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  1. hellooOOoo
    P-partners, I mean... partners

    uhhh I've been gone for a really long time because life happened, but I've wanted to get back into role-playing again, so here I am... (´・ω・)ノ Also, the forums are so different. I'm so very confused.

    ✤ I'm down for both M/M and F/F, but no M/F under any circumstances. Sorry!

    ✤ I'm a sensitive baby with chronic, but seasonally affected depression, so I'm just warning you ahead of time that there are some days where my brain just says 'dude naw' to doing anything but sleep.

    ✤ Though I'm advertising in Libertine, I do like a healthy dose of plot/non-sexual writing in my role-plays. Not all of them, but most of them.

    ✤ I dislike shoving characters into dominant/submissive roles, unless we're talking about a BDSM relationship, and even then, only in the bedroom. Likewise, I don't like having to be a 'dominant' or 'submissive' role-playing partner. I like to hear your ideas! I don't want to take the lead on the whole thing. It's collaborative writing for a reason, after all!

    ✤ I know the most common way to write role-plays is in third person, past tense, but I also enjoy first person role-playing and third person, present tense.

    ✤ I tend to write quite a bit for my introductions, and normally settle between 1-3 paragraphs thereafter, but please never feel pressured to match me. I have no 'word minimums' or post length expectations, other than 'no one liners.'

    ✤ PMs make me uncomfortable. If you asked me to explain why, I couldn't tell you. I often let that little red notice sit there for days because it intimidates me. Needless to say, I role-play through threads only, and if I take a while to reply to your PMs, this is why.

    ✤ I tend to really like 'broken' characters. Probably because I am broken myself so I find them easy to relate to, who knows. I also love the 'good is boring' archetype of gun-toting, chaotic evil nutjobs. Yeahhh.

    ✤ I'm actually really friendly, and not at all serious! I like to chat. I'm... I'm just really shy. 8(

    ✤ Likes, dislikes and limits can be found here on this weird page I'll never get used to: House Eros - Sexual Role Play Fetish / Kink Lists

    Specific ideas:
    - Something based on Dead Like Me. A recently deceased character is welcomed into the world of reapers. 'Reapers' could be true to the show, being otherworldly, but gentle beings given the task to help souls cross into the next life peacefully, or something a bit more sinister. M/M or F/F

    - Speaking of reapers - is anyone familiar with TWEWY? Something based on that would be neato, too. Newly deceased folks get a second pass at life by competing in a twisted game run by an organization of reapers who have no good intentions and just want to mess with people. M/M or F/F

    - A fantasy/steampunk setting (if you've ever played FF12 or another Ivalice game, think that) with a desperate runaway prince(ss) and a wily sky pirate. I have a plot, character (female sky pirate) and introduction for this one. Prefer F/F, but can do some pronouns swapping in my introduction and make it M/M.

    - COPY-PASTE GO: Character A is a wealthy man who lives in a large home in an otherwise unpleasant neighbourhood. He's the man the young kids whisper about potentially being a killer, a pedophile, or some other kind of horrible monster. He knows several of the "bad kids" and homeless folks around the area, mostly by faces. One particular street rat (Character B) is continuously getting into fights, and takes a particularly nasty spill in front of Character A's house one evening. Seeing this, Character A comes out into the street and offers to take Character B in, if only temporarily.

    Character B is hesitant due to rumours, but being hurt and rather senseless, agrees. He finds that Character A is not very scary after all; in fact, he's a very kind, generous man, who treats him very well. This continues on as Character A builds Character B's trust, all the while keeping a very dark secret to himself.

    I have a character in mind and an introduction written for Character B, so that's who I'm asking to play. Seriously though, this character is hella old (like 12 years, man) and developed and I've just been really wanting to do a role-play with him, and having done a similar story with him in the past, I'd like to use him here.

    - This is kind of a senselessly sexy plot. Basic premise is: a young woman is a closeted lesbian, chronically shy and also a virgin. Too scared to come out, she hunts down an escort, who is a mature woman, and quite surprised to see her newest client is a girl. I have written an introduction for the shy young lass. F/F here, but again I can do some pronoun swapping and make it M/M. I'd just prefer it to be F/F.

    General ideas
    A character that I would prefer to play
    Unless otherwise specified in parentheses, all can be M/M or F/F

    - Princess + Handmaiden/servant/etc. (F/F)
    - Queen + Handmaiden/servant/etc. (F/F)
    - Vampire + Human
    - Monster Girls or Monster Girl + Human (F/F)
    - Celebrity + Fan (or two normal partners, one of whom becomes famous while they are together)
    - Android + Human
    - Body guard + (?) Someone important enough to need protection
    - Master + Servant (wherein the master is an extraordinarily bossy - but not submissive - bottom) (M/M)
    - Human + Shapeshifter/werewolf/monster boyfriend (M/M)
    - Crossdresser/feminine man + 'Straight' man (M/M)
    - Twincest of some kind, idk
    - Sorcerer(ess)/Apprentice
    - WATCH THIS SPACE... I'm overwhelmed and despite many ideas in my head I can't concentrate enough to write them down! ヾ(。﹏。)ノ゙


    Persona 4
    - Souji/Yosuke (THE OTP)
    - Souji/Kanji
    - Kanji/Yosuke
    - Souji/Adachi
    - Yosuke/Adachi
    - Chie/Yukiko

    The Legend of Korra
    - Korra/Asami

    Harry Potter
    - OCs only

    League of Legends
    - Leona/Diana
    - Caitlyn/Vi
    - Jinx/Vi
    - Graves/Twisted Fate
    - Ashe/Sejuani

    Guild Wars 2
    - Player characters only (I have a lot of Sylvari)

    Elder Scrolls (IV, V)
    - OCs only

    - OCs only

    Dragon Age
    - M Hawke/Fenris
    - F Hawke/Merrill
    - F Hawke/Isabela
    - M Inquisitor/Dorian
    - M Inquisitor/Cullen
    - M Inquisitor/Cole (DON'T JUDGE ME *gross sobbing*)
    - F Inquisitor/Cassandra
    - F Inquisitor/Sera (no Lavellen, prefer Cadash or Adaar)
    - OCs
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  2. Yes I am very interested in this! aah
    I like the monster girl x human girl idea
    but I'm also p crazy about all things dragon age

    Want me to PM you or should we discuss here....??
  3. I would like to do Queen x Hand maiden
  4. @Voice
    and also dragon age! I'll send you a PM. :D We can work out something there haha.

    @Anime is Life

    Hey friend! I super appreciate your interest, but after looking through your posts I don't think we would be a good fit for each other. ; ; I'm sorry! I just don't want to get a role-play started and then find out we don't jive, you know?
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  5. Also also just wanted to say Id be down for the Steampunk and/or maybe the CopyPasteGo plot if you can give me some more info :)
  6. Souji/Yosuke

    I'd love to do one of these two with you!
  7. @Yaoilover91
    you just made me the happiest girl in the world
    :'( I've been wanting a P4 role-play for years oh my god. I will send you a PM (though I'm skedaddling out for a while!)
  8. Take your time. I'll be waiting for ya.
  9. If you are willing to take your "copy-paste go" plot to the supernatural, I have a 14-year character that might be a good match. Nothing really paranormal has to take place, just the fact that he is not human and has other... needs.
  10. @KageKaioh
    While I love me some supernatural plots, I have to say I'm not quite comfortable role-playing with such a young character! D:

    Oh, wait -- unless you meant that's how long you had your OC, in which case I'm dumb haha.
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  11. Ah, forgive me- that is how long I have had him. He is an adult, I promise!
  12. @KageKaioh
    No, that's my bad! I forgot what I had even written in regards to this OC being old balls haha. I'll send you a PM and we can discuss further!
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