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  1. This is a story about a man who was in a car accident and, because of head trauma, has lost all memory. His nurse is an old friend, but his injuries make it impossible for her to recognize him right away. They had been together in high school and after their one night together, she found out she was pregnant. Not willing to give up on his future, he tries to convince her to have an abortion. Instead of following brough with that, her family moves and she has the baby. She raises her With her parents' aid.

    Thirteen years later, she stands face to face with the man who fathered her daughter. Could she forgive him and let him into their life? What about him? Has he grown up in thirteen years? What happens when his past begins to resurface? Will she run in order to protect or daughter or will she fight for a future they should have had in the first place?

    Here's the rules:
    I'd like you to be capable of replying daily, though my schedule does not always allow it for myself.

    Check grammar and spelling, but I understand errors. I use my iPad and sometimes mistakes are overlooked myself.

    Be willing to add ideas. This is a collaborative effort. If I wanted to come up with everything myself, I would have just written a book. Talk with me first before we put it into play.

    Please don't make short posts. I lose interest. I appreciate 3 or more paragraphs of content that furthers the story, not just fluff.

    If you're interested, send me a PM please. I'll respond far quicker that way than in this thread.