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  1. I'm back from a hiatus, so I might still be a little blur about stuff... Sorry. uqu

    What I'm looking for:
    ● MxM
    ● Romance with plot and development !
    ● At least one paragraph.
    ● OOC chats
    ● Spelling & grammar. At least know the basics, that's all I'm asking for since I'm not really good in grammar myself.
    ● Original rp, please.
    ● Someone who won't mind waiting awhile for replies because I might be busy due to school at times.

    ● Slice of life
    ● School, work, etc.
    ● Fantasy !
    ● Drama (??)
    ● Romance
    ● Something light and fluffy-- uqu

    What I won't do:
    ● Incest, giants/giantess, humiliation play, hardcore BDSM, gore
    ● Drug related.
    ● Furry and pirates
    ● Canon character or play against one.

    Show Spoiler

    ● Peach-coloured spring - You were just going on with your daily routine and such, everything was going on pretty normally... Until a boy fell from the building nearby, landed in a stack of mattresses by the trash dump, and got up without any injuries. His peach-coloured hair made it easy to recognise him as the only son of the shrine owner. It was rumoured that he would bring good luck to those who're close with him and even better if they were to get into an intimate relationship. It sounded pretty dumb and such, but seeing how he just fell off the building and walked away without a scratch on him, it might be legit after all.
    (Setting will be in Japan for this.)

    ● Heart Beats - He is the young master of a wealthy family. Though not all stuck up and snobbish, he sure seemed hard to get close to. He never really had any friends, except his Pomeranian puppy, which he would bring with him around most of the times. One day, he decided to sneak out of his house to the local park with Pom... That's where you met him for the first time.

    ● Even if you avert your gaze: "Even if you avert your gaze, you'll still fall in love." That's what he told you. That came out rather loud, everyone was staring at the two of you. He's a friend of yours who's really cheerful and energetic. The two of you had been going for casual dates every now and then, since he was head over heels for you. To be honest, you felt like you might had just started to like the other, thought you couldn't be sure of it. It has became a habit for you to not look at him in the eyes ever since you started to feel weird while being with him, even after he tried everything to get you to look at him.

    ● Will you still love me ? : He's a popular guy in school, even though he's really blunt at times. He has a small group of close friends and was always seen with them. His blue hair made him stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb and one day while you were out, you noticed the familiar blue hair and tall figure... Though one thing different was that, even though the person looked almost exactly like him, it's a girl. Wearing a cute dress and had long, wavy hair on top of that. But the resemblance was so much you couldn't help but to be reminded of her whenever you see the guy afterwards.

    ● The tyrant who fell in love : He's a noisy, stubborn and selfish guy, also the leader of the school's gang. He's always full of himself and picking on the weaker. And even while being a troublemaker, his grades were miraculously decent. To be honest, he could be attractive if he wasn't such a tyrant. Though recently, this guy has gotten his eyes on some guy... And he would do everything to get his attention.

    ^v^ Please PM or comment if you're interested !

    If you have any ideas you would like to try, please feel free to tell me and we could use it !
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  2. I'm interested in the Heart beats, even if you avert your eyes, and the tyrant who fell in love. Whichever you want to do the most I'm game!
  3. Hihi, would you like to discuss over PM ? c: I'd like to do the Heart Beats plot with you !
  4. Hi, I really like your 'Even if you advert your eyes' plot idea. I would like to roleplay with you if you're up for it. *smiles*
  5. Hello ! Sure. c: Do you wanna discuss over pm about it ?
  6. I would love to, I can't tonight though. I have to go to sleep so I can be up for work in about six hours. I can message you tomorrow though when I get off.
  7. That's fine. c: I'll send you a pm so you can just reply to that when you get off.
  8. Omigosh! Hai!
    All the plots are so cute! I would love to do the "The tyrant who fell in love" with you! :D
  9. Hihi ! Sure. ^v^ Could you PM me so we could discuss more ? I'm on phone so it's a little hard to send PMs. ;;;
  10. Oh yeah, thats perfectly fine!
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