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Hi there!

I have a nice organized website here for you to take a look at. It includes some recent writing samples!
Home | Counting Foxes

And a quick intro before I force you to go read all of that, I suppose.

I'm 30+, I've been RPing for a LONG time (over 15 years... yes, I'm old). I do expect a strong grasp of English and grammar from my writing partners as well as a developed writing style. Mistakes and typos happen, and that's ok - I'm not perfect, either, and I'm not looking for perfection.

With that being said, I've found I usually get along best with those closer to my age. I'm most comfortable with writers who are 25+.

I'll be honest and say I find the whole search aspect of looking for compatible writers slightly stressful and time consuming. Thus, I'm looking for SERIOUS inquiries only. A lot of you probably share the feeling. Please, please, please include who you are/why you're contacting me, and a couple of writing samples when you contact me.

On the upside, once I do find someone I like I stick around. If we're not a good fit I'll tell you up front and wish you good luck on your search. My longest RP partner has been 15 years and counting, and my second longest is going on 5+. So, when I say "long term" you know I mean it, ahah.

- Currently only looking for M/M, but I am ok with side characters of varying genders/sexualities. They just won't play a role in anything explicit.
- I prefer to start with a main couple, and go from there. If side characters become more, then great! I'm perfectly happy to double in that case.
- No pre-made characters, please! I can't stress this enough. I find it often doesn't work out when a character comes fully fleshed out to a world they weren't created for, and I prefer to build characters and worlds together.
- I like most genres, but can't do straight up modern. Something with fantasy, scifi, paranormal, etc, is best.
- I love world building - and I expect my partners to contribute with building as well!
- I don't use face claims, and prefer not to have them used at all in our RP. Descriptions are perfectly ok!
- I don't judge by writing length. Being able to string together 5000 words per reply doesn't make a person a "good" writer imo. That said, responses from me can vary from a couple sentences to multiple paragraphs. Really, it depends on what the scene calls for.
- I don't fade to black, usually. I like to play things out to the end. However, if the scene doesn't contribute much and one or both of us just really isn't feeling it I'm happy to circle back to it later or skip it.
- I like chatting OOC. I want to get to know you!
- I will ONLY play on discord. No email. No forums. No exceptions, sorry. I like having my stuff organized and the accessibility discord offers.
- I'm an adult with an adult life. I work. Sometimes I'm stressed and don't want to play. I expect to be respected and treated fairly. I'll do the same with you!

- I like quite a range of things. You can find details on my site.
- That said, I'm mainly looking for those who are comfortable with some darker themes, nitty gritty, some D/s and/or powerplay type dynamics (on the more realistic side, with some wiggle room depending on the setting, but please don't come to me with your anime seme/uke crap)
- I absolutely will not play with characters who are under 21. My preferred age range is 25-50. I'm ok with some backstory or mention of younger teen romance if it's integral to the plot/character, as long as it's not explicit. Thank you!
- I am ONLY looking for partners who are comfortable with topping/switching, and preferably also comfortable/familiar with playing a top/dom in a D/s setting as well. I'm super burnt out on being stuck as only playing the top.
- I'm probably going to want to play a bottom or a submissive top (I can be flexible!) to start off. I just really need a change of pace!

Hope you have an awesome day, and thanks for checking out my post!

To add me on Discord, you will need to add me as a friend first. If you're unable to do this for some reason, you're welcome to email me instead! My contact info is on my website.