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    ((Source Unknown))

    "Listen to the bells"
    "The school is over"
    "Listen to the bells"
    "Your blood is running"
    "Listen to the bells"
    "Your soul is running"

    This was an unoriginal song based on an school legend surrounding the High Water priced university in the never-sunny town. Knowing it was a basic among the students no matter how old they were and if they were new, they always got the story told from the very beginning, even by the teachers if everyone was new and didn't know anything about it.

    This legend wasn't original and it was about 40 or more years old, the tale-by-tale of every school and one of the many legends that upheld this school, like the Japanese 7 wonders of every institute. This one had a particular thing about it tough.

    It tends to be real.

    The beginning of the fall usually arrived along with the rain and a lot of wind, but also the hurricanes and typhoons that sometimes hit on random times without anyone on the isle expecting it to hit anymore, they usually begun as simple storms and exploded once they hit land, and this time was not an exception.

    In the High Water University's library, a few people had gotten stuck on the library, however when the rain died down and the wind cooled down a little, a few of them left, leaving only three students inside, a young man probably in his 20's, whom was just reading a book in a corner of the library, not bothered at all.

    The second one another young man, just standing in front of the wide thick glass doors, watching the storm raging outside, now stranded in place because of the typhoon, he looked quite calm, unlike the first one whom was just frowning each time he was even glanced at, and he didn't even bother turning to look at the third one, he didn't feel like it would be proper...
  2. The young boy looked at his watch, and tapped it a few times. He was sitting at a table near the door of the library, where he had taken shelter from the storm, and had busied himself while waiting for it to pass. Having glanced up to check the time, the young man found that his watch had stopped. Sighing, he glanced around. Getting up with absolute silence, the young man tiptoed over to the boy by the doors, and lightly tapped him on the shoulder. 'Excuse me," he whispered, "do you have the time? I can't seem to find a wall clock."
  3. He only turned his head slightly, nodding and showing him a wrist watch he was wearing, then he signaled something with his hand, using signs only a mute person would use.

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  4. ((Its fine, darling, don't worry about a thing.))
    The young man blinked, and bowed his head sheepishly. He didn't know sign language, and felt bad for having spoken. In all honestly, the young man was surprised the boy was able to understand him.

    The young man tapped his lips and tilted his head while saying "Can you speak?" hoping the other boy would understand him
  5. He signaled something, frowning now, but clearly he understood that he was confused and he didn't get angry anymore, but he tried once more, trying to say "I can hear you", but he failed, a little annoyed, but keeping his cool. "... " he remained quiet, there were bandages on his neck.
  6. The boy dropped his hands, embarrassed. "Oh. My apologies..." He offered a sheepish smile "I-I'm sorry to have bothered you...Uh, I'm Camile..."


    Camile offers his hand, and apologizes once more. "I'm sorry, I don't know sign..Can I get you some paper?"

    Naturally, Camile was curious about the bandages, but figured it was probably a personal matter that the stranger didn't want to get into.
  7. He nodded and turned to him, tried signaling at him in a more simple manner that he did want something to write indeed, but he also showed a little frustrated face, as he rubbed one of his hands on his neck, it probably still hurt a little this time, since he had tilted his head to nod.
  8. Camile hurried over to the desk to ask for a pad of paper and a pen. He hoped he hadn't upset the boy too much. Scurring back, Camile humbly handed over the supplies, and pointed to an empty table. "We can sit there, if you like?"
  9. He just obliged, sitting and taking both the pen and the paper, beginning to write into it calmly, and then handing out the piece of paper at the young man, hoping he could read the easiest writing he could muster.

    "I'm Mute, not deaf, I can only speak Sign language, somewhere in this room my younger brother is reading, just so you know. It's late to take a bus at this hour, we're going to need a ride, I believe my father could take you home after the typhoon passes" he then took it back when he knew the other was done reading that part "I'm Emmet, you?" he asked, probably bored and seeking a conversation, however his expression was still calm and quite blank.
  10. Camile read the message slowly and carefully. The writing was a little messy, but Came wasn't going to criticize that.

    As for the ride, as enticing as it sounded, Camile figured it would be rude to impose on Emmet and his family to go out of their way during a storm. Regardless, Camile remained silent about the ride. "Ah...I'm Camile," he repeated shyly.

    The boy wished he were a better conversationalist, but there wasn't much he could do: he was a very shy and reserved boy who usually didn't talk much and was almost always polite. One would even venture as far as to say that he was a bit of a "door-mat," but never the less, Camile tried his best to keep his eyes from Emmet's bandages and find a non-awkward topic. "Sh-should I help you find your brother?
  11. He overlooked his attention to the bandages on his neck, it was obvious someone who didn't know him would be curious, but also didn't mind it, he pulled the sheet of paper and once again wrote on it "No, he's in some corner here" he stated, "Also I noticed that peculiar attention of yours on my neck, it doesn't bother me, you can ask." he handed it out.
  12. Camile flushed, and ducked his head. He felt so embarrassed and ashamed that he'd been caught staring. "I-I...sorry..." Camile mumbled, figeting. "I-I didn't mean to be rude, I was just...wondering, what-what happened? If you don't want to talk about it, I understand..."

    Poor Camile: the boy was obviously rather anxious. The last thing Camile wanted was to offend the boy.
  13. "It was a car accident" he replied in the sheet of paper with an expressionless face, but he didn't reply anything else, he looked up above Camile and blinked tilting his head "You okay?" he showed the piece of paper to the one behind the boy.

    He was a taller young man, probably the eldest of them, black hair and dark brown eyes making their appareance, hands in his pockets he nodded with closed eyes and then opened them to turn to the stranger. "Who's this?"
  14. Camile gulped, and gave a nervous smile. "Ah, I'm Camile. It's nice to meet you. I-I'm sorry to have bothered you, I'll just..."
    Camile began to nervously collect his things, his face growing red when he fumbled. "I-I'm sorry..." he continued, and scurried to his amongst the rows of books.
  15. Emmet stood up and tried to signal him to stay, but his brother only glanced at the boy with a cold expression "We have a shy one" he muttered, his brother only obliging to write something and follow him to show him the page "I'm sorry that's my brother" it was written hastly on the page.
  16. By the time Emmet had arrived Camile had calmed down a bit. He was sitting against a shelf with a book in his lap. "Ah, no, I'm sorry...It's just...he reminded me of someone and I confused them at first and then I realized you must know him, so he must've come over to say something important, what with weather like this..." Camile waved a hand absentmindedly and then flipped the page of his book. He was quiet for a moment before saying "again, I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you...I-I'm afraid I'm not too good with conversation..."

    Camile decided it was probably best to stop talking, and looked back down at his book awkwardly.
  17. He shrugged and wrote down something supporting himself on a shelf as his brother walked up to them and just stood on the side, his figure towering over the other two, he was a very tall young man, with firm looking strong shoulders. "..." Emmet gave him the sheet of paper, and he looked at the boy "He says not to worry, he doesn't think you're bad at talking, just that you haven't had practice." he handed the paper back to his brother, who shrugged again.
  18. "Ah, yes, well...thank you.." Camile said, shuffling his feet. "Th-that's kind of you..."
    He let the silence sit for an awkward moment, not meaning to, of course, he just couldn't think if anything to say. "Uh, I'm Camile," he re-introduced himself to Emmet's brother. "I, Uh, didn't catch your name..."

    "S-so...have you guys always lived in the area? I mean, I don't remember seeing you around before..."

    Camile had to admit he was curious about the boys. Granted, Camile didn't really know the faces of many of the school's students. It wouldn't be the first time he'd asked the name if a student who'd sat next to him for more than half of a semester.
  19. The older male turned to him with a soft glance, like that of a glare or something related, however he just placed his hands on his jean's pockets and tilted his head "I'm not a student, but I'm Vent" he replied, turning to his brother whom nodded at the second question "We moved after his incident"
  20. "Oh. Well, I'm sorry, about the inncident, I mean. But, I'm glad you decided to come here. I-I mean, I'm sure your old school was good, too, but I quite like this one...Oh, and it's, Uh, nice to meet you, Vent."

    Camile wanted to ask what had happened, but thought that it would be just too rude. After all, they'd only just met, and to ask something so personal..well, that just went against his manners.

    "So, do you guys come to the library a lot? I do...it's nice and quiet..."