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  1. The castle hadn't seen any guests in a long time. It was time to liven this place up a bit. The warm air from the water surrounding the castle, Midnight Grandiflora, smelled sweet and fresh, and helped to air out the drafty place in which he dwelled. Opening a window at the main entrance, his maid, Bridgette, passed him, and he turned to her, gently grabbing her arm for her attention.

    "Do you have all the rooms prepared for the guests when they arrive miss Dale?" He asked his maid, hard brown eyes digging into her, his eyes the only thing that suggested anything of his age, and his age was certainly something he strove to keep secret. Even Bridgette didn't know his real age.

    "Yes Sir." She did a slight curtsy to him, and he gave a nod before combing a hand through his brown hair, his brown hair and dark brown eyes accented by his incredibly pale skin.

    "Good. I want to make sure the guests are comfortable." He purred, then sighed, and allowed Bridgette to carry on with her duties before turning to the large window that looked out to the lake. Even though it didn't overly matter to him, seeing as they would never see him anyway. Still, even Gregor got lonely, even with Bridgette, his Thrall, around. And, just like humans, he liked something else to feed on every now and then. Therefore, the main reason behind his guests.

    Moving away from the window, Gregor strode over to the electric fireplace, which was made to look about as old as the castle walls themselves. But, being what he was, he refused to have fire in the place. He turned on the fire place, and it popped and crackled as the fake flames came to life. It warmed his skin, and he looked at the blasted device with irritation, even though the fire wasn't real. Still, he knew humans fancied it for whatever reason, and would offer them a false sense of security when they first stepped into the main entrance, which just alone was quite exquisite.

    Making a few more adjustments to make things look more pleasing to the guests as they entered, he sighed and combed both his hands through his auburn locks, taking one last look around. The sun was starting to make its ascend into the sky, and it was time for him to sleep. Bridgette passed by him again, carrying a golden tray with crystal glasses filled with Champagne. Again he stopped her. "Daylight comes. Be prepared to greet the first arrivals. You know what to do..." When she nodded at him again, he grunted and left, disappearing to his hidden sleeping place for the day.
  2. "Are you sure this isn't a scam? This seems seriously shady." DJ's roommate Lenny lounged across the overstuffed chair, one of two pieces of furniture to sit on in their place, and flipped through the sparse brochure his friend had received a few weeks ago. "It really tells you a lot of nothing in this thing. Though the handwriting in the letter puts me to shame."

    "Everyone's handwriting puts yours to shame. Dude, my niece has better handwriting than you and she's seven. But, honestly? Nope. I'm not sure." He tossed the bag towards the door and wrinkled his lip at the mess he'd made of small living space in their apartment. Not one to leave a mess laying around he began straightening things, knowing Lenny would probably leave it there the entire time he was gone. The apartment was gonna be a disaster when he got back. "But it's not here, so that's enough for me and did you see the picture? That place is huge. Besides. I've put no money into this, so I'm not losing anything. And if it all goes to pot, I'll just come back. No biggie." he was a bit out of breath after he cleaned up and he narrowed his eyes checking for anything he'd missed.

    "Yeah if, that's even the place. Probably a fake picture and it's really some halfassed, rundown resort that's gonna try and bribe you into buying a time share. That's how my aunt got stuck with that lame timeshare. Or worse yet, steal your identity." Lenny rolled to an upright position and grabbed one of the bags. The front door was open and the trunk to Lenny's car was popped open, waiting for more of DJ's luggage.

    "Think you got enough stuff? You're worse than a girl, DJ." he smirked.

    "It's the whole freakin' summer, Len. This is not a lot of stuff." He pushed his hair back and slid his cap on backwards. "And sorry but, your aunt is a lush, she got conned. I'm not gonna get conned and if they try, I won't be too drunk to say no." He pooched his lip out at his last two bags. He'd actually packed a little light, but he had a light assortment of his hiking and climbing gear in these two bags and the usual clothes and stuff in the other one already in the trunk. "You think it's too much?"

    "Well, no, not if the place is legit. It is for the summer. You can probably do some nice hiking there, maybe even a little climbing, can't tell from this picture though." Lenny shrugged and so did DJ. They had talked about it constantly since the day he got it and now this was the day he was leaving.

    After a little more rambling conversations about everything from serial killers to forced marriages being the mystery behind this anonymous vacation. They got the car loaded and after a couple of hours drive, Lenny dropped DJ off to catch the ferry to the castle.

    "See you in a week tops?" Lenny teased, the wild conversation still had him laughing a little as he spoke.

    "Yup. Probably. I'll give you a call, so you will be the first to meet my new wife. And hey, no dents in my car man." he called over his shoulder as he boarded the small ferry.

    At the last minute he only took the two bags, leaving his extra climbing gear. This was bothering him for a few minutes until the view of the castle filled his line of sight, wiping all that from his mind. "Holy..." he could see some of it before, but now that he was closer it was a sight to behold. DJ actually had to force himself to close his mouth...twice as they made the approach. Part of him was surprised that so far it all seemed legitimate, another part of him was still a little nervous at the whole thing, but still excited. He wasn't one to be easily spooked, so he shook it off... or tried to, for the moment.

    The ferry attendant helped him with his bags since he was so caught up with staring at the beauty of the place, but he eventually snapped out of it, tossing a hasty thank you to the man and then throwing one over his shoulder as he carried the second one himself, making his way towards the castle.
  3. Her father was crying.
    No. That was an understatement. Her father was sobbing hysterically in front of everybody who was at the docks. It was embarassing really, because he wasn't even trying to hide it and he was trying to talk as he was sobbing which just made him look like an idiot.
    Alyss sighed and gave her dad and awkward little pat on the back. "It's just for the summer dad, I'll be back before you know it." She said, trying to reassure him, but that just made him cry even harder. Her mom and sisters, turned away and began trying to look like anything but related to him. Geez, thanks for the help guys. Alyss thought as she tried to console her father.

    "I-is this because of your aunt's do-oog?" Her father whimpered, fat tears spilling down his cheeks. "I pr-promise that we'll never let her visit again! It wasn't even my idea really, it was all your mom--

    "Harold!" The mother in question snapped, giving him a glare before grabbing the hands of her younger daughters and turning to Alyss. "Alyss honey have fun on your vacation okay? Remember to take plenty of pictures and call every now and then. I love you so so much!" She said and Alyss smiled, happy that at least one parent wasn't being a big baby.

    "We love you too!" Her younger sisters, Amy and Paige chorused and Alyss gave them both gentle noogies much to their displeasure.

    "I love you too guys." Alyss responded and then grabbed her bags and headed to the awaiting ferry. If her mother hadn't been holding him back, Alyss was quite sure that her father would have launched himself into the ferry with her.

    As she got herself situated in the ferry, placing her bags in the seat next to her, she turned back and waved to her family. "See you guys soon! Dad please stop crying you're embarrassing mom and the twins not to mention yourself!"

    And with that, Alyss turned back to face the front of the ferry, and ready herself for the ride.
    In truth, Alyss had decided to go because she had never traveled anywhere without her parents and thought that she needed to travel alone for once.
    ...And also because of the dog incident. But they didn't need to know that.

    The ferry ride was fairly long-- Okay, Alyss had fallen asleep five minutes after they left the dock, so she didn't exactly know how long it was. But when the Ferry attendant roused her, she felt as though she had slept for hours.

    She grabbed her bags, hoisting her duffel on her shoulder and tugging her rolling suitcase along behind her.

    The sight of the castle filled her with awe and literally knocked the breath out of her. Of course she had read the brochure and had read and re-read the part about the castle, but she had just thought they were exaggerating. She was expecting a hotel with a fake tower backdrop and maybe a flag, but this!

    This was going to be awesome.
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  4. As the very first guests arrived, Bridgette was waiting for them in the main entrance, smoothing out her uniform and hurriedly making sure everything was presentable. All the windows had been open to let the sunshine in, most of them looking out towards the large lake that surrounded the castle. She stood straight and ready to welcome the first guests, being a good Thrall for her Master, as always. She the ferry arrive with two of the guests, she exited the castle and stood at the very front doors of the place, waiting for the first guests to arrive, watching them as they tugged their luggage behind them.

    "Well. Welcome to Midnight Grandiflora. You must be exhausted after your trip." She flashed them a neat white smile. "Do come in won't you?" As she said this, she turned around and pushed open the giant wooden double doors, revealing the grand entry room and the lit electric fireplace, and stepped inside. "Come in." She went behind a reception desk and pulled out two room keys with a flourish. "Those are your rooms. The number is marked. Feel free to do as you wish." She knelt down, momentarily disappearing behind the desk once more, and pulled out meal times with pictures of the great dining room. "You will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for those who want the meals. I shall do the cooking for you." She stepped out from behind the desk, her black heals clacking on the white marbled floor. "I shall show you to your rooms, and if you would like, I can show you about the place, perhaps even share a bit of history on the castle for you. I'm sure you are curious..." She trailed off, her brown eyes gazing at them kindly, but also a hint of dark humor in them, knowing something they clearly didn't as to what they would be in for during their stay.
  5. "When we experience a sudden loss, we are robbed of so much more than a husband or a wife, a father or a mother, a best friend or a secret crush. An unexpected loss also robs us of our sense of security, our plans for the future and even our joy in life. The fears and emotions you are feeling today are natural to those who lose a loved one so unexpectedly. It is natural to ask "why her?", "why me?" and "why now?". After such a shocking loss, it is natural for life to seem without direction and even without purpose..."

    Rebeka recalled those words spoken by the pastor of her boyfriend’s church. The service was nice, simple, just like Tony was. At least, she was able to attend, but she wasn’t sure if she was really there. Physically, yes. Her still damaged body sat in the back pew with her parents and sister; eyes still and glazed over with the same mournful stares as all the others in the crowded church. But, she wasn’t quite all there. Her mind repetitively rousts her about that day at the university – the one week hostage stand-off between eight disgruntled students and 18 unrelated victims. If it wasn’t for Theo’s presence that day, she would be packaged right beside him right now, like the final scene of Romeo and Juliet. But he was there. His body shielded her from bullets and fire. Like always, he took it all for her.

    She felt like such a hypocrite, sitting there feeling the grief of his loss in her life; yet, grateful to be alive. How can she be when such thankfulness comes at such a painful loss to her?

    “Why not me?” That was one of the natural questions the pastor did not mention, but it ran the same depressing path: her life lost its direction and whatever purpose she once felt belong to her was gone. Tony was the keystone that held her together…


    After two months in the hospital, and a month of rehab, Rebeka was able to return to her apartment she shared with her roommate Harper. She would have returned to her childhood home right then, but her parents’ refused to allow her to stay there knowing she would only hurt more being away from Tony’s family and her friends at this time. Her older sister who lives in New York, only a few hours away, took her in only if she agreed to return to college and finish her degree – not allowing the tragedy she’d gone through to hold her back. That was three months of hell, and she hardly made it through. But thanks to a tiny wonder med her Psychiatrist prescribed to her, she was able to mellow out enough to ignore pain, sadness, shamefulness, guilt… That was all Rebeka needed to make it through life now, cause Tony was no longer there to man his post. This was why she returned to college – the meds made it easier to manage. But, when the wonder pills were gone…

    Harper saw what was going on, and decided to rally their friends together for an early group trip to Canada. Their annual ski trip can come a few months early. Rebeka needed a vacation away from the campus. The idea was perfect, but this mysterious trip to some unknown castle in some far away country had reached Rebeka first. Free of charge and everything she needs will be provided. Too good to be true Harper told her over and over again as she rushed all the ski trip plans.

    “Look, I know you mean well, but I just can’t.” Rebeka continued to read over the information that came months ago about the overseas trip. More and more her friend’s discouragement awakened a rebellious streak in her to actually go through with this vacation just to show Harper how wrong she was.

    “What! You mean you’re going with that fake vacation package rather than heading to Canada with us? What’s the deal, Gia? You know how dangerous that is!”

    Rebeka jumped up with her laptop, knocking her stool over, and left her friend in the kitchen as she rushed to her room. Harper did not miss a step, and caught her bedroom door before she could shut her out. “There’s no way I’m going to allow you to go on that strange trip. The whole point was to give you a ‘safe’ vacation with people you know.”

    “That’s just it… I…I don’t want to be with people I know. You all are my best friends and I love you dearly – but, you all remind me of all the great times we had with…”

    Harper realized then that her friend was just not one hundred percent over Tony’s loss. Still, she just would not stand down on this one. “No, you can go! I won't let you be alone right now. That's the worse thing you can do!” Harper had no clue how to stop her friend from making the biggest mistake of her life. It was hopeless – she saw a maddening determination appear in Rebeka’s eyes. She was set on this… She was set on staying away from her.
    “Throwing caution to the wind is not going to get Tony back, Gia.” Harper closed the bedroom door lightly and left her friend alone to think about what she said.


    Rebeka had most of her belongings packed, and a lot of her travel plans prepared. Her photo backpack was filled with all the essentials she needed to document her entire experience. She figured her means of peace will also communicate to Harper that she’s fine – once the shit hits the fan and everyone realizes her deceit. She told her parents that she was heading to Canada with her friends for the ski trip. But, told her friends she changed her mind about traveling overseas and opted to stay with her aunt in Washington for a while – just to get away from the familiar. Lies kept them ignorant of her plans. Another nice lie cleared any offers to drop her off at the airport, then she left behind her suffering self in hopes to regain the old Rebeka.

    “This trip could possibly be all the medicine I need,” she thought to herself during the long flight to the unknown destination unspoiled by the obscure ticket she’s gained in the mail. “I get a change to get out of town, out of the country, and far FAR away from the idea of returning to college; someplace where no one knows anything about me...

    The flight was ludicrously boring and before too long, but Rebeka slept through most of it before they landed. With a stifled yawn, she gathered up her things from the baggage carousel and headed towards the street exit when she was met by a driver holding a sign with her name.

    "Mrs Pargac, we have transportation to the residency for you."

    Impressed that the driver knew how to pronounce her name, she handed him her bags and followed him to the midnight black sedan sitting securely outside. The windows were heavily tinted, and the valet park attendants stood around it securely, as if they were the Secret Service protecting the President’s vehicle. Rebeka slipped into the back seat, feeling almost like royalty and forgetting about what she left behind. Still, her sorrows were quickly replaced by caution and a sickening case of doubt. What if Harper was right about this adventure?

    "What's with the windows?"

    The driver slid a window down between the front and back seats and looked back at her through the rear view mirror. "Privacy." With that, Rebeka just enjoyed the ride…ignoring the discomfort running up her spine. She had a feeling all the other questions she held inside was not going to be answered by that guy. So, to take her mind of off uncertainty, she rolled down the window and grabbed her camera. The countryside was breathtaking and easily swayed her fears into a better mood. Sometime between here and there she’d fallen asleep. When she awoke, the car had stopped and the driver was removing her bags from the trunk and placing them on the ferry boat sitting off the pier they've stopped at.

    Rebeka forgotten all about a ferry ride. She's never been on one, or on a ship, a boat, or even a flotation device. Water and Rebeka really didn't get a long with each other, but she's has proven her determination to defeat her fears by taking swimming classes at the Y whenever she could.

    That still didn't help her reluctance to step onto the ferry, but she did regardless. And, surprisingly, she wasn't as scared once the ferry ride began. Instead, her hands rose with camera in hand and began to nonchalantly snap picture after picture of amazing images she would never had captured off the mainland.

    “Miss Pargac, we’ve arrived.” A gently voice broke her concentration to her lens and she turned to witness Camelot's reincarnation. Without a sound, Rebeka’s eyes spoke amazement over the view before her. The castle was miraculous, far better than the photos from the simple brochure in the mail.

    “I..I can’t believe this… It’s amazing!” Without a second thought, her camera raised to her eye, capturing several shot of the her vacation spot from the water. When they landed, she continued to shoot as she was escorted to the imaculant double front doors of the estate.

    Already, she was feeling more like the Gia she once was. Somehow, creative beauty acted more like her prescriptions; medicating her soul from all ailments bothering her. Her meds had already cleared her system after the plane ride, and the idea of the next dose didn't phase her. Rebeka's
    eyes rose with delight at the intricate carvings and rich wood…unaware that her escort had already dropped her luggage at her feet and left her there alone.

    “You got to be kidding me?” she turned to find herself alone. Returning before the door, that sudden urge to bury her head in the dirt began to rise in her heart. Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward. “Well, it’s not like I can go anywhere else…” With that, Rebeka entered.

    She kept quiet in the pristine foyer, watching as a few other guest were standing before a reception desk deeper within the building. The receptionist was warm and charming as she explained to the others about the meal schedule. It was just like a five star hotel. The uneasiness about this mystery trip was all but lost now. Something felt nice and toasty there, comforting. Taking a deep breath, Rebeka rolled her luggage further inside, stepping behind the other guests as the receptionist continued to speak.
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  6. Ivory had been nearly bouncing with excitement all week, after getting that invitation and brochure she couldnt help imagining what a castle these days would be like. If it was upgraded or kept in the old fashioned ways, if it had many people, if it was some kind of medieval theme resort. She was so excited to find out! She loved anything medieval or Victorian, or well history in general if it was older than American history. Ivory lived alone so she didnt have anyone to see her off, which was fine she didnt want to go through all the goodbyes and make others worry for her. She had packed 2 large suitcases not quite knowing how long she would be staying since the invitation didnt specify when they would boot her out.

    Ivory rolled her black suitcases behind her as she walked onto the ferry, she walked to the side of the large boat-ship whatever they called it. Sitting down on a long bench she sets her suitcases next to her before looking out at the vast sea, it was beautiful with the sun shining down on the blue/green water making it sparkle. The ferry departs heading for the mysterious island that housed this castle she would be staying at. After a bit of gazing out at the sea as the ferry cut through the small waves she sighs and pulls out a book from her dark blue/black backpack. She flips back a lock of golden blonde hair past her shoulder that had strayed from the rest of thick golden locks that cascaded down her back in waves, they stopped just past the small of her back. She opens the book to the page she had a bookmark in, her light blue/grey/green eyes (they changed depending on the lighting or what she was wearing) gazing down at the pages full of fantasy, action, mystery, and romance.

    Ivory loses herself in her book the rest of the ferry ride, only closing it when the ferry bell tolled signaling they were about to dock. She returns the book back into her backpack before standing up and swinging it onto her back. She readjusts her clothes, she was wearing a royal blue long sleeve collared button up shirt, the collar left open and the first 2 buttons undone revealing her soft pale skin. Over that she was wearing a light black leather jacket the front let open, it had small silver skulls up the sleeves in a line, from her wrist to about halfway to her elbow. The rest of the outfit consisted of black jeans, black combat boots with silver buckles, a braided dark brown leather bracelet, and dark blue sunglasses. All her clothes hugged her hour glass figure nicely, showing off her well endowed bust and long legs.

    Ivory grabs the handles to her suitcases and rolls them behind her as she departed the ferry giving a small smile and a wave to the ferryman. She walks up to the small road that led to the castle, a driver was there waiting for her holding up a small cardboard sign with her name on it. Smiling politely she walks up to him explaining that she was Ivory, he nods and takes her suitcases putting them in the car trunk that was behind him. He then opens the passenger door for her before walking to the drivers side and getting in. She follows suit getting in the passenger side, closing the door, and buckling up. They quickly drove up to the castle in silence, the man seemed nice enough but she really didnt what to say to him, her shyness taking control. Ivory gazes out the window as the castle comes into view her blue eyes growing wide at the splendor of it. It certainly was extraordinary and she was so happy to be lucky enough to live in it, even for a short time.

    After they pull up to the castle entrance she exits the car, the driver gets her suitcases out of the trunk for her before leaving with a nod. Shrugging she walks up the short path her suitcases rolling behind her, seeing the front doors already open she walks inside finding a small group of people already there waiting in front of a reception desk that had a pretty lady behind it. She must be one of the workers here, not sure whether she was to wait for the others to be shown their rooms first or if they would all be going together she stands behind the line of people and waits patiently. Looking around at the castle interior it was just as beautiful as she thought it would be, maybe even more so.
  7. DJ turned and smiled politely at the girl that shuffled in behind him, the expression on her face looking just as awed and a tinge overwhelmed at the place as he was, it seemed. The woman that greeted them was pleasant and very real, which was a relief. Somehow he expected this all to be a big joke still, even after seeing the inside of the castle entrance was just as grand, if not more so, than the outside. That thought was fading little by little as a healthy curiosity filled the gap.

    "Thank you," he flashed a bright smile of his own back at the woman and followed her all the way to the desk. "Uh.. no not particularly tired but, it wasn't that long a trip for me and I'm pretty used to traveling." He took both the key and the information, hazel eyes staring at the number fifteen on his key. It was an actual key and not a key card. The corner of his mouth twitched in an amused little grin as he slid it into his pocket. His eyes stilled on yet another photo of a grand room in the castle then he glanced up, looking at the other girl and the woman. "So, I'm guessing this is it for check in then?" His mind was still set on a vacation hotel resort type place and it was odd not to sign in or something. It was a relief as well, but it all seemed strange to him. She didn't even ask for a name... or give her own for that matter. He turned to girl behind him that came in just after him and spoke softly and quickly as the woman headed off to show them their rooms. "Hi, the name's DJ. This place is something else isn't it?" DJ wiggled his eyebrows and flashed an exaggerated mysterious little grin at her.

    The chirp of his sneakers echoed in the room as he stepped to the side making room for the others that came in, a mental reminder of how horribly under dressed he felt in his cargo khaki shorts and pale blue polo, but it was a vacation, so he shrugged it off. Shifting his bag to his other shoulder, he grabbed the handle to the other one at his feet and followed along as she led them to the rooms. "Actually yes, I know I'd love a tour, once I ditch my stuff. I have a pretty good sense of direction but this place is massive. What year was this castle built? The architecture is gorgeous."
  8. "No need to check in. The Master knows you're here." Bridgette flashed him a neat white smile of assurance, and listened to him as he seemed to be the chattier of the small group that had made their first arrivals. As DJ spoke with the other female guest, Bridgette gave the other guest her room key. "As for when this castle was built, no one really knows. Except the Master himself." As she explained things and tried to answer the curious boy's question, a couple of more guests entered through the great giant wooden doors, their old hinges creaking.

    "For those of you just joining, welcome to Midnight Grandiflora. The Master will be please you have made it safely." As had the first guests, Bridgette handed the new arrivals their room keys, and a couple of sheets of paper for them to look at. One being a map of the castle, saying where they were currently. Strangely though, there were several places marked with a bright red X on them. "You may feel free to go about as you like and explore. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served promptly at the designated times. However, please do not go anywhere on the map where there is an X. The Master does like his privacy after all. For now, please leave your luggage here. I will bring your bags up to your rooms later." She flashed the few first guests another smile before moving to a small snack table with the Champagne she had poured into the crystal goblets. "Before I begin the tour, would any care for a glass of Champagne." The clear drink bubbled and fizzed, similar to soda, but smelled sweeter, like grape.
  9. Ivory listened to the lady smiling warmly, she takes the key and paper gently. "Thank you, this is already turning out better than I imagined" Her voice is deep and smooth almost seductive, she had a light accent making her words have a small lilt. She nods as the lady tells her to leave her luggage, she rolls it off to the side before leaving it. She was curious of the X marks on the map but she would be respectful of the "Master's" wishes and stay in the free to roam areas. When the lady offers the group Champagne she shakes her head slightly with a small smile on her pouty lips. "No thank you Ma'am, thank you for your generosity though" Her voice is respectful and grateful.

    Ivory looks at the key, it was quite old which she loved, antiques were her fascination. She couldnt wait to explore the rest of the castle, and the castle grounds. Looking over at the girl in front of her she gives her a friendly wave, there was a interesting variety of people here already. She rubs the back of her neck under her hair slightly trying to loosen the muscles after reading with her head down for so long. Her blue/grey eyes fall back to the lady "How should I address you Ma'am? I dont want to make a mistake by addressing you in a inappropriate manner"
  10. Alyss hung back a bit, smiling nervously at the man, DJ, the other guests and finally...The receptionist. Or the butler. Or well who knows? She didn't even introduce herself! And how come it seemed like Alyss was the only one who though it was just a tad really freaking creepy that the woman kept referring to her boss as 'The master'. The title was starting to make her feel uneasy, so when Igor--That's what Alyss decided to call the woman until she introduced herself-- offered champagne, Alyss jumped at the chance to force herself to loosen up. She was going to be staying here all summer after all, and it didn't look like the ferry was going to be back anytime soon.

    "Oh yes please!" She said with a bit more enthusiasm than necessary and gulped down the contents of the glass. Which probably wasn't the best thing to do because she was 21. She had just been given the metaphorical key to drunk wonderland, and she did not know how to hold her alcohol. Or the gross bodily functions that emerged after consuming said liquid. "BLLUUUURP." Alyss' eyes widened and she blushed madly, as she covered her mouth. "Oh! Excuse me!" She squeaked, wanting to dig a hole and crawl into it and stay there for the rest of her life. How embarrassing and gross!

    But because it would have been impossible and probably very painful to try and dig a hole through the stone floor, she busied herself with studying her map and room key with forced interests. The 'Xs' on the map intrigued her and she suddenly felt like that girl in that story about Bluebeard where he tells her not to open this door, but she does anyway. Alyss gulped remembering what had happened to the girl in the end, and stifled her earlier curiosity about the x's on the map.
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  11. With all things aside, the spectacular trip through the countryside, the exquisite artistry within the castle her camera seem to beg to capture, and the revered silence that filled her ears even as the receptionist explained things, passed ancient keys and highlighted maps to everyone present; Rebeka was not as nervous as she'd thought she would be. It wasn't medication that did the trick, but the simple fact that she was no where near her over-protective friends and family. She wasn't in her apartment still haunted by Tony's laughter. She was in one of the many unknown locations on earth that did not hold a clue about who she was, what she'd gone thorough, and what she's still faces on a daily basis. It was...rejuvenating, to say the least, and she hadn't been there but only a few minutes.

    Thanking the receptionist for her noted room key, smiling at the other guests that now occupied the lobby area, and trying her best to not lower her eyes like a bashful school girl or a shameful puppy; Rebeka left her luggage with the others and followed the few who chose to partake in the offering of champagne. She claimed one glass for herself to sip, enjoying the surprising flavors that embellished her tongue. It was far better than what she might purchase at Walmart from time to time. But anything created by history was better than Walmart. Nothing was fake here, cheep, or knock-offs. Her mind wondered about the person who owned this castle, who was furbishing this groups special vacation.

    Was this 'master' a philanthropist who enjoyed celebrating humanity and goodwill by blessing random strangers with million dollar trips of a lifetime, or was there something more to this...like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sort of scenario? Or did this person have a Psycho complex? Yes, it was - too good to be true. There is that sinking sensation that there are - strings attached. But, in all honesty, Rebeka was so damaged she didn't quite have a care in the world to consider worrying about that at this point. Something told her to just throw caution to the wind this time. Life...it's far too short; she's finally realized that. ‎

    Rebeka listened to the others as they questioned the receptionist about her name, making sure to pay attention so she could glue the woman's name to her face. She was horrible at keeping up with people's names, but faces....she can recall people's faces like they're her favorite works of fine art. It was natural for her, since her brain was wired for visual information. Hence, her camera unknowingly moving up towards her face once more, hoping to take a few shots of the little circle of frisky strangers eagerly anticipating touring the castle they'll call home for the next few months. She was going to get to know this place personally, get to know these new people there possibly, and have an adventure that will erase her sorrows and guilt. Well, she hoped so.
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  12. "My name is Bridgette. And it shall be I who will provide for your needs here and make your beds in the morning. Now." She clapped her hands together after setting the tray of crystal glasses down once everyone who wished for a drink took one. "Do follow me! I shall show you the bathes first, which I do hope you will find quite delightful..." She trailed off and turned on her heels and began to walk. "Come along!" She urged them, glancing behind her shoulder at the small gathered group as they left their luggage in a pile in the main entry way.

    Once she had the group following, she lead them down a few corridors before stopping at the end of the hallway, pointing out various marking references they could use to remember the way, such as a specific tapestry or painting, or even a potted plant, so they wouldn't get lost and likely stumble upon something they shouldn't. "And here...Is where you may bathe..." She gave the small group a smile before pushing open the doors, revealing what looking to be a hot spring, the room made out of stone, even the tubs. "The water is always kept at the perfect warmth, so you won't have to worry about that, and the deepest pool is only belly deep." She explained, stepping into the steamy bathing room. "There is also a small light on the door, which will turn green when it is occupied, red when it's not." The baths were lit up with a gentle blue light, illuminating the white stone and the water, giving it an underwater but clean feel through out the room. "These baths we are in are part of the castle's original design."
  13. Master. O..kay. A little old fashioned and weird but DJ chalked it up to being part of the whole 'castle' experience. He thanked Bridgette and took a glass of the champagne, his first taste of the stuff. He didn't care for alcohol of any kind and had only sampled a beer here and there just to make his pal Lenny happy. DJ was an outdoors man, a sports man who loved hiking and climbing and he was very strict about what he put in his body most of the time, not quite crossing the border into health nut territory, but very conscious of maintaining a healthy diet.

    The effects of alcohol, no matter how minute, bothered him, it always had, maybe even to a point where he was a little paranoid about losing even an ounce of his self control, but he managed. He needed to relax a little. Having champagne felt all classy and shit and it made him smile as he sipped it. He risked spraying the lot of them when Alyss let out the burp that rivaled his roommates best belches, but the look on her face had him muting his own outburst of laughter, though he had to put a hand over his mouth and turn away a little. He grinned and winked at her blushing face whenever she made eye contact again. She didn't lose any points in his eyes, it actually loosened things up a little more.

    Before they moved on he set his glass back down from where he got it, only taking a sip or two from it. The place still had not failed to make his jaw drop and it did just that when she showed them the baths. "Damn..." he glanced around and felt a little odd at being the only male among the group of lovely ladies, but his hand went up like a confused little school boy and he jokingly spoke that way as well. "Umm.. so since I'm the only male..." he grinned and batted his thick red lashes jokingly. "Uuh.. can we like, maybe...figure out a time or whatever for this? Because I know the light is there and stuff but, I don't want to come off like a perv or anything." It was a pretty large room, but he doubted if any of them were open enough to let him lounge around with them totally naked..which is the only way to truly enjoy a spread like that, in his opinion. "Aaand, will we have a regular shower or anything in our rooms?"
  14. Alyss bit her lip and smiled shyly at the guy who winked at her, at least someone didn't think she was totally disgusting. Not that the others had said anything but Alyss had the sucky habit of imagining others' internal reactions. Man...They probably think I'm totally gross. She thought in regards to the other girls.

    So the receptionist's name was Bridgette. Alyss couldn't say that she wasn't a tiny bit disappointed. She had expected something older and more regal and borderline creepy. Like Helga or Vivienne le Chat or something medieval and castle-esqe themed.
    The group bathing thing kind of weirded her out as well. Sure Alyss had showered with other girls when she was in high school and at various summer camps, but that didn't mean that she liked it. She had always had a strange fascination with other people's bodies. Not in the pervy way but more of the comparing their body to hers nature. She had gotten in trouble quite a few times for doing that though and she didn't want her strange habit to ruin this vacation. So Alyss nodded along with the guys' question.

    "Yeah, like for people who prefer not to bathe with others?" She added.

    She made a mental note to introduce herself to the guy, she had planned to introduce herself after he had but her nervousness had gotten the best of her. Although originally, she had planned to latch on to some girl and initiate a 'vaca-buddy' thing, but the other girls didn't seem as friendly as the dude. The pale brunette hadn't said a word since she'd entered and was circling the group snapping pictures like a shark that just graduated from photography class. And the other girl, the blonde, just seemed like a little suck up.

    Then again, Alyss had always judged people to harshly before she got to know them.
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  15. Bridgette's brown eyes grew slightly wide in surprise and she blinked when they assumed group bathing. "Group bathing? Heavens no. That is what the light above the door on the outside is for. However, this is merely here so you can see what it's like. There are bathroom connected to each of your rooms." Moving through the group, her simple black heels clacking, she decided she would show them the dining room next. "Come along!" She chirped, and waited till the last guest had left the bathes before once more closing the large double doors.

    "Now, off to the dining room." She announced, and began to walk swiftly away from the original baths. "The dining room I'm sure you'll find quite exquisite. The table, like the baths, is also part of the original castle design, so I do ask that you please try not to spill anything and be respectful of the table. It's older then all of you combined." Including herself. Still, she knew the Master would be quite displeased if the table were ruined. They passed a few more corridors before entering the main room again where their luggage was waiting to be taken up to their rooms after they got settled in, and, entering through a doorway that was already opened, the entered the dining room. Which, as promised, was exquisite. Beautiful plates and crystal goblets were set up, along with golden silver wear instead of the usual Sterling silver they always used at home no doubt. "So. As you can see, this is the dining room, where you will join each other, unlike the baths, for each meal times of the day promptly at the times on your information sheet."

    The table was made out of a dark wood. It was simple, yet it was obviously very old, as Bridgette had claimed it to be. There was also a beautiful hanging candelabra above the table, lit by electric candles made to look like real ones, since the Master refused to have any open flames in his castle. There was even a fire place against the opposite wall of the head chair. "You may sit where you like, except in the Master's preferred chair at the head of the table." Bridgette told them, meaning the high backed wooden chair, taller then the rest, sitting at the head of the table facing the fireplace. "Also, if any of you smoke, please do so outside. The Master detests open flames in his home."
  16. Rebeka almost gave way to her amusement at the community bathing situation the few in their group assumed by the ancient bathroom. Although she agreed with them all the same, but Rebeka is not a stranger to such public notations. She's had an opportunity to bath in a Japanese bath house during her stay one family excursion, and then another time in Rome but that was followed by a very large ticket for trespassing and defiling a historical landmark. All that asie, Rebeka continued to listen as Bridgette giggled to express how that was not so; all rooms had their own baths. She was thrilled about that, but was so entranced about the amazing bath, she'd almost wanted to try it out for herself one night - just for kicks.

    "Now, off to the dining room."

    Gia caught herself, taking a few more shots of the room as the group moved on. She caught up with them as they entered the dining room. Again, she'd gasped with delight and lost all control of her camera. The room was immaculate! She held no words on her tongue that could describe the mood and beauty held within there. All she could do was envision all the elaborate parties, balls, meals served there.

    Once they were informed about being cautious of the antiques, Rebeka sat with the others - still at awe, and completely forgetting who she was at the moment. A fantasy story she'd read once as a child crossed her mind.

    "It's like...a whole new world here," she spoke, almost to herself it seemed. "Just think of how many ancient kings and queens had sat at this very table... It gives me happy chills." She wrapped her arms around her with a nostalgic grin, glancing at the others around her almost as if she'd forgotten that she wasn't alone. Still, she grinned brighter and leaned over slightly in her seat. "It's like we're royals...noble men and women from distant lands, don't you think?"
  17. Ivory followed the group a small smile on her lips as she looks around the ancient castle, she loved the baths they reminded her of old Japanese hot springs. She stayed quiet as she walked a few steps behind a girl with a camera that seemed intent on taking as many pictures as she could of this place, which she could appreciate this place was quite amazing. She wanted to introduce herself to the group and Miss Bridgette but her shyness was taking over. As they walked into the dinning room her eyes widen slightly at the beauty of it, she liked the simple yet elegant way of it. Ivory looked at the taller chair at the end of the table hearing Bridgettes words "Does this mean the uh Master will be dining with us? Also my name is Ivory its nice to meet you all" Her voice is shy but friendly. She nodded at the girl with the camera's words smiling softly, she stood next to the table by a chair not sure whether they should be sitted or not. Her hands in her jacket pockets looking at the electric candles and fireplace, it was odd not to have real fire in such an old place but she wouldnt question it.
  18. Bridgette hung back in the dining room by a display cabinet with various things that had been collected, though mostly containing the China plates the guests would be using. She looked over as Ivory wondered if the Master would join them. "It is most likely. He's curious to meet the guests." She gave Ivory a friendly smile as Ivory introduced herself to the small group.

    Once they had their fill of the dining room scene, Bridgette continued on with the tour, and when the tour was finally finished and each guest settled into their rooms, their luggage brought up by Bridgette herself and they knew how to use the bed pull to summon her, they guests had an hour to do as they pleased before they had to report to dinner promptly at sunset, Bridgette taking her time to set up their places, placing their names were they were to be seated, setting their written names in neat writing on their plates before heading off into the kitchen, knowing the Master would be surprising his guests by suddenly appearing while they were eating, a favorite trick of his.
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  19. DJ snorted at his own mistake and assumption about the baths, but he was glad to know the baths were just extra and a proper bathroom was in his room. "The place is frickin huge, honest mistake." he turned to whoever was closest and mumbled an apology, made comical by the grin barely muted by his fake puppy eyes. "Guess I ended up looking like a perv anyway." He followed along with the tour, but his jaw dropped yet again at the dining room.

    "I'm going to lose all function of my lower jaw seeing this place. It's breathtaking," he spoke to no one in particular, but smiled at Bridgette, she seemed just as excited about the place as they did and they were seeing it for the first time, but he had a hard time getting over the fireplace thing and the fake candles... Tilting his head he looked at Bridgette questioningly, but the look smoothed out as he pondered the thought in comparison to his own experience. "All this 'original design'... the fake fireplace and the lighting..really just...ruins it, but I suppose I can understand. My aunt's house burned down because of a few kids and their firework shenanigans. She's scared shitless of anything that remotely looks like fire near her or her new house. Phobias suck." he wandered around the room and the grand table with the rest of them, striking a dorky pose when camera girl was aimed in his direction. He even pulled out his phone to take a few shots himself, kicking himself for not bringing his own camera. Usually Lenny did all the photography when they went on trips, so it wasn't his top priority when he packed.

    When Bridgette brought his luggage up he called to her as just before she left. "Oh question. Will dinner be formal? And for that matter, will any of the other meals be formal? If so I'm screwed. I forgot to pack a tie."
  20. It was interesting to hear the other's feelings about the way the castle was decorated - with electric candles and no fires in the hearth. Rebeka understood, but she really didn't register it. She was so overwhelmed by all the beauty and the ideas of starting new, she didn't notice the slight flaws around her. She wondered, again, if there was more to this place than meets the eye.

    Nevertheless, she could easily see that she was in a group of interesting people. They were all nervous, shy, the works, but still interesting in their own way. She hoped to get to know them more, and hope she didn't seem as odd as she normally seems to people... but, if so, she'll just have to go with it. One things for sure, she was starting to get curious about the master of the house like all the others. So far, he hasn't shown himself yet to at least introduce himself. That would be the polite thing to do.

    Soon, they were escorted to their rooms. Even here, Rebeka wasn't disappointed. Her room was impeccable. Even in all of her travels with her parents, she's never seen a room designed quite like this. She truly felt like royalty, like someone who truly deserves to have such nice things. Her luggage was sent to her room, and she decided to wash up and dress into something nice - a nice black dress that had a classic look to it without being too casual or too fancy. Without knowing exactly how she should dress for dinner, she figured to reach a happy medium will do.

    Pulling her hair up into a loose bun, adding a bit of makeup and jewelry to complete the look, she felt as if she looked appropriate for the night's event. Now, she had nothing else to do but to just look around. This time, Rebeka left her camera as she left her room.

    "So...avoid the areas marked with red X's? I wonder why..." She didn't dwell on that thought too much, only did as she was once told and avoid the rooms. All she wanted to see was more of the castle and pass the time until dinner. In the mist of her wandering, Rebeka found another breathtaking view. Down the hallway on the second floor, a set of double doors opened onto a small patio overlooking the sea.

    "Aww, I so wish I had my camera...," she gasped as she watched the waves dance. She felt so at peace.
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