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  1. Hello !! I was wondering it anyone would like to do a slice of life romance roleplay with me...
    I'm up to lots of different plots, so if you have any plot you would wish to use, feel free to tell me !

    Just a few things:

    I am not very good at English, often lacking in vocabulary... But I'll try my best to improve...!!
    I normally write about one to three paragraphs. (I can go more than that, but it depends.) I don't give one liners, of course.
    I like smut, though I'm still in need to experience to roleplay it well. ;;;
    I usually play the bottom / uke. ovo;;
    I enjoy kinks and fetishes, so if you have any, please tell me ! ovo

    I have some OCs I would like to use for the rp, so please tell me which one are you interested in !
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    Character Name: Morino Taiyou 森野 太陽
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human, Japanese
    Age: 21
    Birthplace/World: Japan
    Occupation/School/Grade: University student / Working part-time as a florist
    D.O.B: 22nd August


    General Appearance:
    This guy would remind you of a loyal dog.
    His skin slightly tanned, which made him seem like a sporty person.
    He has neat, black hair which reached slightly below his jawline. His fringe parted to the right and is also bleached to match the colour of the sand.
    He has droopy eyes the colour of varnished wood, his double eyelid hidden.
    He has a thin build as his shoulders aren't as broad, but he do have muscles.
    He usually wears a smile on his face, but there are times where he can look moody.

    He has great strength, being able to carry someone almost twice his weight while running. (Though not for long)
    He is fast on his feet.
    He's good at hands on studying / learning.

    He's a slow learner, really bad at theory.
    He tends to keep a lot of unhappy things to himself.
    He gets sick really easily despite exercising quite a lot. (Fever, flu, etc.)

    Height: 5'8" / 172 CM
    Weight: 150 Pounds / 68KG


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Get out of university and get a proper job.

    Running, getting along with animals and children easily, cooking (nothing fancy.)

    Staying focused for a long time, languages (He's only capable of speaking Japanese and a tiny bit of broken English.), Singing / any musical related things

    Death, deep water.
    He's also rather scared of dolls with big eyes.

    General Personality:
    Loyal, Warm-hearted, Straightfoward, Kind of (?) Mysterious

    Taiyou comes off as a guy with a bright personality, he smiles at almost everyone who made eye contact with him and he is popular with animals and kids. Working part-time at a friend's florist, he is also popular with the customers. (Who are mainly old ladies and housewives.) He's loyal, always there to back a friend up and help out whenever he can. Someone who would push away his busy schedule when his loved ones are in need of help. He's warm-hearted, a really loving person who would not let anyone feel out of place. His straightforwardness is the only thing that was frowned upon, he couldn't seem to shut up at times. Though he said those things out of kindness, it always comes off as insensitive. Luckily for him, he do know when to apologize. Taiyou is also the type of person who wouldn't share much information about himself. He's good listener in general, according to those who had spoken to him before.

    Inner Personality:
    Romantic, Possessive, Emotional

    Despite how he appears all happy-go-lucky to others, he's actually really weak on the inside. He's the type who would hide all his troubles to himself then curls up in his blanket and cry all night. He likes watching romance drama a lot, and always fantasizes about different scenarios. He's really loyal, sure, but that also leads to him being possessive. He couldn't stand the sight of his lover being close to others, though he wouldn't say it out, of course.

    He actually enjoys crossdressing. (Secretly, at home, with the clothes well-hidden.)

    Taiyou's horoscope is Leo.
    His favourite food is Miso ramen. (Since it's really simple and he can cook it himself.)


    General History:
    Taiyou grew up in Osaka and moved to the city area in Tokyo when he was thirteen. He was often teased by his classmates, which he thought was because of his accent. Though he soon realised that he wasn't teased because of that, but because of a rumour saying that he's a homosexual. That was to be expected, of course, since Taiyou didn't like any girl before and are only friends with guys. Taiyou had no choice but to suck it up, smile and deny it politely - much to his classmates' dismay.

    When he was sixteen, he had a crush on his close friend. But they're both guys, so he kept it a one-sided feeling. Though one day, he accidentally confessed to his crush while chatting. He got so embarrassed that he ran away crying and skipped school for a day. As he returned to school the next day, the teasing happened again. His "close friend" seemed more distant. Though he did the same thing he did back then, just smile. But this time, he didn't deny the fact that he likes guys.

    He came out to his parents on his seventeenth birthday. To his surprise, they didn't mind it one bit as they already knew about that from the other parents and had came to accept him. This made him really happy and it gave him the strength to keep going on.

    As he entered his third year of high school, he befriended a guy, Inoguchi Himawari, who was working part-time as a florist along with his younger brother, Inoguchi Masaki. He decided to work there with his friend, who didn't mind the rumours at all.

    Present Life:
    Now that Taiyou is in university, he took up a course in gaming, but continued to work with Himawari and Masaki. They're pretty much his second family.

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    Name: Tsunami Hotaka 津浪 帆鷹
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan.
    Nationality: Japanese
    DOB: 17 February (Aquarius)

    General appearance:
    Albino - White hair and red eyes.
    His hair slightly wavy and kept short, never longer than his earlobes. Though the back of his hair reaches his collarbone. (Like a mullet ?)
    His eyes are round and has double eyelid.
    He has fair skin and an average built and height.
    He also smiles a lot.
    168CM ; 57KG

    He has a natural thing for sports.
    He's good at languages.

    Weak on subjects like maths and science.
    As confident as he might be, he gets flustered easily.
    Way too curious for his own good.
    He's kind of oblivious.

    Sports-related, Theory topics.

    Can't even do simple maths without the help of calculator.
    Couldn't exactly read the atmosphere, somewhat oblivious to his surrounding.

    Major injuries, clowns, horror stories.

    General personality:
    Cheerful, Optimistic, Childish, Confident.
    Hotaka is a generally happy-go-lucky guy. He's really cheerful and could think of anything in a good way. He's kind of childish, really playful and competitive. He's also quite timid, the type who would go days without sleep just because he watched a horror show. He's also really confident - especially when playing sports and presenting. Although he's always happy, he do show other emotions if necessary.

    Inner personality:
    Blur, Sensitive.
    Hotaka is a really blur guy, even though he doesn't show it, he gets confused quite easily. But he would just ask when in doubt. He's also quite sensitive - he would take things personally at times, but sometimes he would rather to keep it to himself.

    He likes sad, touching K-dramas. Only his family members know about this.

    General history:
    Being an albino, it's no surprise that he got teased often when he's younger. But the adults doted on him because he seemed frail. (Even though he's not.) He had no problem making friends and getting along with others when he got slightly older.

    He even got somewhat popular when he entered junior high school. Since his hair and eyes colour are natural, many of his friends envied him. Besides, that's one of the reasons he was popular with the girls. (The other reasons were that he's good at sports and studies.) Even so, he's not exactly interested in girls.

    Present life:
    He's living with his parents and grandmother, Hotaka is the only child.
    Being a second year in high school, he's coping well in both studies and his club acitivity. He's also the co-captain of the basketball team.

    Show Spoiler


    Character Name: Yoshiaki Yutaka 吉秋 豊
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human, Japanese
    Age: 18
    Birthplace/World: Japan
    Occupation/School/Grade: Third year in high school.
    D.O.B: April 18 (Aries)


    General Appearance:
    He has dark azure blue hair, not exactly neat, but was kept short, only his fringe are long enough to reach his nose. The left side of his hair are longer than the right.
    He has green eyes, tilted upwards - just like a cat's.
    He's skinny and rather tall. His features are delicate and his skin is fair, with a light tint of pink on his cheeks. (Just like a girl, though it's obvious that he's a guy.)

    Good at soccer.
    His sense of humour. (Which is pretty lame, but he thinks of it as a strength.)
    His ~*+looks+*~.
    He's optimistic.

    He's vain.
    Sometimes, he's a little too talkative.
    ^ Adding on to that, he's also bad at talking.

    Height: 175CM
    Weight: 53KG


    Soccer ! He can read really fast, too. (Though that doesn't necessary means that he's smart.)

    Holding a serious conversation.
    Interacting with girls.
    Holding back his emotions.

    Girls. (Besides his family members.) (He thinks that they're scary.)
    Being alone.

    General Personality:
    Bratty, Vain, Talkative, Weird ???
    Yutaka is bratty and rather insensitive, causing him not to have much friends. He can be rather talkative at times too, despite not knowing how to talk well. He has a weird and lame sense of humour. Though despite all these, he's pretty optimistic in general. He's also friendly, but for some reasons, he wasn't well-liked. He likes himself a lot since he finds himself really "beautiful", but to others, he's just plain vain. Yutaka also comes off as aloof at times.
    (Tsundere ???)

    Inner Personality:
    Loyal, Passionate, Caring.
    Despite how others think of him (insensitive, vain, weird, bratty...), he's acutally a nice boy who's really passionate and caring towards those who are close to him. He's proud, yes, but he's the type who would rush to other's help when needed - provided that you're close to him.

    His phone wallpaper was actually him, in a wig, makeup and dress. Though when asked, he would lie to others and tell them that it's his sister. (Though he doesn't have one.)


    General History:
    Yutaka had always liked himself a lot ever since he's a kid. He could sit in front of the mirror for hours just to admire himself. It can't be helped though, since his family were full of beautiful people. His mother would often dress him up as a girl (even until now.) and bring him out.

    Yutaka is from a rather rich family, but he does know how not to abuse his wealth and such. Though sometimes he would spend them on things he doesn't need. He rarely had any close friends in his previous schools, so he relies on his family a lot (especially his mother.). His siblings (one older and one younger) are all guys, actually, apart from his mother and grandmothers, his family mainly consist of males.

    Also, his father is the boss of a rising wine company and his mother is a lawyer. Yutaka has a pretty good relationship with his family as he spend quality time with them (willingly or not.). His elder brother is a technician and his younger brother is still in junior high school.

    He doesn't really like girls much since he was from private boys school when he was younger, though he had a girlfriend in his first year of high school, it doesn't end well.

    I don't actually have any plots in mind currently, I'm sorry. ;;;;
    H-hope that we can get along, too !

    Thank you guys for showing interest in rping with my ocs ! ;v;
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  2. hello I wouldnt mind Rp with you ^^
  3. Hello ! Aaa, glad to hear that. Is there any plot / setting / etc you would like to use ? c:
  4. oooh Im so interested :D
  5. I was thinking room mates.
  6. I wish to play!
  7. Hello, I'm interested in roleplaying with you :) I'm trying to improve my roleplaying skill and I like the sound of you're character! As for plot, I'm not to good at thinking up, but I was thinking maybe they could be penpals that planned to meet up since one (probably mine) was moving to Japan with family? I can think of something else if you would like but yeah. :)
  8. Glad that you're interested ! ;; Do you have any plots/settings you would wish to use ? Also, which character are you interested in ? Since I've just updated the list of OC I have. c:

    Hello ~ ^v^ May I know which character are you more interested in playing against ? c:

    Thank you ~! I like the plot too ! Which character would you prefer to play against ? ;v;
  9. I like the first guy, Morino Taiyou.
    Well I like them all but you know what I mean.
  10. Hmmm... That's tough I really like them all! But I think Morino Taiyou caught my interest the best. I'll make a character that would pair with him nicely!

  11. Aah, alright ! c: Could we discuss over PM or something, then ? o:
  12. Definitely the 3rd one
  13. c: Alright ! Would you mind continuing the discussing in PM ?
  14. i would like to join this rp as i am like the character Tsunami Hotaka

  15. Alright ~ c: Perhaps we could discuss more over PM ?
  16. that would be perfect
  17. yeah
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