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    I have been looking for a partner for some time, and since I've taken some time off I need to get back into writing and roleplaying, and the best way to do that is to just dive right in.

    So, I'll lay my wants, desires, dreams and hopes out here. Onward.







    Red means which pairing I would like to play.

    Purple means I could play either.

    • Means I really really want this pairing.

    ••Vampire x Human

    •• Alien x Human

    • Doctor (who) x Companion

    • Farscape OC (M) x Farscape OC (F)

    • Zombie Survivor x Zombie Survivor

    •• Kidnapper x Kidnaped

    • Thief x Thief

    • Bounty hunter x Bounty

    • Murderer x Murderer

    • Murderer x Victim


    Yeah, I know I bullet-ed all of the pairings. But I really really want them all, hehe.

    A little about me:

    I can play both male or female, but the reason I prefer the female on the Farscape pairing is because I already have her bio, history and everything else written up.

    I will post up to a few times a day (Or more), or less depending on the situation and my partner's preference.

    I will usually mirror their posts, but I have no problem writing more than two paragraphs, given I have an adequate idea or information to start with.

    The Alien x Human pairing is one I have a premise, idea and character for. I would prefer to play the Alien, and I would prefer the Alien to be a girl. The idea is here. (I've been trying to start it as a group RP, but so far I haven't gotten many hits on that one, so I thought why not start it as a one on one?)

    I can play multiple characters, and continue their story while I also continue the main's, so that's not a problem for me.

    Any questions? I'd be happy to answer them. I'd also be happy to hear your plots/ideas as well.
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  2. Edit: Added five more pairs
  3. Thief and thief sounds good.
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