M-married?! A Comedic and Romantic Visual Novel

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  1. You are new to these parts, this school, this country, even, and as you make your way to your new home in Japan nothing unusual could happen, right?


    You have exactly one year to find the one you will like to marry or you will be promised to your host's child, a haughty and demanding diva or a irredeemable playboy, your future 'betrothed' loathing you. What would you do? You are on your last year of high school with no knowledge of the people or the culture, with no way back.

    This is a nightmare, or maybe will you be able to turn it into a blessing? Find your soul mate or tame the shrew, either way, you will be a married college student next year.


    I'm seeking someone, or two someones to play in a sandbox I will spin to all of our hopeful enjoyments. I would love for us to chat and swap ideas, and will make my best attempts to make believable and enjoyable possible friends and romantics interests.

    So, if interested, give this a shout, will you :)?
  2. Sounds fun.
  3. Hahahaha!
    I'm interested.
  4. Excellent, would you rather we do this as a team or would you two rather I make one one on one rp for each of you?
  5. I'm a team girl.
  6. "Life's more fun with friends", right?
    Group works for me as well.
  7. Great, that will makes things easier for me, then :)!

    What would you like to see in this roleplay?
  8. I don't know. I like a lot of thngs, but, honestly, I'm a very indecisive person.
    I really don't mind adapting to whatever you decide to throw my way, since it'll let my character grow from each experience, and allow him to ultimately decide exactly what he wants to do with himself.
  9. I'm not very picky either.
    It would be fun to have the yakuza push us around though.
    Just a suggestion.
  10. Ooh~ shady dealings!
    Alright, I'll try to come up with suitably entertaining scenes,then :)!
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Thread Status:
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