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  1. HELLO!

    Welcome to my highly specific request thread... ^-^ehe..
    Thanks for clicking :)

    I am looking for someone who is willing to play a male character who would eventually end up falling in love with the character I will be playing: Marvel's X-23/Laura Kinney

    I need a partner capable of:

    -Decent grammar skills
    -Communicating in OOC via pm
    -Contributing ideas, character development, and plot progression
    -Post length appropriate for the setting/situation (most should match my length; usually 2-3 paragraphs at least)
    - Politeness and respect.
    - Telling me when I do something you don't like, or if you’re uncomfortable with where the story is going.
    - Being a human being at least 16 years or older. I'm sure you're a great person and I'm not questioning your maturity, but it would make me feel kinda awkward.
    -Chatting anytime, be it about our plot or anything else.

    That being said, this won't be a first come, first serve sort of request. If you're interested, please send me a pm and I'll respond to the conversation when I've decided on the best rp partner for this particular story. If you're a writer that seems competent enough to work well with me and stuff, I'll let you know. So if you're uncomfortable with me reading through some of your posts in other rps, just let me know in the message and i'll only look at posts that you link, or you can even insert a few writing samples and/or a CS with a detailed history like this one:

    MY X-23

    (please read X-23's history from my CS^)
    Plot Draft so far

    (definitely willing to modify especially concerning Your Character (YC), as long as you can bring alternate ideas to the table):

    Laura is now 18 and still searching for new leads on Wolverine's location, but hasn't had much luck until she walks into a nondescript coffeeshop, lured in by the sound of music from a talented guitarist (YC) on a makeshift stage. Initially distracted by the scent of coffee and baked goods, she doesn't notice the faint scent of her older clone on YC until she walks up close to the stage. Recognizing the scent as something close enough to her own, she goes after the lead as soon possible, cornering YC in the nearest alley and prepared to interrogate if need be. However, he had his own way of defending himself (you choose the mutant powers, but it would behoove him to have a mental ability, like manipulating emotions or something like that.) Though he doesn't tell her immediately, he just came from Xavier's institute. Now that he's learned to control his powers and decided he's old enough to seek out a life of his own (18,19,20 yrs old), he's doing just that in the Big Apple.
    But Laura interrupts all that. She lies to him to get him to take her to the institute (even though Wolverine only comes by once in awhile), but they can't take normal means of transportation to get there, since its location is so secret and out of the way in Westchester county. So the pair end up hiking quite a bit to get there (getting to know each other a bit along the way), and on their way, get attacked by The Facility who are still hunting her down. Except this time, they've taken more extreme measures and though the pair manage to get away, they find that Laura has been poisoned in order to subdue her. So YC has to take her the last short leg of the way to the institute and they save her life there. when she wakes, she meets Charles Xavier and allows herself to be convinced to stay since Wolverine isn't around. She knew he would return sometime and she was willing to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, she meets some of the other mutants and softens a bit, wishing she could have had a life like so many of the students at the institute instead of the cold white walls she's been raised in for most of her life. YC and Laura get closer then too even though she feels kind of guilty for lying to everyone about why she wants to meet with Wolverine in the first place.
    When Wolverine returns, she learns that he'd been gone from New York periodically because he was searching for her. He had been given a letter from Sarah Kinney about X-23's existence before Laura destroyed everything.
    Though they had quite a fight, neither were killed and Laura finally seemed to realize she wanted to live, that she had a chance at the Institute. That is until one day when she's walking along the grounds with YC and they're both taken by The Facility. Laura had unintentionally led them right to a whole school full of mutants to experiment with and now, simply because she allowed herself to care about YC, he was stuck in this hellish nightmare with her.

    ...aaaand that's all i've got so far...

    So if you're interested, please PM me! I can't wait to see how this adventure might turn out!


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  2. I'd be interested in something like this.
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