M/M Scenario-Based Plot Ideas Anyone?

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  1. Some key points to start off with:
    • First and foremost, I suggest reading my résumé.
    • First come first served; I will not double up on plots, pairings, or scenarios.
    • Multiple characters are allowed. In fact, it's encouraged.
    • I play dominate, submissive, and characters who are both. Please respect that.
    • I won't ask for much, but please avoid one liners. At least two to three complete sentences minimum. Five to eight complete sentences preferably.
    • I will require readable grammar.
    • Sometimes I'll use a light background (Opal) and a dark background (Jade). Use your best judgement with colors, that's all I ask.
    • Yes, I will start! Whether or not we use skeletons is completely up to you. I honestly prefer jumping in though.
    Below are some scenarios simply because I couldn't think of a better way of presenting these snippets of thought. All characters are opened to be replaced with your own character and/or played; you do not have to play the character from which the point of view is being told from. They're just random people I chose to 'model' or act out the scenario. Each scenario can be interpreted differently, edited in any way, and build upon entirely. Additionally, the scenarios do not have to appear in the roleplay. They're just there to look pretty and give a decent idea on what I'm thinking.

    WWolfxWWolf (open)
    Stop! Hold everything. This is a werewolf x werewolf roleplay idea. The lore I would like to use is that werewolves originate from a curse the moon goddess gave a mortal centuries before the Roleplay even takes place. Or not depending on the time this is taking place in. Thus, they do not have the freedom to freely shift. That is reserved for shapeshifters who are decedents from skinwalkers. But the wolf entity and the human entity do share a body and the wolf sometimes takes over or possesses the body they share without shifting. A young or inexperienced werewolf will sometimes gain animalistic characteristics though, like ears and even a tail. It's not until the full moon do the wolves actually shift. If you want to involve packs, just say so!

    Dun dada dah! Confused? Here's what's up, the human entity and the wolf entity in one of the characters don't exactly see eye to eye, especially since one just wants to hurry up and find a mate while the other just wants to fuck around. This leads to some emotion abuse towards the wolf entity on the human's part. The other werewolf gets involved with their conflict somehow, and that's my idea :D

    TAKEN (open)
    This idea is obviously less developed than the first and can probably utilize any combination of pairing but I thought a DemonxAssassin would be interesting. Basically, for whatever reason, an assassin has taken refuge in the abandoned, crumbling building and the Demon or whatever gets the pleasure of discovering him. Dundundun!
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  2. Your Assassin x Demon one I am quite interested in.
  3. Sweet :D Want to add anything to it?
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  4. Hmm... None that I can think of.
  5. Alright ^.^ Character skeletons or no?
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  6. I do prefer them.
  7. So...






    That alright?
  8. That'll do. ^^
  9. Which would you like to play?
  10. The Assassin if that is okay.
  11. Wouldn't have gave you you a choice if it wasn't ;)
  12. Lol, okays. XD
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  14. What? No it's totally fine. XD Though that starter is kind of intimidating.
  15. Hehe ^^ Don't mind the starter xD I always get carried away.
  16. Oh yes and one other question who is the Seme and the Uke?
  17. Good question o.0 I can play either with no problems so you can choose or let the Roleplay run it's course and decide then.
  18. Alright then. idk if I will get my reply up tonight, but for sure it will be up tomorrow.
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  19. Are we still doing this?
  20. Oh, yes we are. I apologize for that. My great grandmother passed away so things have been.... hard.
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