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  1. Hello, New to the site and had a few requests for partners. Not sure how I'm supposed to format this so I'll jump right in. for these I don't mind if it gets steamy but at very least 60% plot please. wasn't sure where to post these.
    oh and yes the working titles are bad, I know... sorry ^_^:

    Lucky, Charmed: I am a leprechaun and you (a female) have somehow managed to catch me, You now get 3 wishes, but beware the wee folk are grand tricksters and even better lawyers, so be careful what you wish for.
    Ideally I'd like for this to start as a joyride of shenanigans with it ending in a romance.

    Nice to L337 you: Two people meet online and have a bit of web romance, then decide to meet in real life, I know this is kinda meta... but still interests me.

    Fiblings: A sister has had a crush on her brother for years, but never told him because she was told its wrong, but on her 18th birthday she discovers that he was adopted. she now has nothing stopping her from confessing. he doesn't know hes adopted and if she tells him it could break them farther apart.

    I'm pretty laid back in requirements, I'm far from perfect so I won't expect you to be. more then once a week please, and one paragraph to three or four depending on what your comfortable with.
    I like to keep a running conversation in the background for OoC questions, updates Or input.
    Thanks for your time
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  2. I'd gladly be your partner if you'd let me! I definitely post more than once a week, post at least a paragraph, etc.
  3. I have sent you a message regarding my interest~ (:
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