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  1. Hello! :D

    I should start by saying I haven't roleplayed in years. I left to write my own stories, but miss creating plots and characters with others. So if you can tolerate me shedding my rust please read on.

    • I'd like our rp to revolve mainly around our two characters, their interactions, and emotions. Any NPCs are for resources, scenery, example, or are motivators to move the plot.
    • I'm not strict on grammar. If you know the difference between their, there, and they’re then you’re set with me. Write freely. I adore stream of conscience style writing. So, if you give me run-on sentences spangled with commas, or a rhythm of succinct sentence fragments, that's no problem. If there's something I don't understand I can always ask you.
    • Presently, I’m only interested in homosexual romance and sex. The exception being transgender characters. I’m up for a FtM/F or MtF/M type heterosexual relationship if that’s your interest.
    • Exsanguination, evisceration, and putrefaction are my cup of tea. You don't need to write gory details, but I like to. So, it would be fantastic of you were comfortable with that.
    • If you like ooc dialogue or just want to speak with me I don't mind. I'm probably not the best conversationalist, but it would be a pleasure getting to know you. :)
    • Even if I’ve seen your reply, it can take me near an hour to find the nerve and words to respond. I will never ignore you. If I need to leave for over a week I will tell you.

    Pairings/Ideas (Any may include a developing romance)
    • Suicide Pact: Our characters meet either online or in group therapy and agree to go on a road trip, exhaust all their cash, and then commit suicide together... unless they find a way/reason to live in the process.
    • Serial Killers: Best friends as children, now disparate adults, our characters live separate lives. One is a college graduate, middle class citizen about to start a family while the other is a degenerate, lower class wreck. Their paths cross once again when an accidental murder occurs and their lives spiral downwards. As the body count climbs the police slowly narrow in.
    • Mutation: A loner, known for depression and schizophrenic episodes, begins seeing a creature prowling the lower levels of their apartment complex. After leaving food out several nights and noting its disappearance, the loner's curiosity peaks and they investigate. Such begins the clandestine companionship of the strange being and the loner.
    • On the Lam: A cowardly individual accused of manslaughter and an inveterate criminal accused of murdering a former lover, escape during a transport between facilities. Together they work to dodge incarceration between long drives, sleazy motels, gas station hold-ups, and truck stops on their way to freedom.
    • Consummate Criminals: A twist on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In a post-apocalyptic west, finally cornered by a bounty hunter, an outlaw strikes a deal. Turn them in, collect the bounty, free them before execution, split the money and then do it all over again in the next settlement over. The bounty hunter accepts. With time their deal either sours or a companionship grows. (This could be fantasy instead of post-apocalyptic western if you'd prefer)
    • Psychosomatic Dichotomy: A new drug has come up, ready for human testing and said to potentially cure any mental illness or psychological disorder in a single dose. Upon consumption, the patient falls into a deep coma and when they wake, if they do, they are relieved of their condition. Our characters have volunteered to be part of the test group, and soon discover the drug’s sinister truth. It’s not a cure or even a temporary alleviation. It takes the psyche of those who have consumed it to a place entirely independent of their world, a place molded by their fears, faults, memories and dreams. It’s in this place, constructed from the most intimate parts of the volunteers’ collective minds, that our characters must find a way back to their bodies/world if they don’t die in the process.

    If you're interested, have any ideas of your own, or variations on mine that you'd like to rp with me, feel free to post here or drop me a message. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. ​
  2. This looks super cool, I'm fairly new to RP but I'm interested! I've got a female character named Shaina who's up for it! Tbh I dont know how this works yet so err, if you could help me out that'd be great! I love the suicide pact plot, I hink I could really work with it!
  3. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku! I noticed you're new so I thought I'd just drop a quick notice that on Iwaku, you are only permitted to conduct sexy RPs with other members in your age group! You can see who's in your age group because these members have a red star by their avatar, whereas members in the 'teen' category have a blue star!

    Thanks and have a lovely day
    - Minibit
  4. I'll be certain to remember that. Thanks Minibit!
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  5. So I've found myself interested in your Mutation plot and the Psychosomatic Dichotomy plot. Do you have one preference over the other with the two?
  6. Being a budding psychologist in the making I find myself interested in your ideas, particularly the Psychosomatic Dichotomy idea, but I would adore possibly putting our heads together and creating something around mental conditions too, just in case you're looking for some plotting.
  7. I am torn between Serial Killers and On the Lam; I cannot choose between the two! Please send me a PM so we can discuss either plot.
  8. @Ednis Since I'm coming off of a nearly 4 year hiatus from roleplaying, I'm probably not the best mentor. You can consult threads at the Roleplay Institute here to build and refine your ability. But when I first started I found group rps to be the most helpful. They tended to move quicker and had OOC threads where there were plenty of people to chat with and help support you as you learned.

    @Mad Magus I remember taking a general psychology course at mort school and it's one hell of a field. To pursue it as a career is admirable. I seem to have gotten myself involved in several roleplays, but I'm not opposed to plotting and bouncing ideas off each other! I enjoy plotting almost more than writing.

    @s k u l l I'll try to message you later on today! I'm a little busy right now, but will find the time.

    And I still need to address my inbox. But regardless, I can't express my thanks enough for all the feedback. Truly! Thank you to any one who took interest and contacted me either here or through pm.
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