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  1. We are FULL, sorry :(!
    Free Spots may appear later, though!

    Current Cast:

    Hirondelle - Narrator, NPC, GM, what have you!
    Caramon Zero - Male Main Character
    Mistress - Female Main Character
    Do you know of Visual Novels? You are about to play around with one! Set in Japan in the year 2015, and starting in March just a few days before the start of a new school year, two fraternal twin will be basically sold as spouses by their father to his business partner's two children who are in fact a nightmare to date, never mind to marry!

    So what do two poor foreigners teens entering their senior and final year of high school do all alone in Japan? Why, try to find suitable spouses of their own choosing before their wedding next year, of course! It won't be easy, but that's better than a loveless marriage, right? Or perhaps you would prefer have them find love and fortune both with their intended and taming the wild spirits?

    Only you can choose!

    Now, why don't we create you basic character? On top of the basic, they will have stats hanging from one to ten that will decide is an action is feasible or not, the maximum score they could have in any stat being 100, but with only 365 days and a busy schedule to take care of, a perfect character will be impossible, so choose your strength and play with them!

    There is the Character Sheet, fill it up and enjoy!

    Birth Day: (Must be after March 23th)



    Stats (Put a total of 25 points in those, the minimum being 1)

    And that's it! I hope us all to have plenty of fun together!
  2. Name: Hannah Bailey
    Gender: Female
    Birth Day: July 25

    Hannah always presents herself as someone intimidating and sometimes very aggressive. It's common to find her in fights and in the company of other shady teens. However, she is really quite naive and clueless (but does well in tests) and the troublemakers she often hangs out with takes advantage of her. She has a habit of doing whatever she pleases but will always treasure what few friends she has.
    She grew up in America where she spent nearly most of her childhood protecting her little brother from bullies. Because of her being into fights with the tough kids, she was nicknamed the Dragon Lady of Hayes Street. But because of this image, many people steer clear from her leaving her quite lonely.

    After her mother had been drunk enough to agree that her eldest daughter be wed to a business partner's son, Hannah was dragged to Japan and now must figure out how to fight her way in this ridiculous situation.

    Likes: kimono, the beach, strawberry-flavored anything
    Dislikes: cellphones, bullies, books
    Motto: "I'll be the bad guy, if it means I can protect you."

    Stats (Put a total of 25 points in those, the minimum being 1)
    Intelligence: 6
    Charisma: 4
    Empathy: 3
    Courage: 7
    Willpower: 5
  3. Name: Olivia Draconis Lilandros
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 26

    Drake is a young man with a body built like a tank, with broad shoulders, large hands and feet, a large torso, long arms, and long legs. Despite this, he has a friendly face, yet small, sad eyes, which is why he prefers to wear sunglasses to cover them in conjunction to his sensitivity to light. His eyes reflect his mood, yet most only see them when they're blue or green. His skin is mis-matched, with his outer areas ranging from tan to a bright red, and his inner areas being anywhere from a light tan to pale white with freckles.
    His school attire matches the uniform in all but color, taking the lighter colors, and turning them to their darker extremes, the only pieces that are truly his own are the crimson scarf, which he mainly only uses in winter or when he believes it's cold, a midnight blue collar with a golden cross dangling from it by a short, black chain, a white and sky blue trenchcoat with silver trim, and his black and crimson shoes.
    His home attire is usually a simple pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, yet he'll wear whatever he digs out of his closet.

    Despite his demeanor, Drake is a rather emotional type of guy. He enjoys helping others, but always tries to do things on his own, as he doesn't desire to burden others with his problems.
    He hates both being scolded and being praised, yet he doesn't mind the scolding if it was for doing something for someone he cares about.
    He may seem rather childish and slow, but he actually uses the former as a way to learn more about those he's around, while the latter is due to his ability to understand things rather well if given time, but not so much if he's forced to rush.
    He will willingly put himself in danger to protect others, yet he is very shy and modest at almost all other times.
    He has become more open since middle school, yet he is still primarily an introvert, and does his best to not let others see his negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, and depression.
    He has OCADD, which is a combination of OCD and ADD that causes him to want to get things done right, but quickly, causing him to leave certain projects unfinished until he's able to find solutions to any problems he runs in to.

    Named after his paternal grandmother and his maternal great-grandfather, according to the birth certificate found with him, Olivia Draconis Lilandros was adopted by the family he lived with until just recently, who happened to have a daughter whose birthday was a day before his, allowing them to pass for fraternal twins as they grew up together.
    Throughout his schooling, he made fairly decent grades, yet he never felt a need to use his full potential in such an environment, due to the classes boring him, eventually causing his grades to slowly drop, leading to barely passing grades throughout the remainder of middle school and most of high school.
    When he was 15, he found his birth certificate, discovering his true parentage, yet keeping the knowledge to himself so as not to cause trouble for his 'sister', who had given up so much due to her having to protect him throughout their lives.
    After his second year of high school, Drake was sent to Japan to continue his schooling, not discovering the true purpose of his moving into the apartment next to his "sister's" until it was the day before the school year started: he had to find a bride before graduation, or he would be forced to marry a woman who he'd never even met, and based on what he was told of her, he didn't want to have anything to do with her.
    Having been told that Hannah had been branded with a similar fate, Drake has decided to do his best to help her, no matter what the personal cost may be.

    Drake enjoys video games, soccer, various martial arts, most types of meat, cooking, gardening, dancing, singing, movies, and spending time with his 'sister'.

    Drake is very particular about many things, so it would be difficult to descibe a complete list of all of his pet peeves and irritations.

    "I'll be your hero some day, just like how you've always been mine."

    Intelligence: 6
    Charisma: 3
    Empathy: 7
    Courage: 4
    Willpower: 5
  4. Sorry it took so long, I fell asleep for 6 arns, and it took me several hours more to write all that, due to me going over it over and over to rewrite it as best I could.
    Is there anything you think I should change, or does it look good enough as it is?
  5. I love them both, very cute concepts :)!
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  6. So, how's the IC thread coming along?
    This whole idea's got me ready for anything. XD
  7. It's unfortunately not started yet, but I will work on it soon, I just need to get caught up in my one on one schedule :)
  8. I was just curious is all.
    Take all the time you need, Nell, I'm sure Misty's got more patience than I do, so don't worry about the when.
    We signed up for it, so there's nothing saying it has to be started the second we get our characters ready, right? XD
    It's your play, and we're your ad-lib actors, so as long as you don't rush everything trying to get it all done, it should be fine, right? ^.-
  9. Hear, hear.
  10. Yeah, thanks for your understanding, I want to make this fun for the three of us :)
  11. Honestly, I'm already having fun.
    It's not very often when a guy gets to sit down and spend time with such lovely flowers. XD
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  12. Heh, I intend to make each day separated in the following time slots:

    Early Morning, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening. Each will have a spot to do as you want and therefore a small event or learning opportunity.
  13. I like the idea.
    Our characters will know a lot about each other that way.
    Where will they live by the way?
  14. The Yamegawa Residence, a former Geisha house remade into an apartment building in Kyoto. (all will be fictional,of course.)
  15. The location of the apartments, as well as what kind they are could determine several factors, such as how early they have to get up for school, and if they interact with one another at certain times of day.
    Geisha houses could end up becoming fairly large, so is this like an average apartment building, or something a bit different?
  16. That's a bit like an apartment building and a motel set, with an inner courtyard and with multiple buildings holding five to ten apartments each. For the sake of convenience, let's say school starts at eight.

    On a similar note, here is the IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/m-married.46146/
  17. So the characters will be living in their own apartment?
    Will Hannah and Drake be together in the limo?
  18. Yup, they were together all the way until their arrival in their respective rooms.
  19. Uhoh, Drake will be a tough customer xD!
  20. Well, you didn't want me to make things too easy for you, did you? XD
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