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  1. Hi, I'm currently looking for a roleplay partner for some ideas that I have. All of them are basically re-tellings of different fairy tales.

    Sunshine Gold
    [Sleeping Beauty]
    A retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which a prince is cursed to fall into an ageless sleep until he receives true love's kiss after pricking his finger on his sixteenth birthday. However, he didn't prick his finger and he never fell asleep. The rest of the castle's occupants and the village's citizen's fell into an ageless sleep without him and he is confined to the castle, unable to leave without his true love's kiss.
    In a kingdom across the land, another prince receives a prophecy in which he will meet his true love on a quest when he is twenty. He will travel for seven days and seven nights, where in the end, he will travel to the highest room of the highest tower and wake his true love from their sleep. The prince's true love will have sunshine gold hair and eyes as blue as the sea.
    What happens when the prince's true love isn't as he imagined. Not with sunshine gold hair and eyes as blue as the sea, but with hair as dark as the night and eyes the color of an oak tree's bark?

    Sea Foam
    [The Little Mermaid]
    A merman who is intrigued by all things human, often watches those who travel across the sea by boat and those who stop to play in the sea or along the shore. On one of his surface visits, a ship wrecks and he saves a human, whom he had seen many times before, from drowning.
    When given the chance to be human by the sea witch, will he take it to learn more about the humans, more specifically the human who he saved? Will the human remember him and help him in his wish? Or will he turn to sea foam if his end of the bargain is not fulfilled?

    [Beauty and the Beast]
    A young man is cursed to look hideous to those he meets [I'll leave the looks up to you] after a rude meeting with a witch. With only a set amount of time to find someone who loves him for who he is inside before he stays that way forever, will he take a chance on the young male who is in need of a safe place to stay due to his father's past lifestyle?


    In which the heir of a large mafia clan is kidnapped at ten years of age in an attempt to defeat the head of the clan. He is hidden away with a new name and life, after loosing his memories due to head trauma, raised to be the perfect weapon against his family when the plan didn't work at first. He is trained specifically with a bow and arrow, given the code name Arrow.
    What happens when the head of the clan sends out a reward for the person who finds his son, and the person who finds him is the son of one of his father's men. Will Arrow regain his memories or continue to live as the living weapon?

    Let me know if you're interested or if you have another fairy tale idea.

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  2. I honestly like the first one very much.
  3. Really? I like it too...I got the idea from a fanfiction that I read. I don't plan on following it exactly, but I thought it would make a fun roleplay *smiles*
  4. So which person are you intent on playing?
  5. Omg... I would LOVE to do one inspired by Beauty and the Beast!!
  6. We can do that if you'd like *smiles*
  7. I would like to play as the prince who is cursed to sleep.
  8. Yay!!! Beauty and the Beas is like my all time favorite Disney movie!! I'll PM you in just a sec ^_^
  9. Alright *smiles*
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