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  1. Ok, so the first thing that I will say is that I only play as a male in M/M rps, and I prefer to play as a bottom in M/M rps. I also love gender benders and would love to do one some time. I'm looking to do both M/F and M/M rps.

    Here are my kinks for both kinds of rps
    https://www.f-list.net/c/lana graves/

    I would like to use this picture in a rp, it would be a Thor/Loki rp starting out with them as children. I have a funny plot to go with it.


    Here are the fandoms that I like to rp.

    The Walking Dead
    The Mighty Boosh
    IT Crowd
    Catfish The TV Show
    American Horror Story Freak Show
    Criminal Minds
    All of the CSI's
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Sherlock Holmes
    Teen Wolf

    Death Note

    Boondock Saints
    Sherlock Holmes
    Night at the Museum
    Blade Trinity
    Captain America
    Lost Boys
    Lone Ranger

    M/M pairings that I love
    Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
    Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
    Thor/Steve Rogers
    Clint Barton/Bruce Banner
    Brock Rumlow/Steve Rogers
    Hannibal/Will Graham
    Bruce Wayne/Scarecrow
    Bane/John Blake
    Howard Stark/Steve Rogers
    Superboy/Robin - Tim Drake
    Gabriel/Sam Winchester
    Dean Winchester/Castiel
    Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes
    Shane Walsh/ Rick Grimes
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  2. Hello dear, I'd be very much interested in doing any of the following with you:
    • Supernatural
    • Criminal Minds
    • X-Men
    Also, I'm only interested in the plain ol' M/F relationship pairings (gender bending not included, sorry). Do you by any chance play canons or OCs?
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  3. Hey, I prefer to play as an OC when playing as a female character, cannon an OC characters are both allowed.

    I have been dying to do a Supernatural rp.
  4. We can do Supernatural. :) Should I PM you?
  5. Yay! Yes please.
  6. If you'd still looking I would like to do an oc walking dead thread.
  7. Yeah, I'm always looking. A Walking Dead rp would be fun.
  8. Added Teen Wolf
  9. Still looking
  10. Are you still up for another one? I'd like to do a Supernatural one!

    MxF if that's alright! You tell me if you want to do OC or ones from the show!

    Short me a pm if you're interested!
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  11. Going to add more soon
  12. I'd be interested in playing a female for a Supernatural or NCIS roleplay
  13. I only play as a male in m/m pairings as I stated at the top of the page.
  14. Oh okay. You might want to edit your post because the way it's written it reads "I only play as male in M/F pairings and prefer bottom M/M" So based on that I thought you meant you only play as a male. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
  15. I will do Naruto, Thor/ Steve Rogers , Thor/Loki
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  16. I have been dying to do a Thor/Steve rp!
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  17. I would prefer to play Thor XP
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  18. That is perfectly fine with me, I've been playing as Steve lately anyway and have fun playing as him.
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