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  1. Alright, here's the idea.

    A king is hosting a summit in hopes to facilitate the means of a peace treaty between two warring countries. Both agreed to attend but the situation is shaky beyond belief. The host King offers some of his women to the commanders and kings as a gesture of goodwill. The commander of one of the nations lays his eyes on one of the women, he is faced with a serious decision: pursue the growing feelings inside his chest and risk another war, or will he see past them to help secure a peace that will last longer than their lives?

    She is a prize of the King and has been for a few years. Highly favored among all the men, but the favorite of her lord. The king has taken good care of her despite having purchased her making her little more than property. The queen despises her for the attention she recieves and strives to make her life miserable without taking it from her. Despite how well taken care of she is, she is still little more than an object and realizes she will never be more than that. When she is given to a commander, she sees a chance to be more. She sees a chance for true love, not infatuation or reciprocation for a good time. Can she convince this commander, who she begins to fall for, to save her from this hell, or will she forever be stuck in her situation?

    Here's what I expect:

    Please post atleast three paragraphs.

    Please be able to post at least once a week. (I am currently enrolled in college classes. I can guarantee one a week but can post more than that sometimes.)

    Be able to contribute to the story. I like a partner that brings her own ideas and turns the story into a collaborative adventure.

    Communication is a big deal. Let's chat about what you don't like or do like. Let's inform each other of absences and most of all, if you lose interest, be willing to share that information.
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  2. I'd be interested in trying this out if it's still available. It seems interesting~
  3. I would love to do this with you! The plot is fantastic and something I have wanted to do for ages.
  4. I am interested if it is still open, PM me if you are.
  5. If your still looking I think it sounds fun
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.