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  1. yo im looking for someone whod be willing to rp m/m or f/f/ in either a fandom rp or an oc rp, i dont have any requirements other than i would rlly rlly rlly prefer it if you used proper grammar like capitalization and punctuation and stuff (dont be put off by my typing style i use a different format when i rp; i have a writing example of how i rp in my resume if u wanna see what i mean by that)

    -Fandom RPs-


    • john/dave**
    • dirk/jake
    • karkat/eridan
    • rose/jade*
    • jade/feferi

    The Hobbit
    • bilbo/thorin*

    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

    • makoto/haruka*
    • rin/nitori

    Attack on Titan/SNK

    • eren/armin***
    • jean/marco
    • bertholdt/reiner
    F/F: christa/ymir


    • lucas/rival(barry)
    • brendan/wally
    • touya(hilbert)/n*
    • nate/rival(hugh)*
    • touko(hilda)/bianca
    • serena/shauna***

    Note: i will also be willing to rp any of the ships above genderbent

    -OC RPs-

    • royalty/any lower class than royalty citizen (pauper, middle class, servant, knight, etc)***
    • royalty/royalty
    • middle earth/skyrim rp (different races, magic, etc)**
    • classmates (preferably private school bc i love uniforms so much omg)**
    • humam/non-human (preferably merman/mermaid or ghost)
    • human/faun (fauns are really cutE oka y like deer or sheep fauns are s o precious jdhgdkjglkls)
    • human/android or android/android
    • language barriers (like both speaking a different language and having to try and learn each others language or trying to get their point across through gestures and objects bc they dont speak the same language aaa)
    • greaser/good student (bad boy/good boy or bad girl/good girl; 40s, 50s, 60s)
    • hogwarts***
    • avatar(tla or lok)
    Note: these rp ideas work for either oc pairings, m/m or f/f

    no asterisk: interested in it
    *: really interested in it
    **: this sounds really cool oh man
    ***: oh man oh gosh oh geez i rlly wanna do this oh golly///

    thats basically it! :00 feel free to pm me or respond to this thread if youre interested and you can send me your character bios if you wanna do an oc rp

    ty for taking the time to read this massive block of text u r a gr8 person i hope u have a wonderful day B))
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  2. Hi! I'm interested in Avatar, Hogwarts, and royalty/lower class. Please PM me if you wanna plan with me. :)
  3. I'd be into doing a f/f OC RP, maybe the royalty and lower class one? Or maybe ATLA? What about you?
  4. I'm interested in royalty x royalty, royalty x lowerclass, I really fucking want to do the human x merman one or ghost one-I have characters for both of those, and classmate classmate.
    I also have a few plots myself if you're interested.
  5. Ooooh I wanna try a human x merman one!! PM if your interested in RolePlaying with me, DOMEN.
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