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  1. Here's the plot:

    A is doomed to die before he turns eighteen. It's unstoppable. The only problem is that A's enemy, B, is the only one who knows. How does he know? He has visions of all kinds.. Specifically ones that end in tragedy. It's something that he's kept to himself for years. When he forsees A's death, he leaves it as a dream until things start to come into play, small in incidents that could have caused the final tragedy. At first B thinks he's just being paranoid and his conscious is trying to guilt him into telling A of his fate.

    Eventually, months before A's birthday, the two embark on a journey for a cure for the apparent curse placed upon A. Along the way, they learn to forgive each other's mistakes and find love.

    However, we don't have to do this one. I'd be happy to do any M/M with anyone who's willing. That's the honest truth.
  2. Re: M/M *dark* RP

  3. I'm up for this, it sounds awesome!
  4. Really? Awesome!
  5. ^_^ Yup. So then would we do this over PM, in a onexone thread or...?
  6. I haven't made enough posts for PMs, yet. I don't think. This might count as a sixth post. So, wherever. Um... We need to make a thread in the actual onexone forums when we have it smoothed over the way we want it. :)
  7. Okay! So then how did A and B become enemies exactly? Was it because of something stupid and small when they were young, or something bigger when they were slightly older, or is it just because they don't like each other? Does A know he's doomed to die before he's 18? Also, who would play A and who would play B?

    ^-^; Hehe, sorry for all the questions...
  8. Enemies: Something when they were older sounds nice. I think, that maybe, something happened in their childhood and then something older so that they can hold onto the 'hate'.

    A: doesn't know. He's completely oblivious.

    A or B: I'll leave the choice to you, I don't mind either way. :)

    No problem! Questions make it a better, more realistic RP. :)
  9. I quite like that idea as well. Perhaps there was some stupid playground spat while they were in elementary school and when they were in middle school or high school something happened with some girl that they both liked?

    Okay, I think I would be more interested in playing A if that's okay with you? If you'd prefer though I can play B. ^^

    So with A being doomed to die before he turns 18, how is he supposed to meet his demise then? Also, is he doomed because of some family curse where a certain son was doomed to die before hitting 18 or just death looking to take a young soul?

    That's good then. ^_^
  10. You actually remind me a lot of one of my favorite people to RP with.

    Yeah, I like that idea. So, stupid childhood spat in elementary school and then a crush on the same girl during middle school.

    I'll play B. :) I'm fine with it.

    I was thinking something like a family curse. A is the first son in years and he's taken by the curse since he fits the requirements.
  11. So I take it that's good?

    :3 Sounds perfect.

    Okay. ^_^ I look forward to playing the oblivious A. :3

    I really like the idea of a family curse.
  12. It's a great thing! :)

    I do, too! :)

    So, shall I make the thread? And what should I name if?
  13. Then yay! :D

    Woo. :3

    Yes and um...... Something relevant to the plot?
  14. Okay. I'll call it.. Forever 17.