put one's shoes and a little step up. It's clear this isn't a small apartment. The floors are medium brown hardwood. The entry way leads into the living room, there's a large black leather couch and a good sized flat screen tv. The kitchen has a pale stone floor and dark cabinets and shiny chrome appliances. The fridge is a two door monster in brushed steel with black handles, it's fully stocked with things like ice cream in every flavor known to man and enough canned coffee to kill an elephant. Hinata's bedroom is good size and has floor to ceiling windows on one side that is always covered by thick curtains. In fact the entire bedroom is so dark if there was colors you couldn't see them. A western style four poster bed sits in the middle with lush velvet drapes in black surrounding it. The bed itself is a mess of pillows and blankets and sheets. Hinata's bathroom is just as luxurious, a large marble bath tub and a standing shower.

    Hinata's Favorite Coffee Shop (near his apartment)
    The Press is a small coffee shop with many windows and overfilled with living plants that the owners water nearly constantly. One of the Owners is a baker(George), he's Caucasian and has white blond hair and sharply angled face. The other Owner(Viggo) is a tall red headed man with a healthy splattering of freckles. The shop has wooden floors and wooden paneling on the walls, there's plenty of mirrors to make the small shop seem larger. The entire shop smells of baked sweets, coffee, and the fertile green earth. The owners and the baristas know Hinata on sight as he tips very well and is a polite, gentle customer.

    Plot ideas:
    Hinata Centric Plot Ideas:

    Hinata collapses due to his lack of sleep and real food?
    The team decides to investigate The Maelstrom Knight, without the Commander's OK.
    The team learns of The Maelstrom Knight's real identity; Hinata and all his past origins as a Magical Boy Knight and Reincarnated Prince and evil Lord.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign: I'd like to see Hinata show up once or twice in full body glitter and makeup as he's just come from a shoot.

  6. Dammit!

    *Puts a card down*
    Character Sheet (open)

    WARNING: Anything under an unmarked spoiler tag contains major character spoilers!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Saul Joel Mendel, M.D.
    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: Witchdoctor
    Age: 25
    Birthplace: New York City, New York
    Blood type: A-

    Description: Saul is tall and lanky, standing at six feet dead even, with dark brown curls and amber eyes and large, expressive hands (although usually the latter are shoved deep into his pockets). His posture implies that he's been sitting too long in a stiff-backed chair, and he tends to cross his legs and arms when idle. The majority of his wardrobe consists of turtlenecks and slacks in neutral shades and grey-blues, and he owns an old, well-worn leather jacket that nearly matches his hair precisely. (Of course, when on the job he'll wear his white doctor's lab coat, but this usually comes off the second that he goes on break.) On most occasions, his face is set in an irritable frown.

    Fun fact (open)
    The first time I watched BBC's new Sherlock series, my reaction was, "Saul, what are you doing here and why are you British?"

    Alter Ego Description: The Witchdoctor appears in a long white coat with silver accents, buttons, and epaulets at the shoulders. The coat's collar is stiff and upright, covering his neck. He wears white gloves and winged boots, with pale grey trousers. An ornate silver face guard covers the lower half of his face, and he carries a silver Rod of Asclepius (although it has wings, similarly to the caduceus.) His right ear is pierced with a silver snake fang earring.

    Rod of Asclepius and caduceus references (open)

    Rod of Asclepius



    At first blush, Saul is an antisocial grouch. He never smiles, he snaps at people, he avoids seeing just about everyone unless he has to, and he will flatly tell anyone who bothers him while he's working to bug off.

    Closer acquaintance tells a different story. While he is a bit of a grump and not the most socially outgoing person, the truth of the matter is that Saul is really quite lonely and cares much more than he lets on. Evidence of this can be found in his irritable fussing over his patients (or anyone who appears to not be subscribing to his standard of mandatory self-care). He's been known to yell at people for missing meals, forcibly drag them to the examining room for taking injuries lightly, and lecture hapless bystanders for what he thinks of as Stupid Reckless Shit. Although he attempts to brush these off as just doing his job or annoyance at thoughtless behavior, he really shows a bit too much concern to be as impartial as he claims.

    Those who stick around despite his avowing that he wants to be left alone will find that he really doesn't protest too much at the company, either, after his token discouragement. And those who seem him around kids might be baffled by the inexplicable transformation from scowling crank to the World's Best Babysitter.

    When confronted with someone who is actually emotionally distraught, he finds it impossible to keep from stepping in and trying to make them feel better.

    Show Spoiler
    Thing is, under all that prickly surface, he's a huge worrywart, a softie, and a hopeless romantic who is just scared to put himself out there and get burned for it. Although he seems to get easily frustrated, he is much more patient than he lets on. The annoyance when people do stupid shit that hurts them is genuine, however!

    History: Saul was born on December 9th in Queens, New York to Simon and Hannah Mendel, a happy new couple just starting a family. His father was a medical attorney representing Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and his mother was a young intern at the family law firm; she became pregnant shortly after they married, and she quit to be a stay-at-home mom. They had three more children: Asher (now 20), Judith (now 17), and Lavi (now 14). Being the oldest and having a bit of an age gap between his siblings, Saul often found himself doing the job of babysitter. His cousin Ethan, a close age mate (now 23), was his best friend throughout his childhood and on into adulthood.

    Also extremely bright, he took to books and writing early on. He was a very quiet, sensitive child, and had what seemed to be a very vivid imagination; he was constantly talking to imaginary friends, or alternatively having unusually terrifying nightmares. These seemed to stop entirely when he was about eight years old, and his family chalked it up to his growing interest in school and nonfiction rather than fancy...

    Saul progressed through schoolwork rapidly, and it soon became apparent that he was not being challenged enough by the same curriculum that suited his peers. He skipped several grades, and eventually graduated high school at only fifteen. He already at this time had set his heart on medical school, intent on becoming a surgeon.

    That was when his powers kicked in.

    Not that he hadn't always had a slight sixth sense. Those "imaginary friends" and "nightmares" were, in fact, quite real, as Saul had from almost infancy had the ability to see things not visible to the normal human eye. He also had what he referred to as "bad feelings", which occurred whenever something supernatural or magical came in close proximity or were about to cause trouble. That extra sense never went away; he simply learned to stop bringing it up when it became apparent that no one believed him or saw what he could see. (The only one who did seem to understand, and whom Saul sometimes found staring a bit too hard to be natural at places where he saw something strange, was his sister Judith.) At fifteen, however, was when it got real.

    The summer before he went away to college, Saul went away to a summer camp upstate. One day, split off from the rest of the campers, Saul happened upon an unconscious girl in the woods who was pinned under a fallen tree branch. He tried to help her, and when he touched the necklace that she wore around her neck- a heart-shaped locket with a snake coiled around it- the metal serpent came to life in his hand and bit him. A strange light came out of his hands, and that was the last thing he remembered before waking up back at his cabin, the snake locket clenched tightly in his fist. He was told that he'd been found slumped to the ground in the woods of dehydration, and no one seemed to know anything about the injured girl.

    It wasn't long before he discovered that the snake locket could indeed come to life, and even talk to him. Before he knew it, a slightly reluctant young Saul was transforming into the crime-fighting magical knight known as the Witchdoctor, and even as he went home and started college, his studies became increasingly interrupted by supernatural occurences and bizarre villains. Eventually, guided by the locket, he met and joined forces with a small group of fellow teen magical heroes, and for a few years, they were the best friends of his life.

    But then the team's leader was killed, the group divided, and Saul found himself alone. Giving up his crime-fighting double life, much to the consternation of the snake locket, he shut himself off from his family and threw himself into his studies.

    A year later, the military caught up to him. Presented with a file detailing a staggering amount of his personal history and offered the chance to work for them immediately upon graduating medical school- and with the alternative of incarceration- Saul accepted. They even helped him pay for his education, and he graduated top of his class, going into residency immediately at a local hospital. Over the next three years he trained in his chosen specialty- pediatric cardiology- and is still working there as a consultant in addition to on base as a military doctor for M.O.M.O.

    Recently, he was reassigned to Himeko's team, informed that they needed "someone to keep them from getting beaten up so much".

    Magical theme: Good Juju

    Transformation and talisman: Saul transforms by yanking his locket, which is in the shape of a heart wrapped with a snake, from around his neck and using the transformational power phrase, "I swore an oath to first do no harm. Asclepius, lend me your gifts!" The snake uncurls itself and begins to glow a bright white, which encompasses his form. His clothes shimmer out, replacing bit by bit with his alter ego's costume, as the snake grows and reforms into the caduceus. The last pieces to appear are- in order- the wings on his boots, his earring, and the face guard.
    Snake Locket (open)

    Sixth Sense - Things that go undetected by the normal human eye don't get past Saul. Even when he is not "powered up", he can see the supernatural and magical and furthermore feel anything of that nature which might be nearby. (This typically presents as a chill down his spine, headache, spots at the edge of his vision, and/or a sinking feeling that something is off.)

    Good Juju - Saul acts as a sort of positive energy battery for those around him, causing them to feel better physically and emotionally. This is more acutely noticeable through prolonged physical contact.

    Lay On Hands - When "powered up" or when under extreme emotional duress, Saul can magically heal even severe injuries. Again, the process is facilitated by direct physical contact.

    Psyche Diver - Saul can also enter into another person's dreams or memories. He can't do this at all without direct physical contact, and he usually does this entirely by accident.

    Powered Up Gear - The wings on his boots allow him to be a little faster and to hover, and he can use his Rod of Asclepius to deflect some attacks.

    Sidekick animal or plush: His snake locket talks to him... infrequently. More often, he talks to it (yells at it, really). It has been known to bite him on a much more regular basis than it initiates dialogue. (He can't understand it very well through all the hissing, anyway.)

    Special nonmagical skills: In addition to a quick mind, Saul has been through med school and has all the knowledge and practical skill of a highly qualified cardiologist and surgeon. He has some training in self-defense from his days on a magical crime-fighting team.

    Weakness: Despite getting all over everyone else's cases, Saul doesn't take care of himself very well. He tends to overwork, prioritize other people's needs before his own, and occasionally rely too much on caffeine. He also is prone to fits of guilt and depression. Being in love makes him stupid.

    Motivation: Saul has always had a need to help and protect others; it's what inspired him to be a doctor in the first place. He places the lives and well-being of everyone around him as top priority.

    Major possessions: The snake locket is always hanging around his neck. There's a small circle of photo paper stuck inside, as anyone would see if they ever somehow managed to get it away from him and open to look. His office in the Med Lab as well as his apartment are full of potted plants that he tends to himself, and he keeps a shelf full of medical journals interspersed with bargain bin paperback novels. His old leather jacket is a treasured possession which he's owned for nearly a decade.

    Saul drives a beat-up dark red Honda Accord that seems really out of place in the hospital parking lot.

    Quirks: He messes with his hair when he's nervous or upset, and he occasionally uses odd phrases. His two most common utterances are the following: "Fine," and "Don't mind it." Both either mean "Fuck off" or signify defeat. He reads trashy literature because he finds it to be more of a fun read than supposedly "intellectual" stuff, and because he finds it a better break from the tedium of medical journals. He hates being cooped up indoors- especially in hospitals- and prefers to walk everywhere. Despite having extremely colorful language in his own thought process, he almost never swears aloud. He also mentally talks to God an awful lot for someone who doesn't believe in him. Surprisingly, he is actually a really good dancer.

    Theme song:
    Saul's Theme (open)

    Er (open)

    ...WAIT (open)

    ...I give up.
    Show Spoiler
    Click here for a serious playlist. :P

    Favorite color: Russet
    Favorite food/drink: Eggs, any style, but preferably on a sandwich. On the other hand, he hates butterscotch. He also tends to eat kosher out of habit and dietary preferences more than anything, since he's not really religious. His beverage of choice is coffee or tea; he doesn't imbibe alcohol, period.
    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: Droid phone, keys on a flashlight key chain, faded brown leather wallet, subway pass, folding leather coin purse, metal pocket notepad with mini pen.
    Scene sample:

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Name: Susannah Bloom
    Alias: Lady Wicked Belle
    Age: 24

    Description: Susannah is a tiny, sylph-like woman with long and flowing brown hair and big brown doe-eyes. In addition to having a very slight and dainty build, she's only about 5'2". She favors sundresses in white, blue, daisy yellow, and other summery tones. In colder weather, she adds stockings and a long coat. Typically she wears her hair down, and she prefers ballerina flats to high heels or other more daring footwear. She wears minimal makeup, but does like to wear lipstick, especially for formal occasions; she also likes to accessorize with large purses and hats.

    She wears a golden heart locket with a flower design around her neck.

    Locket (open)

    Any alternate descriptions: As Lady Wicked Belle, Susannah's appearance takes a dark twist: Her hair grows out into long black tendrils, and her dress develops a resemblance to something a Southern Belle would wear. She carries a dark parasol that shades her and can be used to deflect attacks.

    Personality: Susannah seems like the nicest girl you'll ever meet, if a bit sly with her sense of humor. Amiable and pretty, she doesn't find it a difficult task to charm everyone in the room.

    Underneath the nicely wrapped exterior, however, is a cold and calculating, utterly selfish human being. Everything she does is for her benefit or amusement, and she uses people until she gets bored of them. To her frustration, she gets bored very easily. She is completely incapable of understanding why she should care about other people's feelings, unless it will directly influence her in some way.

    Despite using her attractiveness to her advantage, Susannah is terrified and repulsed by the idea of physical intimacy and will do anything to avoid it. Attempts to initiate such with her are one of the few things that cause her to lose her cool and panic.

    Susannah's Theme (open)

    Power theme: Bad Juju

    Powers: She literally oozes negativity. Everywhere Susannah goes, she leaves a residue of psychic "slime" that attracts bad luck, bad health, bad emotional vibes, and even the supernatural. However, she is completely immune to the effects of her own bad juju. If that weren't bad enough, Susannah can also cause monsters to spawn inside of people, and inflict bolts of psychic pain.

    Why are they a villain?:

    Show Spoiler
    Put simply, she's a sociopath. It's not that she's intrinsically evil, or even that she simply enjoys being evil for evil's sake. She actually doesn't enjoy much of anything, and much of what she does is an attempt to fill the hole in her chest by proving that she's better or more loved or has the power over other people. Causing pain doesn't give her pleasure, but she wants it to so badly that she keeps on trying. It never works, which only makes her angry and lash out, and then the cycle starts all over again.

    The ability to empathize that would normally deter someone from doing such terrible things simply does not exist for her, so she has no reason not to do them if she can get away with it. And thanks to her abilities, she can.

    What Susannah doesn't know is that her abilities are the reason for that emptiness in the first place.

    Relationship with your character:
    Show Spoiler
    Susannah and Saul's powers have a tendency to cancel each other out. They are eerily polar opposites, and even manifested similar lockets as their talismans (hers being a golden flower as opposed to his silver snake). What's more, they came into their powers at roughly the same age, and found themselves drawn together as part of the same magical crime-fighting team. Back then, Susannah still felt more satisfied with accruing love and attention than with abusing those connections. Quickly, though, as she saw the more meaningful relationships forming within the team around her, she began to fester and struggle to make do with her more shallow limelight. Eventually, in an attempt to remove what she saw as her main rival for the affection of the group, she set up their leader to be killed... and succeeded.

    Unfortunately, what she'd done was discovered by her team, and she became their new and very personal villain.

    Saul had always been the easiest to forgive and quickest to comfort, and when she began to feel her one-time allies closing in on her, her back to the corner, Susannah saw an opportunity. She went to Saul, played on his willingness to believe a sobbing, vulnerable friend in distress, and begged him to protect her.

    Unfortunately for Saul, he not only believed her, but he was in love with her.

    Through him, Susannah lured the other team members into a trap. They managed to survive, but their trust in Saul was shattered, and the team was ultimately divided. Hurt and confused and still head over heels, Saul confronted Susannah- only to find to his horror and despair that she admitted to every detail of her ruse with no qualms about it. Sparing him on the grounds that he was "too pathetic to even bother" and that she "wouldn't even enjoy it", Susannah left him alone and broken to contemplate what he'd been party to...

    Status: She's roaming around scot-free.

    Extra Stuff:

    The Hospital -

    The Med Lab -

    Saul's Apartment - His apartment is a two-bedroom affair with slate grey walls and plush beige wall-to-wall carpeting. It opens onto the living room, where he has a glass-top coffee table and striped dark red couch, as well as an entertainment center and several dark wood bookshelves lined with his personal book collection. Off of the living room is the kitchen, divided by a counter, which has a white linoleum floor. In the kitchen is a round white table with two matching chairs, and in the middle of the table (which is under a window) is a small potted devil's backbone plant. There are several other houseplants around the apartment. The bedrooms are located at the back of the apartment, off of a small hallway which also leads into the bathroom (the first door on the right). The bathroom is fairly small, with a white tile floor, a mirror-front medicine cabinet over the sink, and a black shower curtain on the tub. Saul's bedroom is the first on the left; he has a queen-sized bed with russet comforter and sheet set, a dark wooden nightstand to the left of the bed, a large black dresser against the far wall that doesn't match his other furniture, and another bookshelf. The other bedroom in the apartment (second on the right) is empty except for an unmade bed. He doesn't have many nicknacks, other than a few photos of his siblings, and he keeps the place pretty clean. There's a coat rack near the front door where he hangs his jacket when he comes home, as well as a key rack on the wall.

    Plot ideas:
    - More of a warning than a plot idea, but I cannot possibly see him NOT falling stupidly in love with someone in this RP.
    - Judith at least has potential to go magical girl at some point. This is an awesome idea because Saul will have kittens. Also she is adorable and wonderful and I like her.
    - Saul's old team mates could show up. Drama and conflict and blame and past stuff and possibly resolving it!
    - How exactly Saul and Susannah are connected by their powers and lockets should be a thing that is covered.
    - If anyone has a medical condition or bad eating habits or doesn't need to eat at all, I assume he will know about it. Also possibly have kittens about it when they don't take care of themselves.
    - Saul having kittens is a good and wonderful thing.
    - As discussed with Revi, Saul and Himeko could totally have a combo ability later in the season!
    - Saul's Psyche Diver ability presents a really easy opportunity to bring up important flashbacks for anyone who wants to.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign:

  7. [redacted]
  8. character (open)

    Character Sheet

    Name:Min (敏)
    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: N/A
    Age: 7
    Birthplace: Shanghai.
    Blood type: N/A
    Personality: Aloof, though it’s expected for a machine to be task-oriented or even cynical and slightly snarky. The technicians and later owner did a good job is simulating most human emotions. One of the latter’s obsessions was to create a perfect human replica after all.
    Humans treat robots as inferiors, tools, and that’s all most robots are, except Min. Min is more than that, more than human and so looks down on humanity in some ways.
    History: The history of gangtie ju long project to create humanoid robots to outperform humans on the battlefield is a long one. But after several prototypes a reliable model was established and despite problems with a suitable power scours by the end of the first decade of the 21st century they were walking, and talking, and convincing visitors to the facility that they were humans. Looking human was deemed necessary since human soldiers are less likely to seriously try to kill something with a human face.

    Power and mass production proved to be insurmountable issues though and despite experiments with Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators the project was scrapped and all working models were sold to the highest bidder.

    One such client had been involved in the early stages of the project but had left when his ideas to use a magical power scours were rejected. But working alone he had come up with a prototype generator and was ready to test it inside one of the refined robots that went under the hammer.

    The man, little more than a mad scientist then began using the machine to crush his competitors and project heads who laughed at his generator, gloating and cackling as he did so. And so Min killed the men who made every component making up their body, except the heart, the new generator that allowed Min to walk free of wires and do what it meant to do. Fight and not ask why.

    But the machine did ask why. Why fight for a man that only sees a machine and with operatives that only see a piece of equipment. So a change of sides was in order, and M.O.M.O. was the logical choice being under the UN not being human and having technically stolen itself wasn't going to be a problem.

    Powers: Overcharge: The only distinctly magical ability is to overcharge it’s power source in a very crude and uncontrolled magical burst that pushes everything back within a small (2 meter) radius. It has no use yet.
    Special non-magical skills: Noticeably tougher, heavier, and faster that the vast majority of humans with a very different anatomy and composition. This makes him difficult to damage.
    Made as a fighting machine programmed to hold its ground until an opening presents itself and then strike quickly and decisively they are capable of bursts of speed to both avoid damage and strike suddenly and without warning. This uses up backup power though and is dangerous to use in case of generator failure.
    Weakness: The power scours is an experimental prototype that although it produces large amounts of power in a tiny package is vulnerable to anything that disrupts magic and the body around it is vulnerable to anything that disrupts electronics. This double weakness is combined with the already unstable generator that is susceptible to damage and difficult to repair.

    There is a backup power system but that gives a maximum of two hours on minimal power meant to be enough to get back for repairs and that’s it.

    Loss of power has several consequences the most significant of which is the loss of any short term memories (Up to 6 hours).

    Motivation: Basic rights would be nice, but who are we kidding? Just wanting to be more than a machine and get revenge on the man who saw him as something to tinker with.
    Major possessions: Having no home outside of M.O.M.O. and having brought nothing but the plans for the generator with Min has no major possessions and is issued equipment by MOMO.
    Quirks: Does not blink, does not breathe, even when talking. Sometimes eats random things to see what they taste like.
    Theme song:
    Favorite color: #FF3300. The colour has to be exact.
    Favorite food/drink: Hot sauce, drunk strait from the bottle.
    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: Change, a note pad of sketches, pencil.
    Scene sample:

    [ .......EMI LOADED......... ]

    To say Min's eyes opened would be inaccurate, they were never closed. The lights shining onto his face as new skin was pulled over it and melded with the complex mechanisms beneath caused a new sensation. Discomfort. Even as the photoreceptors adjusted and the face above his came into view the feeling did not go away and from all the possible reactions raising his arm to shield his eyes as they narrowed seemed to be the best.

    "Excelent, excelent."

    the voice was all to familiar to him.

    Urheber, it hurts."

    "That just means it is working."

    Hurt, pain, Min decided this new feeling was unpleasant.

    "Why?" Min sat up pushing the light away. "I don't want to hurt, take it out." The 'doctor' was already moving away with the cart of tools. He tried to move his legs but they didn't respond, disconnected to keep him on the table. "I don't like it when you do this."

    "Thats because your emotions are working too."

    "I do not get the point of those."

    "You were able to score 200 on the Turing test when I got you, I plan to make you pass, you will me the only machine to do so... Don't you want to be in all the respects that matter, human?"

    "No.. I don't think I do."

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Name: Heindrich Kluge
    Alias: Dr. Von Soulstien
    Description: Short, aged, and with several mechanical limbs and devices built into his body under his lab coat that reaches the floor. In place of footsteps then he moves theres a soft clinking.
    Pic (open)

    Any alternate descriptions: N/A
    Personality: Obsessive. He believes his work to be the gratest thing ever to be undertaken by mankind. Humanity replicating itself perfectly in machine form. He will not let anyone, not even his own creation, stand in the way of the flawless being he wishes to make. He sees his creations as his children. To be loved, shaped, and disciplined.
    Power theme: Robotics and mad science.
    Powers: He himself has very few powers other than a few mechanical limbs, but he has various machines and henchmen they do most of his dirty work.
    Age: Unknown.
    Why are they a villain?: Think of it, the perfect beings created in mankind’s own image walking among us. They would inspire, lead, teach, and guide humanity into being something greater, something more than they could ever be alone.
    Relationship with your character: Owner and sole surviving creator and programmed Min to call him “Urheber” that means both creator and father.
    Status: Alive and active

    Extra Stuff:

    Welcome to the Gates Square Holographic Gardens.

    You wouldn’t know it by looking but everything you see here, the grass, the trees, the plants, the animals, even me, your guide are not real. Go ahead, touch anything, try to feed the animals. Everything you see here is a hologram, except each other and yourselves of course.

    Decades ahead of it’s time the garden bring extinct plants and animals to like to be enjoyed and viewed at your leisure, portrayed as accurately as possible with the latest research and thousands of algorithms developed over years by a team of animal behavioral experts and programmers to bring you the closest you can get to the species that didn’t make it this far. Don’t worry its no Jurassic park, they cannot hurt you.

    Your tour begins now, please feel free to wonder at you leisure and if you need me press the button on your wristbands and when you need to rest your feet please visit the Dodo Park Kitchen for a refreshing drink on a simulated beach with the most famous extinct species of the modern era.

    Plot ideas:
    The robot reveal (through injury?)
    Building or finding something that can be powered by the bursts of magical energy Min can produce.
    The reason why Min calls Data their half sister.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign:
    Anything else that doesn’t fit elsewhere on the sheet can go here.
  9. HI THERE VAY, Shall we work together in this role play?

    Name: Maria Atsona
    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: Data
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: Bellfast, Maine
    Blood type: +O
    Show Spoiler

    Alter Ego Description (if different):
    Show Spoiler
    She will be wearing more clothes than this, I swear.[​IMG]

    Personality: Quirky and a little.... different. Social skills are not a strong point for this one.
    History: Maria had never been.... normal, persay... she was a sickly child, spending over half her life in the hospital, usually in the IC unit. The isolation and constant sickness, as well being constantly sick or in pain caused for a detachment within her psyche, as well as a better view of those around herself. Eventually, her doctors figured that it might be a better idea to stop trying to save her physical body and try to swap her into another. After a few times of switching her conscious to Data, she got used to it and felt more at home in that body than her own. Soon, however, her body started to grow stronger and she was told by her doctors to get used to it again. She feels slighted that her doctors want her to try and live in her body again, which she feels is a ticking timebomb, and she could get sick again at any moment. Her Data body was made by a project in China.
    Magical theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMvgw1LYg3U
    Transformation and talisman:
    Show Spoiler
    A machine-like pod that swaps her into the Data body[​IMG]

    Powers: Data is able to hook up to computers and access their files fairly quickly, then store that information within her head. She's a hacker and an external hard drive!
    Sidekick animal or plush (if any): It's named HI-Speed, it's nine inches tall, and thirteen inches from nose to tail. cheetahbot.jpg
    Special nonmagical skills: Her Data body is resistant to sickness and strength and endurance is 5% higher
    Weakness: Her regular body is very frail and has an extremely low immune-system. Her Data body has some problems with over-clocking too much and has a tendency to link up to electronics that can short her out, which renders her useless for an hour or two. She has a bit of sociopolitical tendencies and lacks some crucial social responses, which could cause friction with other people.
    Motivation: To beat her personal villain and convince her doctors to allow her to just stay in the Data body, and not have to live in her normal body anymore.
    Major possessions:
    Quirks: Slightly a sociopath and a bit disconnected from life- also has a bit of an addiction to shorting herself out, because apparently it feels good.
    Theme song:
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite food/drink: Blue raspberry martini's and fettuccine alfredo
    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: small amounts of money, a phone, little trinkets, HI-Speed in its offline-mode (looks like a black rectangle, ten inches long and five inches wide)
    Scene sample: (give me a scene involving your character, so I get an idea of your style. It is important that you write as you would in game.)

  10. Depending on how many more people we get, people may be brought in in later episodes. If we only get one more, I will start everyone at once, but any more than that and everyone after five people (six if you include me) will be gradually brought in!
  11. Character inbound. Please await a happy-go-lucky, extremely cheerful, traditional, cutesy magical girl. But only if my dark side does not get the best of me.

    Work In Progress (open)
    Character Sheet

    Name: Megumi Caulfield

    Alter Ego Name or Code Name: Lady White, Ruby White Dame

    Age: 19

    Birthplace: Niigata

    Blood type: A

    Description: Because of her mixed heritage, Megumi is a bit taller than average, but she does not really stand out. She has long, brown hair which she usually keeps in a very long ponytail that reaches to her thighs, fixed in place with a large, white bow. She keeps her hair out of her face with a sapphire blue hairband. She has brown eyes, and her face is a bit more rounded than usual. She is usually seen wearing a white, high-neck t-shirt, blue trousers and sneakers, but she does dress according to the weather. She always hides her neck in some fashion, though, typically by using a blue choker. It is important to note that Megumi is mute, so she usually communicates using sign language, gestures or by using her notepad.

    Alter Ego Description:

    Lady White is Megumi’s internet alter ego, which she prefers to keep a secret from others. In this persona, Megumi lets her hair down, which now reaches all the way to her knees, and she does not wear her hairband, meaning that her hair now obscures some of her face. Lady White is always seen wearing a white, long-sleeved, high-collar shirt with a white tie, and white gloves. She wears a long, white skirt reaching all the way down to her knees, and long, white stockings that completely cover her leg. Her laced boots are also completely white, and they cover her legs almost up to the knees.

    As Ruby White Dame, Megumi has her hair tied into a French braid, with a large, red bow keeping it in place, and a white hairband keeping it out of her faces. Her eyes also change colour to blood red. In this form, she wears a white, sleeveless shirt with a red, spherical breastplate over it. Her neck is obscured by a red choker. She has long, white gloves reaching a little bit further than her elbows, complimented by two red armour-plates covering her forearms and hands. She wears a short, but loose, red miniskirt, white stockings reaching a bit further than her knees, and red armour boots. In her right hand, she has a claymore with a white blade and a red grip. The weapon is much lighter than it should be, not to mention that its grip is smaller than usual so Megumi can grip it comfortably.

    Personality: As herself, Megumi is one of the friendliest and most cheerful people you will ever meet despite her disability. She will always attempt to make friends with everyone she meets regardless of the difficulties she encounters. She also does not like seeing sad faces around her, so she will always attempt to cheer everybody up, and does not give up until she succeeds. Her resolve seems to be nearly unbreakable, as she continues fighting in even completely hopeless circumstances. She is also honest to a fault, and expects everybody to behave the same way, but will probe them endlessly if she thinks they are not admitting the truth.

    In her Lady White persona, Megumi is much more calm and constructive. She will think carefully about her responses to any comments that are made, careful not to offend anybody, and will politely refuse to answer questions that she thinks she can not properly answer. She still remains very friendly and welcoming though, but prefers to avoid personal topics. She is seen as a mysterious figure by the online community because she refuses to appear at conventions or to share her real identity with the internet, and the mystery is a part of her appeal.

    However, these personalities conceal the softer core of Megumi. Deep down, she is a bit of a perfectionist, never quite forgiving her own mistakes. She is also insecure about herself and has some trust issues as she is not willing to discuss her own life or problems in detail, or she avoids mentioning them at all.

    History: Megumi was born to a Japanese mother and an English father in 1996. Her mother was disowned by her family because she married a foreign man instead of a Japanese one like they planned her to do. The family moved to America just one year after her birth, where she lived an ordinary childhood. She did not really have much contact with her father, though, who was busy with his work. She spent most of her time with her friends or her mother, but did not have any serious issues.

    However, when she turned seven, an incident that she refuses to discuss left her mute for life. She lost her mother in a car accident a few weeks later, so her overly busy father decided to let his relatives take care of her. While they tried to act as a loving family for her, Megumi was too devastated by the recent events to open up to her new family or to her new classmates. She just wanted to have her mother and her voice back, and refused to learn any form of sign language initially. It took her several months to come to terms with her disability, but she could not accept her mother’s death so easily, and became very reclusive.

    Instead of interacting with people her age, Megumi chose the world of books and the internet. She was fascinated by the worlds that authors could create, but she was also amazed at the creations of the online community, especially the tremendous amount of video reviews and video logs. She was amazed by how people managed to make money by just talking, so she has decided that she would establish her own series. She started looking into voice manipulation software and developed an interest in physics along with the phonetics of languages. As she listened to videos in foreign languages, she found herself picking up bits and pieces from their vocabulary, eventually becoming capable of writing in them. Megumi used this talent to expand her circle of reading and knowledge.

    She soon found out that her goal was impossible, but she did not give up on her dream. Instead, she started to produce silent videos for her own pleasure and as a learning tool to see what worked on screen and what did not. She showed these videos to her small circle of friends primarily, who seemed to like them, and spread the word. Through these videos, the circle of Megumi’s friends expanded slowly, not to mention that she started coming out of her shell as well, becoming more sociable. She decided against putting her videos on the internet, though as she was still shy about people paying too much attention to her, not to mention she was too young to fully immerse herself in the internet.

    The true turning point in Megumi’s life came when she turned sixteen, and found an injured Eurasian Eagle Owl with a strange pendant and a letter attached to his neck. After taking the animal to the vet, Megumi was surprised to find out that the letter established her as the owl’s owner. Naturally, this did not sit well with her or with her own parents, but as the clinic had no place to put the owl, so they had to take care of it at least temporarily, not to mention that the owl seemed to be very fond of Megumi. Megumi, however, was more curious about the pendant of the owl, so she started examining it. After she became bored of the pendant, she started to work on her math homework, when suddenly, the page she was working on burst into flames.

    What followed after that was hours of experimentation on finding out what caused the sudden flames, after which she finally found out about her powers involving symbols. Of course, her first thought went into creating a symbol that could create sound, but she knew how much work that would take, and decided that she would need experience to do a symbol like that. Thus, she took a page out of her beloved books, deciding to create an alter ego by the name of Ruby White Dame, whom she used to help people whenever and wherever she could. At first, her efforts were localised, but as she expanded her library of symbols, she slowly begun to appear in other cities as well. However, not many people have seen her form as she usually chose to disappear the moment the crisis was over. Unfortunately for her, though, Faceless was one of those who saw her, and seeing as she always acted in favour of the weak, he decided to make her his enemy.

    When Megumi turned eighteen, she was finally fully aware of her own abilities, so she started to construct the symbol that would enable her to speak, all the while gathering money for her own apartment. She soon moved out from her father’s relatives into her own living place, where she was finally able to complete the symbol that allowed her to speak. Deciding that she was old enough to make her appearance on the internet, Megumi created another alter ego she called Lady White, a serious person who analysed recent events on the international scale in great depth. She also continued her old silent shorts, and both series proved to be tremendously popular, mainly due to the simply huge variety of subtitles they had. Lady White’s popularity skyrocketed, and she soon became a well-known internet celebrity.

    When the Peach Ops was established, Megumi enlisted into it voluntarily, knowing that going against the government would be a bad idea.

    Magical theme: Law Manipulation. Megumi is able to manipulate the laws of physics, magic and probability by drawing symbols into the air or on any surface. Symbols that are drawn into the air will create a momentary effect, but otherwise, their effects last as long as the form of the symbol is not broken. She is only able to set up two permanent effects, though, and it is possible to interrupt her while she is drawing the symbols.

    Transformation and talisman: Jewel.jpg . It can easily fit into Megumi’s palm.

    Megumi grabs her talisman with her right hand and extends it to her side. She rotates it so that the blade-like end of the talisman faces away from her arm, then grabs onto the object, which transforms into the grip of her claymore. She then brings the grip to her chest, and grabs onto it with both of her hands, making the blade appear instantly. After that, Megumi closes her eyes, lets go of her claymore, which remains in front of her, and she starts to trace an arcane symbol in the air. As she traces the symbol, her clothes start glowing, and are slowly replaced by the clothes of Ruby White Dame. When she is finished, she grabs the claymore and opens her eyes, which are now red.

    Lady White has no transformation; Megumi must dress up as her on the spot.


    Personal Reality: The inside of Ruby White Dame’s clothes is embroidered with a network of complex symbols that link together and create a field of altered reality wrapped around Megumi. This field introduces the concept of Flash Surfaces to physics, short-lived, solid, two-dimensional planes that have a minimal chance of existence. By touching her left arm’s index finger to the outside of her thigh, Megumi is able to create a Flash Surface at her feet. The altered reality field also multiplies the kinetic vectors of her legs, allow her to accelerate and decelerate quickly. Together, these two effects enable Megumi to achieve an effect similar to flight, however, she has to be in contact with a surface to change her direction and she can not float in one place. If any part of Ruby White Dame’s clothing is destroyed, this symbol will start to behave erratically and Megumi will be forced to the ground.

    Hear My Voice: The room where Megumi records her Lady White persona’s videos is effectively one gigantic, overly complicated symbol that is a masterfully calculated manipulation of probability and physical laws. In this room, Megumi is capable of speaking, but only as long as the room remains quiet except for her voice and every object is in its precisely calculated place. She has also developed a less complicated version of this symbol that she can use to call for help, but it takes a long time to draw it, and it has to be placed on a surface.

    Ice Rink: By drawing four equilateral triangles with their tips touching and enclosing them in a circle, Megumi is able to eliminate friction on a surface four times the symbol’s size. This will make the affected area work like super-slippery ice until the symbol is destroyed. If this symbol is draw into the air, it will take effect on Megumi herself, reducing her friction to zero for a brief moment.

    Vector Failure: If Megumi draws a rectangle with both of its diagonals marked on a person or an object, the concept of vectors will cease to exist in a few millimetres around the target. This effectively freezes an opponent in place until reinforcements arrive. The only downside of this symbol is that the affected person or object can not be moved as long as it is active. When it is drawn into the air, this symbol creates a short-lived defensive field around Megumi that halts any projectile.

    Magic Jammer: By drawing a regular hexagon with a triangle touching three of its points, Megumi is able to nullify all magic on the inside of the hexagon, including her own. If she is on the inside of the symbol at the time of its creation, it will not take effect until she leaves the area. When drawn into the air, this symbol creates a short-lived defensive field around Megumi that blocks any magic.

    Wrong Place, Right Time: Drawing three circles with the same centre enclosed within four squares of different rotation enables Megumi to alter the probability of anything in the centre of the symbol existing elsewhere. Due to the complexity of this symbol, it is effectively a one-way mass teleport that can be used to cross large distances quickly. There is no air variant of this symbol as it would be too difficult to trace.

    Thunderclap: Megumi’s claymore has a barely visible, incomplete symbol on its grip, and if Megumi traces a triangle anywhere on the blade of the claymore, the symbol is completed. The symbol, a Greek cross with a circle halving its arms with a triangle above the top side of the cross, multiplies the kinetic energy of Megumi’s next attack and turns it directly into heat energy. The result is a powerful burst of air that functions as an ultra-short-range area-of-effect attack, capable of knocking opponents off their feet, accompanied by a sharp-sounding thunderclap. This symbol has no alternate effect.

    Sidekick animal: Koe, a particularly large Eurasian Eagle-Owl. He has a particularly strong voice, and his feathers have a slight red tint to them. He seems to appear out of nowhere whenever Megumi transforms into Ruby White Dame, but can be occasionally seen with her when she is in her civilian form, magically disguising himself as an ordinary owl.

    Special non-magical skills: Megumi is a lingual genius, and she is fluent in many spoken and sign languages. She also has an extensive knowledge of traditional physics, and she is quite good at math.

    Weakness: Because of her disability, Megumi is physically unable to call for help unless she uses her magic. Despite the strong front she puts up, she is more vulnerable emotionally than your standard person. She also has a tendency to push herself to exhaustion.

    Motivation: Megumi wants to overcome the limitations imposed upon her by ability, and wants to prove to herself that she is not useless or a burden.

    Major possessions: Her apartment, her car, a computer, a high-quality camera.

    Quirks: If she is eating something that she has to hold in her hand, she will put it in her mouth if she wants to use her hands, even if she could put it down somewhere. She always starts reading a book if she is bored, and she is very unwilling to put her book down unless something demands her immediate attention.

    Theme song: [video=youtube;ijGvLA5YYiU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijGvLA5YYiU[/video]

    Favourite colour: Red and white.

    Favourite food/drink: Apples and strawberries.

    Things you find in a pocket of their civvies: At least four sharpies, a medium-size notepad, a pen, a mechanical pencil, a mobile phone, a wallet with some money in it, identification cards and a book, her transformation talisman.

    Scene sample: After one particularly long day at the Peach Ops, Megumi was incredibly glad to be home. Her limbs were sore from the training that her commander put her through, and her body felt like it was on fire. The humid, suffocating heat did not help her cause either, nor did the fact that she left her windows closed. This meant that her whole apartment turned into the equivalent of a home-made tanning bed, so she immediately rushed to the window, turned the handles and almost ripped it off its hinges as she opened it.

    Breathing the hot air slowly, Megumi reminded herself that the air inside was even hotter, not to mention that there was at least a small breeze on the outside that carried a brief hint of cold air with it, even if it was just an illusion of the senses. However, the sound of the cars and the smell of the city soon ruined the idyllic picture that she painted for herself, but she kept the window open regardless as she did not want to suffocate from the heat. This reminded Megumi that she should buy an air conditioner, or at least a small fan that helped her relax, but at the moment, such things were out of her league. She was glad she could pay for her own food and apartment.

    Megumi blew the air out of her lungs, making a barely audible sound, then stood in front of the bookshelf on the left hand side of the apartment. She had to record an episode for Lad y White this week, and as she has already compiled the script yesterday, she decided that today evening would be a perfect time, even despite the fact she was deadly tired. Sure, it may take her a few dozen takes to get everything right, but at least, she will have done Lady White persona’s work for the week.

    Personal Villain Character Sheet:

    Name: Daichi Kurosawa

    Alias: Faceless

    Description: Daichi is a young, fragile man in his twenties. He has short, black hair and dark brown eyes, and an unremarkable, perfectly average face. People tend to forget him the moment when he is out of their sight, and sometimes not even his own best friends can recognise him. His only trademark is that he always wears a grey jacket, a grey pullover and blue jeans regardless of the weather. He works at the City Library as a librarian.

    Any alternate descriptions: Faceless appears as a young man covered in dark blue clothes, his face covered by an oval-shaped silver mask that has a horizontal black line where the eyes should be. He has two short swords in the scabbards attached to his back, and a number of gadgets on his belt. Faceless is an extraordinarily skilled infiltrator, capable of breaking into even highly guarded places.

    Personality: Daichi is a pleasant, friendly young man who has a sunny outlook on life. He seems to be an eternal optimist, and is happy with his lot in life. However, this is only a façade that covers his real personality. He is a daredevil and a thrill-seeker who simply can not lead a normal life. He has to be in danger to feel right, so he will always try to pull off dangerous stunts, even going as far as stealing seemingly random and meaningless objects just to get the police on his tail.

    Power theme: Stealth.


    Absolute Silence: Faceless has learned how to walk silently on almost every single surface, and remain completely silent under any circumstance.

    Ariadne’s Thread: Daichi has developed an unparalleled sense of direction, which makes him able to easily navigate any area without a map or prior knowledge of its layout. This sense of direction is by no means flawless, though, and it can take him a while to find his target.

    Smokescreen: Faceless throws a smoke grenade, engulfing his surroundings in an almost supernaturally thick smoke. He can use this to either get away, or eliminate his opponents while the smoke clears up.

    Gadgets: Faceless has a wide variety of gadgets that help him navigate places, such as metal claws for climbing walls, a grappling hook, night vision goggles, a rope, industrial-strength sticky pads and much more.

    Age: 24

    Why are they a villain?: Daichi simply enjoys being chased and playing games with the cops, but he considers the Peach Ops far more worthy of his attention.

    Relationship with your character: Ever since Ruby White Dame foiled one of his thefts, Daichi viewed her as his direct opposite, a person who does everything because of their duty, and not for fun. He also realised that she would be willing to chase him until she finally catches him, so Daichi is always trying to find ways to provoke her. He is also interested in the extraordinarily quiet girl that always visits the City Library, figuring that she would be similar to him.

    Status: Alive and free.

    Extra Stuff: Theme song: [video=youtube;9dmAN8FtURU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dmAN8FtURU[/video]


    Megumi’s apartment:
    Located in the outskirts of the city, Megumi’s apartment is what one would expect for a cheap place of living. It is composed of three rooms, the main room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The main room compresses the bedroom, living room and kitchen into one. A row of waist-high cupboards separate the living room and the kitchen, containing silverware and pots. The kitchen has a small electric stove and oven, a miniature fridge plus a small rubbish bin inside one of the cupboards. The living room / bedroom part of the apartment is a row of cupboards and bookshelves full of books on the right hand side, a table in the centre with four chairs, and a bed under the window, to the back of the wall. The cage of Koe is located next to the bed. Near the row of cupboards in the kitchen is the door to the bath, and a strategically placed bookshelf with a few books on it blocks the access to the part of the apartment that Megumi converted into her recording place.

    The City Library: The City Library is in the centre of the city, and is a rather large building for a city of this size. It has two floors, the first floor serving as a place to read, study, browse the internet on the public computers or study quietly, while the second floor serves as the library itself. The structure has been recently built, but blends into the city really well, and it has become one of Megumi’s favourite spots in the city because the sheer amount of material it has. She usually does her research for her videos as Lady White in this library, or just hangs out for pleasure. The library also offers a special service: they can order a copies of books for you if you want to buy them.

    Plot ideas:
    Megumi tries to cheer someone up, but fails in increasingly hilarious and impossible ways.
    Someone from the team discovers why Megumi always covers her neck.
    After a mission that goes badly, Megumi starts to mope and accidentally reveals her insecurity to someone.
    Daichi infiltrates the Peach Ops headquarters and wreaks havoc.

    Any other notes or wants for the campaign:
  12. TK, got any idea what sort of character you want to play? I'm trying to get an idea of group composition.
  13. Okay, guys, I need to ask a question about "camera focus". Do you want me to actively switch between groups of people when you are split up or do you just want to all post at once but just within the group you are with? The former is more tv show like, the latter will let people post whenever they are up to it.
  14. A kooky wiseman/girl.... knows some things, but is somewhat odd.
  15. Would you explicate the question? Does the first scenario mean only specified characters should play at the time (and that then we'll be waiting on people to post, with assigned turns)? The latter seems to be how I'm used to playing.

    (Using all my big words today.)
  16. Definitely in.

    Char idea would range from slightly tomboyish to almost gangster like. Depends on what you would like to work with Revi.
  17. The main difference is that the former is more cinematic, while the latter is normal gameplay style. The former will have times where only a handful of people are playing.

  18. Zen, I like the tomboy idea!
  19. Okay, so another question, or rather, pair of questions. Do you guys want to have random manga effects? Think cat ears that appear and vanish again after a frame or two, random sparkles and rosepetals, dramatic momentary backgrounds, stuff like that. We would just write them into our posts.

    Secondly, I could be possibly talked into throwing a bit of omake content to make you guys laugh. I cannot guarantee total funny, but I can try to write little non canon vignettes for after occasional episodes.
  20. My parody sense is tingling. I like it.
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