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  1. *crawls out of grave* hey how y'all doin', I'm Opal and I'm looking for some role-plays


    If we were ever previously set to role-play, and if you wanted to give it another go for one reason or another, I'm totally open to that. This is my really fierce, confident attempt at allowing myself to enjoy one of my favourite hobbies for good! I'm in a really good place right now, so hopefully my body will cooperate with me on this one. :D


    - I don't do 'seme' and 'uke,' nor do I really subscribe to the idea that a story requires a 'dom' and a 'sub' character. By that I'm not talking about dom/sub sexual relationships (those are a-okay) - I mean the concept that one character has to be 'weak' and one character has to be 'strong' for a role-play to work.​

    - In Iwaku terms, I would consider myself an adept - advanced role-player. I like to both read and write meaty, detailed posts, that explore a character's thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Though I often write longer posts, with my average settling somewhere between 3-4 paragraphs, I don't advocate fluffy filler.

    - I'm not a grammar tyrant by any means, but I do ask that my partner has a decent grasp on the English language, and is able to stay within one tense. I normally write in third person, past tense, but I also really enjoy writing in third person, present tense. If that's something you'd like to try, let me know!

    - When it comes to smut, I can be quite explicit, and while I enjoy a good sex scene, I love exploring our story, characters, and world even more.

    - I like to plot and I like to talk. Let's do some of that. Also, I'm a goofball and I do not apologize in advance.​

    - I'm also looking for a partner that recognizes that role-playing is a hobby and not a job. There will be some days that I'm unable to respond, and I would appreciate patience. I will always give patience in return! I've got infinite patience, except when it comes to my nail polish order to arrive in the mail.​

    - My romances are M/M or F/F only. -0 interest in M/F romance, because I'm a huge lesbian. That being said, I have much more experience in M/M role-plays.

    - Here's a detailed list of the kinks/subject matter I like and dislike. Mostly like in some capacity.​

    Before moving on to generals, here are two specific plots I would really like to play:

    > SOUL MATES - Alpha/Beta/Omega
    Every person has a soul mate. Upon reaching puberty, a person begins to form an indistinguishable mark somewhere on their body. Each mark is unique, and is only shared by one other person: the person you're to spend the rest of your life with. The marks don't develop a distinguishable shape until the first contact with your soul mate. Some people spend their entire lives waiting to meet their soul mates. Others are lucky enough to meet them with ease.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is compatible with their soul mate. Nature has a cruel sense of humor that way. Our characters are not friends -- in fact, they are complete opposites. It is because of this that they are both mortified to discover that they share the same mark.

    Basically, this is an omegaverse role-play where our characters are rivals, ex-friends, or otherwise completely incompatible with each other. For bonus awkwardness, one character (let's call him Character A) is also very adamant that he's the straightest man to ever exist.

    I'd be interested in playing the omega (or character A) in this case. I usually end up playing the alpha in omegaverse, so I'd like to try something new. Since he's insistent that he's straight, he's absolutely horrified to receive his mark. I'd like this role-play to be lighthearted with some dark overtones. Drama and tension is nice, but I've been wanting something a little fluffier, too. Fluff and drama! In one glorious package!

    M-preg really squicks me out, so although that's prevalent in the a/b/o trope, I'm asking to forgo it here. I was thinking that male omegas are considered an anomaly, a mistake, as they're incapable of breeding, and are shunned as a result.

    > FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS - Twin Psychopaths
    I'm sure you can tell by the name of this role-play that it's intended to be quite dark. Basically I've been reminiscing about an old role-play of mine that I totally loved, but had to stop due to falling out of contact with my partner.

    As children, the two boys carried out their dark fantasy by killing a homeless man. Both of them enjoyed it immensely, and the crime went unnoticed. As they got older, one twin continued down the path of crime, while the other swallowed his pride and entered the safe, normal legal life. In their mid twenties, the twisted boy decides to seek out his brother to remind him who he really is.

    Our characters don't necessarily have to be cannibals, either. I just looked through my music library and picked a fancy name that was somewhat related. :-D

    And some general ideas that need to be expanded upon (this is fancy because I totes just copy/pasted it from an older thread herherher):

    Bold: A character that I would prefer to play; I can play the other character in most instances.
    * Particularly interested in
    & Plot skeletons

    Settings/Genres/General (open)

    High Fantasy (<3) *
    Modern Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy
    Psychological * &
    Horror (akin to Silent Hill especially)
    Post-/Apocalyptic (zambies) *
    Steampunk (or any of the '-punks', really) &
    Historical Fantasy
    Magic school or something like that &
    Crime (serial killers, detectives, gangs/mafia, drug lords, etc.) *
    Supernatural (angels, demons, vampires, lycantrophes, etc.) * &
    Paranormal (ghosts, shapeshifters, seers, etc.) * &
    'Twisted' fairy tales (especially Alice in Wonderland) *

    I generally dislike plain ole' modern/slice-of-life role-plays. I like to add some element of supernatural or fantasy or grimdark up in there.

    Pairings (open)
    Unless otherwise specified in parentheses, all can be M/M or F/F

    - Prince(ss) + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Queen/King + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Vampire + Human
    - Vampire + Hunter
    - General vampires
    - Teacher + Student &
    - Monster Girls (F/F)
    - Monster Girl + Human (F/F)
    - Celebrity + Fan (or two normal partners, one of whom becomes famous while they are together)
    - Android + Human
    - Body guard + (?) Someone important enough to need protection
    - Master + Servant (wherein the master is an extraordinarily bossy - but not submissive - bottom) (M/M)
    - Human + Shapeshifter/werewolf/monster boyfriend (M/M)
    - Crossdresser/feminine man + 'Straight' man (M/M)
    - Twincest of some kind, idk
    - Sorcerer(ess)/Apprentice
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